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Mark, his mother become lovers, gather their sensuous team.

Still, the memory of taking his virginities aroused her beyond belief. She remembered he had said he was 19 a year ago.

Dr. Michaels called out, "Bobby, wait a minute. What happened that night? Tell us all about it."

MB tried to turn away and hide her face, as Bobby launched into his story. She found Gabby's stocky body surprisingly strong as she was forced to face her accuser and listen to every word describing her perverted actions of that night. She saw the doctors' eyes shift between her and Bobby as he told his tale.

The longer his story went on the more humiliated she was and the more aroused she became, remembering the feel of his virgin cock in her mouth and her wanton quim. Her treacherous cunt gushed when he told about the final time he had made her cum; her legs on his broad shoulders, bent almost double, as he pounded hard and deep into her welcoming body.

Dr. Michaels laughed again. "Well it seems our Mrs. High and Mighty is much more of a kinky tramp then we thought."

Dr. Peters broke in. "Bobby, we were just about use your golf course trollop, and there is always room for one more. You might as well strip if you want another shot at her nasty holes."

Bobby was out of his clothes in a flash and the doctors dropped their skivvies freeing their erect man meat. Now she didn't need her imagination; the reality was before her eyes. Now all three men who were going to take her and use her were standing shoulder to shoulder, all were hard and very obviously ready to assault her body and fill her holes.

She thought their members were almost exactly what she had imagined. Her younger mind screamed not members you cunt those are cocks, big, engorged, thick, hard cocks. Well, except for Dr. Michaels's, his was more like a battering ram with its thickness and mushroom shaped head.

She shuddered when it dawned on her that this big rough man was going to use her as he pleased no matter what she wanted. Looking at the other two she shivered again, as she understood they were all going to use her. She could feel her lecherous hole leak even more.

Dr. Peters seemed to take charge. "Bobby from what you told us she sucked your cock and you fucked her. I think she needs you to take your last cherry. How would you like the honor of being the first to fuck her ass?"

The young man was almost bouncing with joy. "Oh yes, please."

Dr. Peters turned to Dr. Michaels "Mike, do us a favor and take her ass last. Nether of us wants it once you have stretched it so wide it won't close for a week."

Dr. Michaels shrugged. "Sure, that's no problem. Gabby, you get her on her knees, ass up and head down. She needs to feel and looks like what she is, a bitch presenting herself to be taken and used by the Alpha males of the pack. Stretch her a bit using her juices. Bobby needs to learn about taking a woman's ass."

Gabby smiled. "You got it boss. I'll make her present properly." A sharp crack to MB's ass followed the words, and Gabby man-handled the blonde woman's body into the position required.

Once in position Gabby gathered MB's juices in her hand and spread them liberally around the Alphas target, all the while keeping a hand on the slut's neck to hold her in position for the Bulls to use.

Gabby called Bobby over to her. "The best way to learn is by doing. First finger fuck her cunt with one finger, then with two, and finally three. When you get to three get then all the way in to the knuckle. Stretch her nice and wide.

"Once her slut hole is stretched you need to open her ass. First use one finger in her tight hole for a while, and work her, stretching her, adding fingers as she loosens up. Before you start you need to lick her brown eye. She will like it and so should you. So you might as well get started."

Bobby looked aghast. "Lick her ass hole? You're kidding, right?"

Gabby shook her head. "Bobby, it's pretty simple, if you aren't willing to kiss it and lick it you got no business sticking your cock in it. The same goes for her mouth and her cunt. Got it?"

He nodded hesitantly.

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