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The evening my Fiancee went out wearing just a trench coat.

They didn't have to talk, they were a team and they knew exactly what they wanted to do to me.

Adam walked over next to me and started to suck and massage my breasts, and then kissed me passionately. Having Adam kiss me while another man fucked me...well...I had to ask another question.

"I'm going to cum. Will you suck my cum off Sean's cock?"

Adam paused and looked into my eyes. He didn't want a cock in his mouth. He had always told me that in the past. He always wanted to watch me fuck a man but he didn't want to get involved. He always said he just wanted to watch.

Adam looked me in the eyes, "Yes."

I came instantly. Knowing that he would do what he absolutely hated for me was so erotic. I couldn't hold back my orgasm and I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I came so hard that Sean grabbed me behind my neck and thrust in harder, just to stay inside of me.

Adam got on his knees and held my hand. He wasn't going to go to Sean, Sean was going to have to come to him for this. Sean walked over and I could see my creamy cum all over his rock hard cock. Adam grabbed Sean's cock and took a few breaths. He shook his head, struggling with what he was going to do. He looked up at Sean.

"Don't thrust or grab my head or any shit like that."

Adam looked at me and said, "I love you and I'm doing this for you," and then he turned and took Sean into his mouth.


My hot, sexy, manly husband was sucking my cum off another man's cock.


Sorry, I had to go to the restroom and cum. Geez. Just thinking about last night gets me so hot. I had to stop or I was going to cum right here in my cubicle, just like I did this morning. I don't need my co-workers listening to me cum.

OK, let's see...

So Adam sucked on Sean for a just long enough to get all my cum off of his dick, and then he immediately stood up and kissed me again. The taste of Adam, Sean, and my cum all mixed on my tongue...aaaand my panties are soaked again.

"It's your turn to suck his cock," Adam said. This wasn't the sweet Adam, this was the primal Adam. The switch was flipped and now Adam was the intense fucking Adam.

Adam went down between my legs and Sean moved toward my face. The two of them flipped me over awkwardly. I was still laying on the table, but the corner of the table was across my stomach. My breasts were dangling off the table. I had to grab Sean's cock for balance. Adam moved my left leg up on the table and my right foot was on the floor.

Adam then shoved his rock hard cock into me and he grabbed my waist tightly and started to slam into me. His balls were slapping my clit, and my breasts bounced with every thrust. It took a few sucks but soon we were all in the same rhythm, and each thrust from Adam would help me suck on Adam.

It felt like we were in this position for an hour, but I know it was much less than that. It was just so perfect. Symbiotic. Three people moving as one. My husband's hot cock slamming into my pussy and Sean's hot cock tapping the back of my throat. What more could a woman want?

Then, in almost an instant, Adam grabbed me by the hair, shoulders, and arms, and pulled me all the way up until I was standing with my back to his chest. We were both sweaty and our hot skin become one when we came together. I could feel his wet shaft pressed up against my ass. His hands were all over my tits.

"You like two cocks in you, don't you slut?" Adam said in his sex voice. When Adam gets really turned on, his voice drops and he he almost growls as he speaks. That's when he really starts to talk dirty. I call it his sex voice and it turns me on!

I didn't even have a chance to answer.

"Sean, sit on the couch," Adam ordered.

Sean was having the night of his life so of course he listened.

Adam's hands were like magnets all over my skin. He couldn't get enough of me at that moment. He then reach up, grabbed me by the hair and walked me over to Sean.

Adam's lips grazed my ear and he said, "You climb up on him and make his cock feel amazing, you gorgeous whore."


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