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Final Confirmation - Stanley's Condition Confirmed.

They were stiff! David teased them with the tips of his fingers and ran them across like he was drawing a line through the condensation in a steamy kitchen window, prodding slightly. The combination of fresh air and David's touch sent pleasant shivers all down Sarah's young curvy body.

David had left the nipples to start cutting away at her panties. The cold metal of the scissors tickled her inner thighs as he detoured his cut around the side, respecting her young, sensitive crease. The sexy little pink panties came off as easy as the bra! The nice air got to her, spreading her primitive scent in the air for David to take in.

Sarah felt a softness on her outer lips too soft to be a finger! The slick warmth probed her slightly. Then she felt it glide slowly up her vaginal crevice, rubbing her stiff clitoris on the way! David's tongue ravished at her, lapping at the slick moisture now dripping out of Sarah's pretty vagina! Sarah moaned. She wanted more! David's tongue penetrated deep into her glistening, tight socket and gently skated across her salivating clitoris.

Sarah's moaning intensified as David concentrated on her clitoris, with what could only be fingers pumping in and out of her hole. David really knew what he was doing, because Sarah's climax was building up fast!

There was a noise outside. Even with all the stifled moaning, it could be heard. Sarah heard the front door opening! She tried to move away but couldn't! David made an amused noise as he left the room, closing the squeaky door behind him. Sarah tried to get away but she was stuck tightly at all corners of the bed and by her head. She couldn't do anything but look up at the ceiling.

Sarah could hear chatter from the hall outside. She supposed that David had left the door unlocked and some of his friends had come in unannounced. Then she remembered him locking the door as they came in. The room door creaked back open again, and the chatter got louder. Sarah could hear heavy footsteps all over the room. The chatter quickly died and was replaced by a strange silence, only broken by brief male noises of acknowledgment and almost-audible whispers. Lying there completely naked, Sarah felt a gnawing at her right ankle and jumped the two eighths of an inch that the restraints would allow. She could only see brief shadows from the very bottom of her eye but there must have been at least 3 people in the room, maybe 4.

"This is gonna be sweet!" said one of them. Sarah's anxious body tried to compose itself, but it tensed up.

"Blindfold!", she heard one of them say and they all seemed to agree. Right enough, out came a black cloth-like material and was fastened around Sarah's head, covering her eyes. Sarah reverted to her primal whimpers, as she felt many different hands caress her naked body simultaneously. Two rough hands were groping her breasts, one circling her belly, and a further pair rubbing up and down her sides. Another hand ran across her vagina. Sarah was still moist from moments before when David had his tongue deep inside her, nearly sending her into an orgasm.

A tongue lashed at her pussy, this time rougher. It couldn't have been David. This tongue never knew what it was doing. "Get her legs up higher!" instructed an older man. He sounded in his forties, Sarah thought. This man's minions untied the belts that held her legs in place then grabbed Sarah's legs firmly so they couldn't kick.

As her legs were raised, Sarah felt another man get under her on the bed. He grabbed her hips as the two minions lowered the legs, then tied them back up higher up on the bed railing. The man underneath her had a nice aftershave, thought Sarah as he ran his hands round her curvy sides. Her ass was resting on his belly!

Sarah felt one of the guests grab her mouth gag.

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