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Lust sparks between strangers.

The head is swollen and throbbing, calling my mouth to it. You lean back and watch as I take and squeeze my breast tighter together, stroking your cock between them. I watch each time your cock surfaces the top of them, waiting until I see the pre-cum soaking its head...I can feel you watching me as my breath shortens with the first ooze of your juices...leaning down, I lick my candy from the head of your cock...the taste only fuels my desire and hunger to fill my mouth with that huge and thick mouth waters as I push the head in releases more juices for me, driving me to start stroking up and down and with each stroke I take you deeper into my mouth.

My mouth is watering so much you can feel the wetness running down on your balls. I feel you moving to meet each one of my know that if you put your hands on the back of my head and softly message and caress me with each stroke, you can gently ease all that huge cock deep into my throat. I know I can trust'll control your own pleasures and desires, resisting the urge to stroke my mouth hard and fast. Once I have you all the way in, you relax and let me have my pleasures as I push against you trying to force you tongue presses and strokes against the back of your cock as I give into my every urge to swallow... every muscle in my pussy starts to throb. Each time my throat closes down on that huge cock my fingers expand and contract as my hands knead the tops of your thighs...just like a cat being stroked. I can feel your cock as it starts to pump it's cum up closer to the know I can't stop myself, so you pull my head up, I whine as you take my cock from me, but you know my pussy needs it too...

I gasp as you reach down and touch my swollen clit...a smile spreads across your face as you know only you can ignite my passion this body trembles as you cup my pussy into one hand, pressing the heel against my clit, your fingers find my silky wetness allowing them to slide in with ease. My back arches as my hips thrust forward pressing harder against your hand. I feel your other hand trail softly down my spin and lightly over my ass checks as you take one of my aching nipples between your lips. Your fingers stroking in and out of me as your hand messages my pussy, your tongue flickering across my hard nipple...I feel you reaching in to find my wetness as your fingers pull the juices to my ass, when you have it nice and wet, your fingers press in as you tease me to loosen for you. I'm moaning now and my mouth has started to water again, I take my hand and slide it in behind yours against my let me slide my fingers in beside know what I want, what I raise your head and watch as I bring my fingers up to my lips...I see the fire in your eyes as you watch me tasting my own cum, as I start to suck on my fingers, I can feel your fingers pressing harder against my ass...your other hand messages me harder and faster...the first waves of my orgasm have me panting and moaning as my pussy muscles contract pulling tighter around your fingers. I feel you push your finger into my tight ass sending shock waves of pleasure soaring through my body.

You bring your mouth back to mine as I grab hold of your cock and start to stroke it.

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