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My girlfriend and her best friend put their feet to good use.

B our oldest resident, and then we have..."

She stopped talking when a figure appeared in the reflection of the window. Everyone turned to the door way. It was the same guy who smirked at me yesterday. He looked like bad news but there was a part of me wanted to know how bad.

Nancy cleared her throat "That's Ray, and to finish the room there's me, the owner/landlord." Nancy gave a halfhearted chuckle.

Ray didn't seem to care or notice the glares or awkward stares. He came into the room and stuck is hand out. I just shook his hand back. He laughed while still holding my hand

"Are you going to say your name or is it a secret."

I took my hand back from his "My name is Ryan, Ryan James."

Ray just stood there, looking at me like I was meat. I hated it but I also loved it. He was bald but it fit him, muscular, and slightly taller than me. His demeanor immediately said don't fuck with me.

With one last look at me he turned and walked out. When he did that it seemed as though everyone let out there breathe. I was idly standing there when Mr. B gruffly spoke.

"So what brings you to our slice of heaven?"

I cast my eyes down to the floor. I had forgotten about New York until now. I was wringing my hands wondering if I should be honest with them. I was about to lie when I felt a hand on my back. It was Molly, smiling at me with that warm motherly smile.

I looked at nothing in particular when I spoke. "I...I am running... from some home issues."

The room was silent until Tyson the older boy who told me to let them in spoke.

"Is that why your body looks like that?"

I crossed my arms, wanting to crawl under my covers. I forgot all about the bruises on my body. I excused myself and I heard Molly reprimanding him. I threw on a sweatshirt in my bedroom. I took a deep breath and went back to them.

No one asked me anymore questions. We all just talked. I got to know more about the people in my living room. Like Mr. B is really nice once you get to know him. Molly took Tyson and Kyle from her abusive ex-husband and came to these apartments. The baby is the last gift as she says he gave her. Mike moved here because of the price and drive to his construction job was short. Sandy is going to culinary school which is on the bus route from here. Serena does love to party, only if it's one she planned. She is studying to become a party planner.

A week went by and Tyson and Kyle kept me company. I helped with homework and kept Kyle busy with missions. He would make a mess with his toys on my floor, but then I would give him the mission to clean. The boys were like the brothers I almost wished for. I appreciated Molly for letting them come over and fill the silence.

Before I knew it, it was Friday. I decided that I needed to get out. I got dressed this time in something less slutty. Just a t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and high tops. I was gonna bring my car but I didn't want to risk it being damaged.

I was going to the same bar when I saw the club called Rainbow. I smiled at the name and decide to go in.

I walked into the club with the strobe lights thumping with the music. I wiggled to the bar to get a drink. I ordered bourbon when a cute guy sat in a seat next to me. He ordered the same drink as me. We were talking and we eventually moved somewhere more intimate. We were talking and the hints he was giving were telling me he was a bottom. I needed a top.

He paid for the drinks and went on to find someone to keep his bed warm and rocking. I sat there a moment when this guy came and sat across from me. He had brown hair down to his shoulders, and he looked very muscular (I learned he was a boxer), he screamed top and he was sitting across from me.

He got us a bottle of water and offered to take me to this 24/7 diner. I saw the lustful glint in his eye, I agreed to go, wondering where this was going. We left or more like he left and I followed expectantly. We were walking and talking to the diner.


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