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Same ringtone, same person. She let it ring for a while and into silence. But the caller was adamant. He rang again.

"Who is this?" Komal said out of exasperation.

"You don't know me Komal, but you will." Asad's voice was firm and unyielding.

"What nonsense!" Komal's didn't hide her irritation, "get off my line this instant." She was about to disconnect.

"No nonsense this, lady," Asad retorted, "and you'll do well to be on the line without hanging up......." Silence for a few moments before he spoke again, "Does he know?"

Komal's became tense, unable to comprehend the meaning of this question.

"Wh..what do you mean?" She asked.

"Does your husband know?" It was a cold, sinister and investigative voice.

"What? Wha ..what should he know?" Komal's courage was already ebbing.

"Why were you at the parking lot of New City Mall this evening?" This was no curious enquiry. It was something more ominous. Komal froze. She knew the secret of her misdemeanor had been breached.

"I had some work at the Mall and I had parked my car," Komal tried to sound convincing.

"Oh really! Work with the tailor I believe? A tailor whose shop is situated in a building, my building actually, almost a mile away?" Asad hammered in his questions.

"S ..So? I can park any where I like. I didn't find parking place elsewhere," Komal replied.

"To help the tailor walk that one mile? Hmmm, you try to convince but you fail miserably. Let me tell you lady, there's no iota of truth in what you say." Asad's rejoinder.

"It is true. Why don't you believe me?" Komal was about to cry.

"Because I happened to be there at the same spot. Very near to you and the man you were with .... Pawan, I think you know him?" Asad now went in for the kill.

"Noooo ... you are lying!" Komal broke down as Asad could make out that her voice was trembling.

"Komal, can you recollect the moment? When a headlight beamed into your car? The lights stayed on for a while, didn't they? Why do you think that happened?" Asad wanted to tell him more, convince her that denial will serve little purpose.

".... Amazing pictures these android phones capture! I have a few of you two ... in not too decent a position, believe me .... including a frame that captures your car number too, unfortunately. Just to help you recollect, while you two were smooching around inside, you heard the intruding car blow its horn twice, didn't you?"

"Why are you telling me this?" Komal was tearfully said, "Please, why are you doing this to me?"

"I'll tell you my reasons when we meet. Just remember utter one word to your husband and he gets to see these pictures." Asad said seriously.

"I don't believe you. I don't think you have any evidence. I won't meet you," Komal gathered the last vestige of courage.

"Very well. I'll give you proof. I won't send these pics to your mobile now. But I'll send Sajida to your apartment tomorrow. She is a lady, so you needn't worry. She is well known to me and will tell you everything. You'll meet me ... oh yes! You will. Unless you decide on a break in your marriage to Nishant." Asad replied.

There was a pause in between.

"Oh! By the way, I know where you reside. Just as much as I know of your illicit relation with that timid Pawan. I'll warn you once again .... This will not be discussed with anyone. Do you understand, Komal?" Asad tormented.

There was silence. Komal was shrouded in a fear that made her mum.

"Komal?" Asad knocked on her silence. But she kept quiet.

"Very well Komal, I'll leave. Oh! did I tell you? You have the sweetest name that a woman can possess. I am already endeared to the softness of your name, Komal. You are as soft as your name." Asad switched off.

Komal looked at her phone after the call was disconnected.

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