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Another erotic encounter, with an unexpected partner.

"Karter set you up in the store to meet me. Don't you look delectable lying there unable to escape me. I see your nipples are as hard as they were in the store. You're enjoying yourself aren't you?"

"Yes, mam," was all I could respond.

"Your Mistress sang your praises as a pain slut and pussy whore. I can't test the former right now, but I intend to get acquainted with the latter."

I watched as she unzipped her skirt. I was not surprised that she didn't wear panties. Nor was I surprised when her next move was to straddle the bench and lower her pussy firmly onto my mouth. I was determined to do the best job I could and get her off before the other guests arrived. Her mews of pleasure told me I was doing a good job. I became engrossed in getting her off and lost track of how long she had been riding my face until I heard my Mistress break our encounter by saying, "Heather always gets first pick. It's not fair."

"You know the rules. The superior always cums first," she replied. She then stood up to give me a bit of a breather but then squatted back down. "They're going to get jealous, Mia. You'd better get me off quickly."

I would have liked nothing more. That was exactly what I had been trying to do, but my immobilized position limited what I could do to bring her off. Fortunately Mistress Heather knew what she wanted. She began to grind her pussy on my face and asked to be handed one of the vibes. When I heard the powerful buzz I knew she was helping herself along and that would soon be rewarded with an up close meeting with her juicing pussy. The other women started cheering her on. They were chanting for her to cum. It was different from when Renee or Karter would try to humiliate or degrade me. They were actively rooting for her. Heather sure sounded like it was inspiring her base on the increased volume of her moans. I felt a finger push into my pussy, but I couldn't see who was doing it. A voice I didn't recognize told the group I was soaking wet. That also met with approval. I then felt a tongue begin to lap at my folds. I had not expected that so soon. I heard Karter, now apparently kneeling near my head tell me that, "Emily loves young girls."

I was now torn between my desire to have Heather orgasm quickly and my desire to extend this first game so Emily would maybe make me cum. I couldn't be so lucky though as about 30 seconds later Heather had a very noisy and wet orgasm on my face and as she stood up, Emily stopped eating me. At least I finally got to see her. She was a blonde cutie, probably about Renee's age. She didn't look like the type to cuckold her husband, but I suppose she was probably a trophy wife and had a fifty-something man on his second or third marriage wrapped around her fingers.

Looking around the room, all the women fit the trophy wife description. There was Janice, the other woman who followed me at Costco and Charlotte from the office. She wasn't married, but according to Karter she was having an affair with Robert, who was definitely cuckold so I guess she fit in with the group. I wondered if she was submissive to Karter like I was and her task was to fuck Robert so Karter didn't have to. That was a weird thought, I admit. Here I was surrounded by five beautiful women, in a highly charged sexual environment, and tied down unable to escape. The party was about to begin.

I watched as all the women stripped.

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