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Hannah joins her mother and brother's nylon passion.

" Steve looked at the group as Peggy dragged Andrea by her hair to the back of the bar, where the group waited, laughing. He looked at Ron, and sat back down. He turned and watched as Peggy pulled Andrea up by her hair, and slapped her across the face. Andrea stood there, stunned, and then screamed as she lashed out, trying for the girls face, catching her shirt, and tearing it. They grabbed each other and fell to the floor, grappling, calling each other names and screeching as the crowd roared and laughed. Andrea's shirt ripped, exposing her bra, and Peggy got a few more slaps in. Finally Andrea got in a shot at Peggy, slapping her, and scraping her face with her nails. Peggy cursed, and grabbed Andrea, and threw her to the ground, face down on the bar floor, and sat on her.

Steve watched his wife wriggling, trying to get up, when someone tossed a ping pong paddle from the table in the back to Peggy. Peggy turned around, facing Andrea's feet, and began paddling her ass, yelling, "You like that, bitch!? You like that, smartass?!" Over and over she spanked her with the paddle, loud smacking sounds filling the bar. Finally she stopped, handed the paddle to one of the guys, and stood up. Surprisingly, she reached down to help up Andrea, who was crying and shaking as she got to her feet. Steve saw her breasts heaving in her bra, shirt open.

Peggy stood in front of her. "Well?" she asked, "have you learned your lesson?"

Everyone waited as Andrea sobbed, and then took a deep breath. And then she slapped Peggy across the face, knocking her backwards, and the crowd exploded.

The other three girls attacked her first, as the guys all cheered. They grabbed her hair, her arms, her torn shirt, and wrestled Andrea to her knees. Steve heard calls to "spank her again" and "the bitch needs a lesson" and then "spank her bare ass!" The last call made him sit up and worry, but as he looked over, there were too many people crowded around her. He wanted to go stop this; it wasn't right, but then, other than a little cat fight (that she had brought on herself, and that he had warned her against starting) what could possibly happen.

As if sensing him looking, Nathan glanced in his direction from where he still sat, not joining in the group surrounding the girls. He got up and walked slowly to Steve, nodding to Roy for a beer. He climbed onto the stool Andrea had occupied, and took the beer from Roy, who put one in front of Steve, and opened one for himself.

"Well, my man," he drawled slowly, after taking a long pull from the bottle, "I can't say I didn't try to warn you. And I know that you tried to put a stop to it with your lady, and I tried to keep my folks from over-reacting." He clinked Steve's bottle, and then Roy's. "But I gotta tell you, that lady of yours, she has an attitude on her, and a mouth to match. Pretty girl, for sure, but brother, she just insisted on driving those folks right up the wall."

"What- uh, what are they going to do to her?"

"Hard to say, my man. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Most folks come in here are from around here, and there's no issue. When we do get folks from other places, well, they're usually like you, fit right in, and again, no issue. We kinda like havin' em." He took another long pull, nearly finishing the bottle. "Occasionally, we get one who'll think who he is, but after some talk, they usually leave." He looked at Roy, then at Steve. "I guess we'll have to wait and see. I suppose it'll depend on your girl, though."


"Wife, then, allright. But she's had a few chances to end this, and hasn't stepped back, so we'll have to see how it turns out." He looked long at Steve. "Are you okay?"

"I don't know, I- I feel like I should help her, do something." He heaved a sigh. "She just wouldn't listen to reason."

"Well, don't do anything stupid, now, there's way too many of us, eh, Roy?"

"Got that right." He tipped his bottle at Nathan.

"So just cool yourself off, and let's see how it goes.

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