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The love is shared.

The pressure of her mouth on that sensitive part of my body instantly causes a reaction in me to moan into her ear and pull her body harder into mine.

We pull at each other's clothes; her pants pulled off and her t-shirt thrown onto the floor beside us. I'm left in my nothing but my red French underwear. I push her off me for a moment before pulling her lips to mine for a passionate kiss; my hands keeping her there as they entwine into her long blonde hair. I suddenly break our connection to give her a smouldering look as I stand to make sure the door is firmly locked. For this moment, it is just me and her, nobody else.

I reach out my hands to her and lift her from the sofa; she takes it to stand up close in front of me, our lips merely millimetres apart. I lift my left hand to graze the back of my fingers along her jaw. I watch her face, her eyes closing at the touch, her own hand cupping mine before she runs her lips over it to leave a trail of kisses.

'Is this what you want?' I ask in a calm and husky tone.

Her head nods as her falling hair moves beautifully over her face; it frames her features perfectly, making her eyes more striking as they open up to show their sparkling blue colour. Her lips look divine, juicy and plumped from our kisses earlier. My eyes look south over her neck, so supple and inviting and down across her chest. She wears the same lace on her bra as she does on her panties; the set is so beautiful on her, the black material standing out against her pale skin.

I lift her chin to give me access to her throat, her head tilts to the side as my lips and tongue run over her flesh. I can smell her perfume - a scent of sweet floral extracts fills my lungs as I try not to bite down on her soft skin too much. I allow my teeth to graze her as I move lower across her collar bone, hearing her moans become more frequent. I feel my panties becoming more restricting as they dampen at the sounds of her breathing under my touch. The silk clings to me and I can feel my nipples erect and push out to show beneath my bra.

I kiss down the centre of her chest as I start to kneel down before her; my hands moving around to her back to unhook the clasp on her lace underwear. I'm hungry to taste her flow of juices from her pussy; 'what will it be like to eat out another woman? How will she taste?' I'm curious and my arousal is starting to peek. My hands expertly flick open the, freeing her milky white breasts in front of my face. Instinct taking over me I move my mouth to her skin quickly; wanting to sink my teeth in and bite lightly over her fleshy mounds before sucking hard onto her pert nipples.

The suction from my mouth makes a burst of subtle moans leave her throat, I can almost feel the vibration from her throat move through her body, tuning into mine as we match our movements to fit each other perfectly. Her fingers trail through my hair, controlling where I might put my lips next. I realise the ever so slow motion as she leads my head further south every so often. I never stop working on her with my kisses the whole time she moves me and it isn't long at all before she has me where she wants me; with my face at her crotch ready to dive in and experience the wonder that we'd been fantasising about for years.

I kiss her hip bones, deciding to tease her some before moving straight to her sex. My tongue and lips dance along the top of her panties as I try to pull the lacy material between my teeth. As I grip the delicate material, I pull it back to reveal her most intimate area. My fingers pull at the sides to move the underwear all the way down her long smooth legs - so long in fact that she could easily go for a modelling job as she had the height required for the catwalk. My lips connect with her skin once more as she lifts her feet out of the lacy material.

I kiss on the smooth areas of her skin and brush my nose into the light triangle of short blonde hair while I edge myself inch by inch towards her now dampened slit.

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