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Secretary & boss share a steamy office encounter.

I could see, over her shoulder, Vanessa sitting in the passenger seat. I raised my hand, casually, still wrapped around Randi's body. I didn't want to let go. Neither did she. But decorum won, and we stepped back from each other for a moment.

"Wow..." I sighed. "You look amazing." And she really did. She had on a floral print sundress. A toffee colored print that gave way to white and pink flowers that hung delicately from two spaghetti thin straps on her shoulders, flared out as it wrapped around her breasts, revealing just enough cleavage to warrant at least a second glance, and fell effortlessly down to just above her knees. Not short, but definitely tantilizing. I smiled. As if reading my mind, she slowly turned - just enough for me to see the back of her dress setttle neatly and perfectly on her ass, with a slight crease that revealed that she most likely was wearing a thong, or perhaps nothing at all.

"You remember what I like!" I said.

"You're so bad," she responded smiling. "Come on, let's go. Vanessa's waiting."

And just like that, she spun on her heel's and headed down the front stoop. I watched her perfectly tight ass bounce down the steps to the sidewalk below. But quickly followed, not wanting to be left behind.


We arrived at the mall a little before 11. The lunch crowd was starting to hit. And with the heat of the day, an air conditioned mall was an effortless choice. Normally, I hate crowds, but surrounded by two stunning beauties, I had little to complain about.

Vanessa was younger than Randi by a few years - not quite 21 at the time. She wore a pair of jean short cutoffs and a tank top - both of which she filled out quite nicely. But my sites were mostly set on her cousin. I walked next to her, but occasionally brushed my hand alongside her body, allowing the back of my palm to "accidentally" graze her ass as we walked.

The crowds made it easy to disguise my not-so-subtle attempts at trying to decipher what lay underneath. But the sideways glances Randi would throw at me did little to hide that she knew what I was doing. Luckily, her squinted stare would break into a slightly pursed smile just as she'd move a little closer. She loved the attention, and I loved giving it to her.

Vanessa, not oblivious to our past OR present, just kept on chatting with her. Occasionally, she too would give me a little smirk, just to let me know she knew what was going on. But never made any attempt to run interference or dissuade our blatant flirting.

But just to be safe, I flirted with her a bit as well. Which interestingly enough, seemed to make Randi just a little bit jealous, and served as an opportunity to fuel our playful banter even more.

Finally, we arrived at Victoria's Secret. It was a mad house. It was as if every woman in Boston had heard they were just giving away panties for free. Undergarments were being man-handled left and right, and, at one point, two women even got into an argument when they both pulled the same pair of underwear out of a bin at the same time. This was far less than the erotic experience I had been hoping for.

But Randi grabbed me by the hand and led me into the raging inferno. I followed her closely - close enough to rub the back of my hand that she held, along her butt. Her sundress was soft and silky, and thin enough to feel the warm, firm flesh of her ass. She slowed her pace, letting me catch up and press my hand harder against her. I reached my other hand out and placed it just at her waist, wrapping my fingers around her hip bone and pressing with my fingertips along the edge of where her thong met her upper hip. She loved this. I knew she loved this because she begged me to grab her like this whenever I was fucking her from behind.

She pressed herself back against me, our hands still intertwined between us.

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