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A young professional male takes a Gangsta Ghetto sista home.

"I guess so." I was in heaven. She was a little taller than me and had great hips and chest so I was sure her things would fit.

Ann started pulling outfit after outfit from her closet.

She started with seemed stockings followed by black panties.

A black bra and then a black corset. She cinched me in so tight I could barely breath but I marveled how I now had hips!

"Now what would like to wear?"

I knew what I wanted from her closet because I bought it for her.

I reached in a pulled a black latex skirt with zippers front and back and white school teacher latex top.

"Oh I that's who you are!" I smirk slightly and begin to wiggle into the outfit. The latex clung to my every curve.

"Now you need some shoes to match THAT out fit." Ann pulled out a pair on patent leather boots and a 4" heel. I zipped them up and stand. A size too small but I made them work. I looked in the mirror at myself. I didn't see me but I saw Nikki finally come to life. I strut around the bedroom in my outfit. Ann looks me up and down. "When did you learn to wear heels? You've done this before haven't you!"

I just smiled at her. "So what is my newest girlfriend's name?"

"Nikki" I said without a second thought.

"Well, Nikki, would you like a glass of wine?"

I practiced my female persona into the night as Ann did my nails. Ann was getting turned on by the whole thing as was I. Then she asked me something out of the blue. " Would you ever go out dressed as Nikki with me?"

"Not a chance. What if somebody saw me?"

"Nobody would know it's you! Look in the mirror."

"Ok, well, maybe and only of you were there." Ann smiles and takes a sip of her wine.

"Would you ever be with a man?"

"Now you've gone too far! No way. Never" I exclaimed. " But you look so good! If we went out, they would stare at you more than me. Deep down you want men to look at you, don't you?" I did but I never gave much thought beyond that.

"Isn't that why you wanted to dress up? To be desired?"

"I guess so..."

"So what's the harm then? I bet you would like to dance with a man. How far you would let him go?"

"You mean... kissing?"

"Maybe. Would you like him to grab your ass? Pull you in close and feel his hot breath on your neck. Feel his cock through his pants rubbing on your thigh." I glanced at the floor. I had strange thoughts of a dark club being man handled by a tall dark stranger. I was getting hard.

"I think you would like it."


Ann takes me by the hand and leads to the bedroom. She lays me down on the bed and climbs on top of me.

She begins to kiss me. I start to sit up but she pushes me back. "Tonight, I'm on top." She eases between my legs, pushing my latex skirt higher and higher.

"I know you would like it, Nikki." She starts stroke my crotch through my panties. "Just tell me you want it."

She moves her hand lower and I spread even wider for her. She finds my ass and begins pushing in my hole through my panties. "Feels good doesn't it, Nikki?" I nod my head in approval. "You like your pussy touched, do you."

I was light headed by this point. "I do."

Ann started to dry hump me with her hand on my pussy. I squirmed in pleasure. It so wonderful to be dressed as Nikki with another person.

"Do you want to get fucked Nikki?." I opened my eyes and looked Ann in the eyes. She reached over to the night stand and pulled out a dildo we would play with from time to time. It was flesh color complete with a set of balls.

"I think you should try sucking cock first. You like to dress like a slut and blowjobs are what sluts do." She begin rubbing the dildo across my lips. I was scared now. This was the point of no return. I shot my tongue out and licked the shaft of it.

"Mmm, that's my girl!" Ann eased it in to mouth while she continued to dry hump me.

""You are good at!" I slurped and sucked that dildo for all I was worth, wishing it was a real cock.

"You want a real cock don't you? You would love it! Warm and hard." I moaned as she pulled the dildo out of my mouth.

"Tell me

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