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Isolde meets Cleopatra and enters the Temple of Isis.

Don immediately hooked his leg around hers and grabbed the back of her neck, effectively immobilising her across his knee.

"Are you sorry for acting like a whore?"

"No" Her pretend defiance was rewarded with a genuine smack on her ample buttocks. She gasped from the sudden pain. It was harder than she expected, harder than she remembered, but God it was so nice!

"Let me know when you are." Another smack, a few seconds wait and then another, and another, and a third, a fourth, a fifth. All were delivered hard across her behind, first one cheek then the other. She was gasping from pain and arousal. Her bottom stung and he had barely begun.

"Harder?" he asked.

"Oh, have you started? Then yes, of course harder if you want me to feel it!"

They both knew she was definitely feeling it, her voice was tight with pain, but this sort of banter had been par for the course in 'the old days', and had allowed Anna to control things from 'below'. The knowledge that she had the power to set the level of pain she would receive was part of the turn on for her.

The next time Don's hand descended on Anna's arse cheek it was, as promised, with greater force than before. This time the pain was intense, just on the edge of pleasure. She gritted her teeth and awaited the next, knowing that his eyes must be seeing her reddened cheeks and taking pleasure from the sight. Again a few seconds wait before the next hard smack, and then again and again, each time delivered with similar stinging force after a suspenseful wait of varying lengths.


He knew her better than she thought. He knew she could not allow herself to be beaten and would say yes, regardless!

"Yes, please!"

She had not expected that he could hit her harder, but he could! The next blow made her squirm and struggle against his hold in shock at its intensity. But his hold did not slacken and nor did the steady rain of slaps on her behind. She was now taking a severe thrashing, the effect of which was to bring tears to her eyes and lubrication to her cunt. As hard as it was, she was still being aroused by the pain! When he finally stopped she was trapped between relief and disappointment, but she was not to know that it was because his hand was too sore rather than because he thought that she'd had enough!

"Are you going to behave with more decorum now?" He asked.

"Yes, I promise"

"Then get up and go and lie on the bed like a starfish" The obvious contradiction between his order and her promise did not seem to register with her and she did as she was told, climbing painfully onto her bed before spreading both arms and legs towards the corners, a puzzled look on her face. The puzzlement deepened when he turned to pick up a plastic carrier before advancing on the bed.

"My shopping" he said.

Then, from his shopping Don pulled several lengths of this rope and a set of straps, which he promptly set about tying to her wrists and ankles. Anna now realised what was intended, and wondered what this new sensation of being rendered helpless would really be like. She had thought of it before, even fantasized about it, but never had the chance to try it for real - until now, and the anticipation was doing wonders!

For his part Don was busy making sure that all the straps holding Anna star like across the bed were as tight and secure as possible. He wanted her totally powerless. Having finally secured her to his satisfaction, her picked up his carrier once more and, bringing it into Anna's field of vision, began removing various articles which he placed on the bedside table. First he took out two red alter candles - and lit them. Alongside these he placed a packet of clothes pegs and two tiny 'G' clamps, each about an inch and a half long. These were followed by a vibrating love egg, a large hand held dildo, a tube of lubricating gel, and a black permanent marker pen.

"Don't bother with that lot, just fuck me please!" Anna needed to be fucked, and the need was be

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