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Trisha gets caught by her boyfriend.

___ ___He seemed to always need to tuck in part of his shirt or straighten his collar.___ ___No tie,___ ___no tattoos and only an onyx ring on his left pinkie.___ ___His eyes were so dark as to be nearly black and when they focused on Elaine she felt that he was appraising her,___ ___finding her value to the penny and what he could get for her.

The last man was standing in front of the couch.___ ___It was obvious he had been trying to tell a story that neither Freddie nor Leon was particularly interested in hearing and was annoyed when the attention of the room turned to Elaine.___ ___But even he had to stop and stare.___ ___Anna had warned Elaine about him,___ ___his name was Dwell Faber,___ ___but everyone called him Faybio in mock tribute to the romance novel cover model.___ ___He was another member of Hunter's security crew.___ ___Anna had described him as a___ "___puffed up,___ ___self important wannabe Alpha male___"___.___ ___He was in his early___ ___30s,___ ___and looked like he spent a lot of time in the gym body sculpting.___ ___By now Elaine recognized what strength looked like___; ___Faybio had tone without strength.___ ___His shirt was open,___ ___revealing the sculpted pecs and a complete and total lack of any body hair; Leon and Freddie made it an obvious point to look away.___ ___His hair was long and brown,___ ___wavy and tied back into a ponytail and had the unmistakable signs of hair jell.___ ___In a room full of men who gave their appearances the briefest concerns,___ ___Faybio stood out as a vain man,___ ___someone who aspired to the true masculinity that the others had without trying.

Lastly,___ ___Elaine saw where she would be.___ ___There was something that could best be described as a sawhorse with a long padded leather seat on top.___ ___The legs of the sawhorse were a little wider than typical,___ ___the seat a little lower.___ ___Her eyes took it in,___ ___there were loops on the four legs,___ ___perfect for bending her over it and securing her,___ ___spread and ready to be used.___ ___She noted that the top was about as long as her torso,___ ___if her arms and legs were secured to the legs her ass would be just beyond one end,___ ___her head and neck past the other.___ ___She wanted to turn around and run back to her room,___ ___but she knew that there was no safety,___ ___no place to hide.___ ___She would be found,___ ___punished then tied to that thing and used all night long.___ ___She took a deep breath and followed Anna down.

Anna took her to Roy,___ ___handed him the leash and returned to the kitchen.

___"___This is Elaine.___ ___She is my slave.___ ___I am going to share her with all of you tonight,___" ___Roy said,___ ___pulling Elaine beside him.___ ___Roy pointed to the sawhorse.___ "___We'll get her secured to that in a minute.___ ___Ass,___ ___mouth,___ ___pussy are all available.___ ___Do wear a condom please so no one has to take sloppy seconds,___ ___or thirds,___ ___or whatever.___" ___There was a chuckle then Roy continued,___ "___there will be two bags,___ ___Elaine will offer you the first bag.___ ___Pull out a number from the first bag and that is what order you will get her.___ ___When it's your turn,___ ___pull a chip out of the second bag,___ ___that will tell you where you get to fuck her.___ ___There are five chips in the second bag:___ ___two pussy,___ ___one mouth,___ ___and two ass.___ ___Here's how it works:___ ___let's say you pull a three from the first bag and a pussy chip from the second.___ ___That means you go third and you get to fuck her pussy.___ ___Any questions so far___?" ___Roy asked and looked around.

___"___After everyone has their turn,___" ___he continued,___ "___we will have a second drawing.

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