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I sat down at the table, as Cathy looked on skeptically, sitting on a small seat in the corner. Madame Vincini peered intently into her crystal ball. I looked at the ball myself, but all I could see was blur. Vincini's eyes unfocused, and it was like her voice changed to a distant drone as she started in.

"Vincini sees you have worked hard, but for good people. A big change in your life is in the near future." She looked up at me. "Your life will get easier, and you will be quite happy."

"Oh yes! I'm going to be retiring tomorrow!"

She looked back into the globe for a few seconds of silence. She looked back up at Cathy, as if to peer right through her.

Cathy spoke up "What? Should I go? Am I interfering by giving off negative energy or something?" She gestured to the door.

Madame Vincini looked at Cathy as if she was studying a problem for the first time. "You're not all here."

I looked at Cathy, and it was clear that neither one of us was expecting that. I said "Um...excuse me?"

Madame Vincini continued talking to Cathy. "You are like a white tablecloth with a big scorch mark in the middle. It draws the eye, and what is missing becomes what defines you. It is as if a piece of your soul has been viciously ripped out." She nodded to herself and continued as if the matter had been decided. "Yes. Your reading will be next." She peered into the crystal ball again.

After a few long moments of caressing the crystal ball, Madame Vincini looked up at me. "Ah has not found you yet...a few times you've been close, but the seedling dried up before maturity. Love searches will be a while, but don't give up hope. Love is eternal. It shall find you yet, and when you least expect it. Handsome...funny... a bit of pain in his past -- he has been hurt before... he will be reluctant, but your kindness will win him over. When you notice the dark haired man watching you, that is the sign." I smiled to know that I would find a soulmate in my golden years.

Madame Vincini looked up at Cathy kindly, waving her over, her heavy Italian accent re-instating itself. "Now. Come. Sit."

Cathy nervously pulled up her chair as Madame Vincini looked into the crystal ball. "So...what is so important to you? Money?" Vincini's eye went wide "Ooohh! I see a lot of money!"

I piped up with "Yes. We work for Mr. Rockefeller."

Madame Vincini absently nodded. "There is a lot of money...But money is not your concern...Love?" She suddenly gasped and gazed at Cathy accusingly as she spat out "Such blackness! Such bitterness! Oh yes! A lost love! It has consumed you!" Vincini's old crooked finger pointed at Cathy as she continued on her rant "That! That is the scorchmark on your soul!"

I was wondering if she was looking at the same woman that I was. Cathy was single, and always willing to do anything she was asked!

Madame put her head back toward the ball, caressing it, and peering into it. She caressed it more and more, apparently bewildered by it. "Are you an actress?"

Cathy nervously giggled. "Um. No."

Madame said "Vincini will tell you what she sees. You are a Native American medicine woman, tending her tribe. And then you are a middle aged woman, teaching classes while dressed in vintage clothing. You are a very wealthy woman, eating a fine meal...."

Cathy was wide eyed, and mouth agape as if she was just accused of some hideous crime, yet hell-bent on hearing more.

Madame nodded. "Vincini's visions are true...these mean something to you. Vincini sees them, but does not understand... Tell Vincini."

Cathy gulped and stammered " have a true gift. What you see is all me. Well, was ... or will be me." She sighed heavily. "You must never tell anyone."

I nodded and Vincini said "All readings are confidential.."

"I will be born in 1945, 17 years from now.

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