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Alli learns about the new rules the hard way.


Daniela's mind raced seeking to mirror the sensations felt by this woman as if she herself was knelt in front of this strikingly beautiful man. She felt momentary pangs of jealousy but these were tempered by her feelings of empathy for her fellow female.

After briefly savouring the intimate attention of his partner he bent forward and, grasping the underside of her arms, pulled her up into a standing position beside him, his hands slid over the mounds of her breasts and gently caressed her unique shape...her nipples could be seen to harden beneath the gossamer thin material of her dress as the couple kissed passionately again ...their saliva covered tongues playing and teasing....their minds seemingly ignorant of the numerous guests passing by.

He dropped his right hand and gently cupped the mound of her womanhood, his index finger moving inwards into the gap between her thighs...he pressed ...pulsing in and out in synchronisation with the flow of the music. She closed her eyes ....her hands gripped his lower arms...he had found her special pearl... her special rhythm...he had found her weakness and the route to her inner core...his senses continued to closely monitor her arousal reflected in her body language...the pace of his finger naturally matching the changes in her responses...her internal charge inexorably began to build....

Gus shifted his posture, and taking hold of Daniela's left hand, guided her up the stairs to the gallery that circumvented the upper level of the grand hall.....tall substantial white circular marble columns spanning from floor to ceiling were spaced at regular intervals round the circumference of the smooth white marble floor to the gallery ...white marble balustrading and wide profiled hand rails provided a convenient place to rest and for guests to safely view the activities going on below. Embracing couples occupied the deep shadow lit spaces between the columns and handrails... the subtle low intensity lighting at this level of the great hall providing a sense of mood and mysticism and, at the same time, partially illuminating the varying states of passion displayed for those wishing to view and not participate.
The voyeuristic couples stood close-by on the opposite side of the gallery walkway ...swatching....listening ...absorbing, their carnal interest fuelled by those couples displaying their bodies, their mastery, their sexuality. There were the skilled and the less skilled... the teachers ... the students...the masters and the subordinates...

There were the couples that were still fully dressed in all their finery and those that were partly clothed and partly naked...but in all cases clad with their mysterious, colourful and glamorous masks ...their toned bodies in all states of arousal...Daniela caught sight of a tall guy walking naked closely behind his partner side of his face partly shielded by a silver mask punctuated by menacing looking short spikes..his long flaccid member sprang out from his smooth shaven groin in a graceful crescent arc ...his shaft hanging down to stunning effect...Daniela subtly licked her lips in envious appreciation as his girth bounced gently off his thighs...

Gus and Daniela continued on their enlightening stroll around the walkway ..on occasions brushing against couples heading in the opposite direction, both giving forward and occasional sideway glances at the other guests intrigued by the mysteries that were partly hidden behind the myriad of exotic masks.

The couple walked past an archway that led off to a side room.

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