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Two men confront beautiful African vampire in NY.

You maxed out your card on that once-in-a-lifetime dance." Then he leaned in to Andrew's face. "You do agree it was worth it." He said it more as a statement than a request for confirmation.

Laddie nodded vigorously until Andrew backed up from him. "But I can still stay here, right? I was thinking of asking some of my friends to come by and watch the show. They all have cards they can max out."

Andrew began to chuckle. "Sure, you can stay, white boy. In fact, have a drink on me. Fidel, get white boy a beer."

Fidel took Ladislaw by the arm, and guided him back to the main room, and seated him at one of the sniff seats up front. Then he brought him a beer to enjoy.

Back at the private area, Linus was pushed into the room by Andrew, who had picked up Linus's books. "Here is Linus," said Andrew.

Holly started to leave, when both Lucy and Andrew stopped her.

"Linus is next in the room with you," Andrew said. "Right?" he asked Lucy.

Lucy had put on her robe, and nodded, "yes." She said nothing and did not look at Holly before she left the private area.

"Have fun, you two," said Andrew. He helped Raven into her robe and put his arm around her shoulders.

"Hey, Dakota," Andrew said to Holly. "I'm changing your performance time. You start just before Raven's next dance. That will give you and Linus more time. No need to thank me." Then he guided Raven away, so that Holly and Linus could have privacy.

Holly called a thank you after the departing couple, unsure whether either heard her. She turned to Linus, who was sulking at the lone table in the corner of the room. Holly turned up the lights just enough so that they could easily study his problem, and pulled another chair closer to the table.

"Oh, that's just great," said Linus. "Now you've moved up in the world. You're performing right before Raven. You've leapfrogged Lexie's spot. She may not like that. She's one of those who like to carry a knife, too."

"It wasn't my idea. It was the boss. But it means we have more time to work uninterrupted together. Come on. Let me see it again." She was embarrassed to be so desperate but it was the whole point she had come to the True North. She even heard Whsht breath a sigh of relief.

Linus was unmoved. His arms were covering the problem. "What's the use?" he said. "I'm not a mathematician. We have a test that I don't think I can pass. Then I'll flunk this course, and the app will never be done, and it will all be for nothing. I think I can handle the disappointment, but this will kill Lucy. She gave up everything to help me get through college."

Holly scootched the chair closer to Linus. "You're not going to fail. I'll help you. It's not that difficult what we've been studying."

"Maybe not for you, but it'll be deadly for me."

Holly wasn't sure how to comfort him, especially with Lucy still in the club. But she was able to move his arms off the glorious problem. It seemed to glow with intensity, and she was immediately transported to the point in her deliberations the night before. Her imagination began to swim, following paths of possibilities. Most of them fizzled out without her having to write anything down. Then, one path seemed especially promising. She had to make a leap of logic, but if it worked she could prove its validity by working from the answer to the present point. She was almost sure she could do it.

She took a piece of paper from him, and started scratching, while Linus looked at her musings. Then he saw it too. He stood up and threw his arms up, and shouted "Eureka!" Holly jumped up and threw her arms around him. They bounced together, hugging.

Then, Linus took her face in his hands and kissed her on the lips. It started slowly, then Holly started to kiss back. Their arms found each other's head, their waist, their back. The kiss ended, then started again with renewed intensity.

When they ended, Holly patted her hair and straightened her clothes.

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