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Hubby plans to satisfy bus driver's needs.

I tell him every time I enjoy an encounter and give him every detail as much as he desires. It usually arouses him. Does sharing these with him always leave me aroused and desirous of more intimate attentions? No. But on occasion, I've called him home early from work or met him at a hotel convenient to his office, needing him and needing to tell him what happened. He's most curious about why certain encounters affect me this way and we discuss the what's and why's together. His interest and insight excite me to my core and are part of what makes him and his love precious and critical to me.

Such a lifestyle does have its' drawbacks. I don't always want an encounter when others approach me. Much as many of you do, I must make choices to engage with another at times when it's neither desirable or convenient, and some times I simply refuse. With ladies, this can turn into a friendly conversation and sharing of feelings. Some of my male acquaintances are sympathetic to my feelings while others might pout or become angry. Mostly, people value my availability enough to accept rejection gracefully in favor of future desires. I've never had to refuse a person twice in a row, happily.

There's also the occasional jealous spouse or significant other. These cases are handled on an individual basis. Some wives want their husband to come home for breast love. I encourage committed individuals to honor their significant other's feelings and even requested their explicit permission on occasion. Couples that disagree sometimes work it out, sometimes not and I remain unavailable in that case. A more happy alternative is for the couple to become both clients in a spirit of mutual affirmation. Separately, I mean, though I've done doubles and find them most intriguing. There are two sides of me available, of course. The emotional encounter is more complex but quite rewarding. A neighbor couple gifted with empathy enjoy scheduling me on or near their anniversary. They reward me for my availability with a special double session around my birthday each year, in addition to their regular individual sessions.

Are there any odd requests? Of course. One gentleman from our club asked if my husband could watch. That was impertinent but I told him I would inquire. My husband was at first perturbed but he called the gentleman and they met for coffee. My husband returned and seemed quite mollified, asking if I would trust him enough to permit this request without his explaining fully. He assured me the request was genuine and that he was sympathetic to the man's desire and willing to support the encounter if I agreed. We kissed one another and after some thought, I had him arrange the session.

Husband had never witnessed my activity before and knew of it only from my sharing. He sat in a chair in our bedroom to watch. The gentleman, quite charming and older, chatted with me, put me at ease, and opted to watch me disrobe. I kissed his cheek, thanking him for his kindness and unbuttoned my blouse, a sheer white blouse that showed a lovely camisole underneath. I removed the blouse slowly, maintaining eye contact with my client, and folded it and put it on the dresser. While standing, I reached behind and unsnapped my bra, then slid it forward and down off my breasts, revealing myself sensually and slowly to the man.

Once the bra was put with the blouse, I turned to him and watched his expression as he took his first look at me. His gaze was intent and focused his eyes moving from mine to my curves, working his way gently down to my nipples, a soft smile on his face. I stood with my hands behind my back, arching my back to present myself to him for his use, welcoming him to our new intimacy. I glanced back at my husband and could tell he was both aroused and interested in the session. I knew from one look that he would have me, fiercely and passionately, after the man left.

The gentleman cupped my breasts in his hands, his eyes glistening, and began gently kissing them at the top, at the same time softly and firmly supporting

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