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Step dad is discovered and pleasure ensues.

He did not give me a moments rest though, as soon as he was inside me all the way he began moving like a jack hammer.

"W-wait! Ah! J-Jake slow down...ah!" I bit my lip as he continued to fuck me hard, sending me bouncing into the air with each thrust.

He grabbed my hair, which I had come to work with in a neat ponytail, and pulled it back down, forcing me to arch my back on top of him, and somehow allow him deeper inside of me.

He fucked me like this for close to a half hour, never slowing down once. This kid was an animal! I could hardly breath, and by the end I barely had any energy left, all I could do was allow him to play until he tired himself out.

I heard him start to make familiar noises, his hands grabbing my hips tight and bouncing me roughly on top of him. He was close. I winched as he grabbed my hair again, bringing my face closer to his.

He was grunting and groaning heavily as he pulled my hair to the side, slowly sinking his teeth into my neck. I yelped out in pain as he bit me, suckling and playing with my neck. I could feel him growing inside of me, twitching. Just as it felt like he was about to cum, he bit me hard. Pumping his seed deep inside me, he ravaged my neck, leaving large bruises and even breaking skin.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I felt the stinging on my neck, as well as his hot milk soaking inside me. I collapsed back on top of him, him still inside of me, as we both caught out breath.

He swiveled in the chair, looking at the cameras. As my eyes began to slowly focus, I saw what looked like Carl walking around the store. I blinked a few times, rubbing my eyes; that was definitely Carl.

I struggled to get off of Jake, to no avail. He had noticed Carl as well, and a wicked smile was forming on him face.

Suddenly he lifted me off him, and went over to the desk. He rummaged around in it for a while, finally pulled out a rectangular black box. He walked over to me, grinning devilishly.

"P-please Jake...Carl is here, j-just let me go say hi?" I pleaded, backing up slowly as he approached me.

"Oh...I let you see him" he said, slowly walking me into the corner. "I just want you to wear one little thing..."

He smirked and pulled my arms up above me on the wall. I struggled pointlessly, he was much stronger than me. He pushed my skirt up, running a finger through my still soaked slit. He suddenly grabbed my hair again, forcing my face up to meet him.

He kissed my passionately, his tongue deep in my mouth. It caught me off guard, he never kisses me. I was so distracted by his kiss I hardly noticed his hand slipping inside me. He stuck two fingers in me deep, and pulled them out slowly. It felt kind of odd... I still felt full when he pulled out.

He released me from the wall, turning back to the cameras.

"You better get out there quick, before Carl goes."

I didn't know why he was acting so weird, but I didn't care. I fixed up my outfit and ran my fingers through my hair as I took the opportunity and ran out to go see Carl.

"Hi Honey!" I sang, skipping up to him. He greeted me with a big smile and a hug.

"Hi babe, I just thought I'd come say hi while you were working. I was looking for you earlier but I couldn't find you.

I laughed nervously, "Oh yeah...I was just...stocking some stuff in the back... I didn't see you!" I lied

Jake came out from the back and went behind the counter; I could tell he was just trying to look busy. I ignored him, and continued to talk to Carl.

"What time do you get off again?" He asked as we walked thru the aisles.

"Um..I get off at 3 AM tonight.." I replied, as we rounded a corner, now directly facing Jake. "What do you wanna- Ah!!" I gasped, feeling something inside me moving.

I steadied myself on a display shelf, squeezing my legs together.

"Are you alright?" Carl asked, worried.

I caught a glance at Jake, who was looking directly at me grinning ear to ear. What did he do?

"I-I'm fine.

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