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A student is taken by her teacher.

"Hi Christopher, this is Ashleigh. I hope U are well and will hit me back" I enter in my phone and after a few minutes I hit SEND.

After just a few minutes I get a response "Hi Ashleigh, I am glad you contacted my - I really want to meet you."

We continue to text back and forth through the night and into the next day where I eventually agree to meet Christopher Saturday night. We continue to text and familiarize ourselves with each other, I find out about him and what he likes and dislikes, I find out a bit about his past and who he is and who I should expect for our date, I also get some personal details like he is 6'10" tall and of mixed race.

At work on Friday I take a break and go to see April, who works in the makeup department. When there I drop hints that I am going to be seeing Christopher by asking if she had any makeup suggestions for me 'cause I have a date.

"Good for you" she says "and yes I have some makeup kits that would work for you. But have you ever put on makeup for yourself?"

"I have not so I might have to practice tomorrow before my date" I say.

"If you like I can come over and help you our" she says "I am free tomorrow afternoon."

April always looks good in her makeup and I am comfortable around her and she already knows about Ashleigh so I accept the offer and make arrangements to have her come over about 5 o'clock when we can do my makeup and hang out together. Now I just have to figure out what I am going to wear, I have several outfits from other encounters in the store but am missing some things I think I will need. So I head into the womens section to look around. My break ends before I can get what I need so I plan on coming back Saturday morning to pick up a few things before April comes over.

Saturday I awoke fairly early and headed straight to the computer to search for an outfit for my date later that evening. I figured that I can find what I need ahead of going to the store which would make it easier to gather all that I needed. I put together a wish list, took a shower and was getting ready to go when I heard a knock on the door. Not expecting anyone I looked out the peep hole and low and behold there was April hours earlier than I expected. I opened the door to greet her.

"Good morning sunshine" she says "how are you doing, are you excited for tonight?"

"I am good and yes I am excited, you're early though" I reply.

"I know, but I thought we could go to the mall and shop together, that is not what you are wearing is it?" she says.

"It was what I am wearing to go shopping, is there a problem?"

"Yes" she says "they are boys clothes, and you are a girl! Do you have anything you can wear now?"

I showed her what I did have and she said "put this on and I will do a quick makeover before we go."

I put on one of the dresses and panties I have, she makes some quick changes to my hair and puts on some lip gloss for me and we are off to the mall. We spend several hours there going from store to store trying on clothes, I model then she models and many times she comes into the changing room with me while I get undressed. It was a very fun and exciting day and we are able to find me a date outfit, plus we found some things to address other issues. First, I looked better in most dresses with a little up top so we bought some breast enhancers which gave me a little definition up there. We also found that in some cases there was definition where there shouldn't be, my little cock was visible at times so we found some spanx like panties which helped keep it under control. Once we had everything we headed back to my apartment to get ready for the night.

Back at the apartment April says "you should jump in the shower and get ready for the night. Be sure you shave like a girl."

I agreed and headed to the shower.

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