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Two classic playmates, one bunny costume, and a horny guy.

The tub of moisturising cream had overturned and the air was thick with a delicious vanilla aroma. Anna looked down at the pillow in between her legs and became aware that her crotch was throbbing. She started to panic.

"What have you done?" she squealed. Her brain was fumbling for an explanation and she was turning red with embarrassment. She couldn't be sure, but deep down she had a good idea of what she'd been doing, and the thought repulsed her. What's more, she knew Tobi has been watching.

"What were you doing? Were you watching me?" Anna was scrambling to pull herself together, checking all her clothing to ensure she wasn't 'showing' like her sister had been, whilst still trying to determine exactly what had just happened.

Tobi, meanwhile, didn't even bother to pull her robe together. Instead, she just rose to an upright position and stood there, smiling. She was busted and she knew it.

"You were! You were watching me," screamed Anna. The blood was rising to her face and she was now a deep shade of crimson. "GET OUT," she screamed. "GET OUT, YOU FUCKING PERVERT."

Tobi laughed. "Me? Perverted? I just watched you fuck yourself with a pillow." She casually started tracing circles on her exposed stomach.

"WHAT? What are you talking about? I wasn't...I didn't..." Anna was totally flustered. She didn't know what to say and instead just sat there shaking her head, wishing the world would just swallow her whole. "Oh, but you were," smirked Tobi, "and you did, little sister. I watched the whole thing." Try as she might, Anna knew it must be true. Defeated, she buried her head into the very same pillow that she'd been fucking only a minute ago and started to cry. A rush of sympathy rose quickly within Tobi and, ridden with guilt, she moved to comfort her little sister.

"Heeeeey sis," she said as she stepped toward the bed. "Listen, there's nothing to be ashamed of. "

"It's easy for you to say," Anna sobbed into the pillow. "You fuck anything. You're a sexual freak!"

Tobi bristled with anger, but remained calm. "Why? Because I know what I like and I'm not afraid to get it?" Tobi's voice dropped an octave or so and she said, in a whisper, "You were almost there, weren't you. About to have your very first orgasm."

"What?" Anna stopped crying and looked up at her sister. Her eyes were puffy and red. "But how did you..." "I overheard one of the guys saying that getting you off is like working a rock."

Anna started crying again.

"Heeeeey, don't worry," said Tobi. "I told that jerk right in front of his friends that it must be something to do with his technique." Tobi laughed sardonically. "He won't be saying that again for a while."

"You don't understand," sniffled Anna. "I wanna have one. I really do. What's wrong with me, Tobi?" Her voice was shaky and Tobi knew she had to move quickly to stop another teary outburst. She sat on the bed and shifted her weight closer to her little sister. "Baby, nothing's wrong. How's a girl supposed to cum with limp dicks like those controlling the scene?"

She reached out and rested her hang lightly on Anna's exposed thigh. Drawing her fingers back and forth, she continued. "The secret is to know your body. No one's gonna help you."

"But that means touching myself," protested Anna, "and I can't do that Tobi. Its revolting."

Anna had stopped crying now, and had noticed Tobi's hand that was slowly shifting higher. Was Tobi seducing her?

Rather than protest, she felt a familiar warmth return to her cunt. "You know," said Tobi mischeviously, "I could show you." Anna froze. She'd been hoping this was the direction they were heading but now she was unsure what to say, or do. Noticing her tension, Tobi quickly added, "I mean, just this once... to get you started." She leaned closer still and whispered breathlessly, "Would you like that? Would you like me to show you?"

Anna said nothing but instead turned her head so that her mouth was inches from her sister's.

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