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all the sudden interest in sex?"

"Because....." I began, flustered as I'd not expected to be the defendant.

"...Because you're interested in my sexual preferences, aren't you?" he said, turning his chair towards mine, "So I wonder where you stand?"

Speaking of standing, he now stood up and right before me now was his penis, stretching generously down his inner thigh. He jerked his pelvis towards me; thrusting his penis at me.

"This is what you're interested in, isn't it?" he said almost aggressively, his hand now lifting the bulge to emphasise its outline, "You like looking at my cock, don't you?"

He emphasised the word 'cock' too.

"No -- no, not really," I somehow managed to splutter, "It's just that....."

"It's just that it's a lot bigger than yours isn't it?" he continued and for some reason I found myself nodding -- entirely unintentionally.

"Do you want to see it then?" he asked, jerking his penis up and down, "Yeah, come on, I'm bloody well going to show it to you!"

With that and in seconds he'd undone his belt and jeans and was pushing them down together with his underpants. Then he stood upright before me, his jeans at his knees and his penis jutting imperiously upwards towards me.

My mouth fell open as it stood there and I felt myself utter one single word.

"Wow!" I said as I looked at the object that had been disturbing me so much.

It had to be, to the eyes of someone who loved cocks and even to me, an excellent specimen; a solid eight inches or more in length; a good straight thick shaft and a knob that was, except for the tip, covered by his foreskin. His curly pubic bush was thick and dark and trailed off up his abdomen; his generous balls all crinkled and more lightly haired.

My eyes lifted to look at David's face, seeing him smiling broadly at me.

Then my senses returned in a rush as my parental control tried to take over.

"Ok. Come on, put it away David, stop showing off," I said, "I've seen it now -- yeah, you look good -- ok?"

"No Dad, not yet," he said, his hand now around his shaft, Come on, you hold it!"

"No way," I answered, "Who'd you think I am?"

"Dunno," he said, "But I think you're interested -- you're just not sure....."

His hand moved on his shaft, slowly sliding his foreskin back until his entire knob was revealed; a smooth, glossy, glowing knob.....

"Come on, give me your hand Dad," he said, "Feel how big I am."

But I sat there unable to move, my mind spinning....with my own cock as hard as a rock and David must have seen my response. He stepped closer until his penis was just a couple of feet from my face.

And then he bent over towards me and suddenly I felt his hand on my trouser-clad penis, squeezing me, sliding excitedly over my flesh, causing me to gasp with shock and surprise.

But instead of pushing him away; telling him to behave; perhaps even punching his lights out, all I could do was to lift my hips towards his hand.

"Oooooh fuck -- don't!" I moaned, "No David, no......"

"Come on Dad, it'll be nice; you'll enjoy it," he said as his hand continued to arouse me, "Put your hand up here."

I couldn't move, but David did, his hand leaving my cock and finding mine and pulling me to him. Limply I just let him wrap my fingers around his penis; then hold my fingers in place as he slid them up and down his length.

"Yeahhhhh Dad, that's good," he moaned, "Come on Dad, you do it."

"Why, why?" I heard myself asking, "I don't want to."

"Yes you do Dad," David continued, his hand still moving mine, "Come on, let me play with yours too."

Somehow he pulled me up until we were standing face to face and somehow his hand found its way inside my trousers. And equally suddenly I realised that it was just me holding his penis on my own, rubbing it steadily....and then he was holding mine too!

"Ahhhhhh!" I cried, "David don't, don't -- it's naughty!"

"It's not naughty," David replied, his hand moving deliciously up and down my cock, "It's good for you!"

I could feel my breath was hot as it left my lips; either that or my lips were hot -- either way I was excited bey

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