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A lonely woman finds pleasure with the Valentine's fairy.

"I trust you...I love you Johnny Blackjack," she whispered against his lips, making sure that she didn't use his former name of Burside since that was no longer what he chose to go by, and she would abide by his wish not to do so, feeling his fingers flex gently into her and shivering gently.

"I love you Angel Deman, I always have," he whispered against her lips as he let his hands wander along her back while his other hand trailed down from her hip to cup her ass gently in his hand, squeezing firmly to hold her close while he kissed her deeply, letting his tongue part her lips and feeling her own coming to meet his. Gripping the hem of her shirt, he gently tugged it up, getting them both to sit up so that he could slowly reveal her upper body to him, the way that her breasts fell from the material as he raised it halfway over her head making him shiver, keeping her eyes covered with the shirt with a smile as she whimpered softly. He leaned in, licking her lips gently since she couldn't see, and with the way that he held the shirt he made sure that she couldn't lean forward or use her arms to touch him in anyway before bringing the shirt off her entirely, his lips capturing hers tenderly. Tossing the shirt away next to his own, he let his hands trace down her shoulders and collarbone before bringing them to cup her breasts, his fingers flicking her nipples as he did so, each touch a new exploration of her body as she straddled his lap.

She shivered as he released her lips, his tongue flicking each of her nipples as his fingers found the waistband of her booty shorts to start inching them down, feeling them hesitate slightly in case she wanted to change her mind but she knew that she didn't want to as she gave a slight nod to urge him forward, feeling him bring them down further before she had to help get them off. After some maneuvering, he was able to toss her shorts aside, leaving her nude atop his lap as his fingers trailed along her back to the curve of her ass once more, gripping it firmly before delivering a firm slap to the left cheek, her hissing moan making him shiver beneath her. The sting of his hand lingered upon her hot flesh as she let her fingers dig into his shoulder blades, another hot slap to the same spot making her cry out, her hips arching forward against his jeans as she writhed from the hot pain that the slap gave to her. Her breath caught in her chest as she felt him gently rub where he had slapped her stinging backside, biting her lip gently as she felt him do it again, another moan escaping her as she held onto him for dear life, hearing the soft chuckle that left his lips.

"Tell me if I make you uncomfortable Angelface, that is the last thing that I want, to mess up this time with you after wanting it for so long," he whispered huskily against her ear before kissing along her neck, biting down gently over her carotid artery and sucking softly, making her tremble in his embrace as he rolled them over together, splaying her legs open as he finally pulled away from her to sit up on his knees.

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