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Her lips parted in a moan and his tongue deftly slipped between them.

She moaned again into the kiss and entwined her tongue with his. She felt herself getting moist from his touch. Every so often his arm would brush against her breast, giving her another little jolt. Her body began to writhe against his hand. She was very glad when he pulled his lips from hers to nibble at her neck, allowing her to catch her breath for a bit. Then she felt her zipper being slowly pulled down and the button being undone. She wished she could have seen his expression when he discovered her black lace panties. She wished she could see something. But she could only feel. All she could sense was what sensations he gave her. Something about that thought turned her on even more.

A single finger appeared on her panties, exciting her even more now with less material between her folds and the touch to dull it. He stroked up and down for a bit before the touch brushed against her clit, sending a wave of pleasure through her that arched her back and escaped her lips as a ragged moan. She whimpered with anticipation as she felt her panties being pulled down ever so slowly. Then she felt something she had never felt before.

It wasn't a finger or a tongue or a shaft. It was shaped very differently from any toy she'd ever used. She quivered as the rounded head slipped between her moist folds, and let out little whimpers as she felt each of the soft bumps on the length of it while he slid it in excruciatingly slowly. It seemed to curve as it went deeper inside her, coming to nestle gently against her g-spot. She moaned softly as he wiggled it a little, probably to make sure it was teasing her in the right spots. Then she felt him slip her panties back on and zip up and button her jeans.

The silence seemed to fill the room. What was he doing? Having the toy inside her felt kind of nice and it gave her little jolts of pleasure whenever she wiggled around, but it wasn't much. Then she heard a soft click from somewhere in the room and his intentions became clear. She cried out in surprise and ecstasy as a gentle throbbing vibration traveled from the base of the toy up to the head, teasing her inner folds and giving her g-spot a little tap. It hit again a few seconds later, making her arch and moan.

The throbs seemed to come at random intervals, but she couldn't focus enough to try to count the seconds. Each pulse made her body writhe and strain against her bonds to try to at least touch herself. Every little movement made the toy inside her tease her g-spot. With it closed up inside there was no way she could get it out. She longed for a human touch, but all she was given was the gentle throbbing inside her like bolts of lightning in the darkness.

A short while later it occurred to her that he hadn't touched her in quite awhile. She moaned in the darkness as another vibration throbbed through her. Where was he? She tried to gather her thoughts while her body writhed with another pulse. He wouldn't leave her like this. Would he? The thought crossed her mind of lying there for hours with the toy gently pulsing inside her, keeping her aroused without letting her climax.

After what could have been a few decades she finally felt the presence of someone else in the room as her shirt was slowly pulled up. Once again she was denied the touch of his hands on her skin no matter how she wriggled against the ropes. All she could feel was her body slowly being revealed and another pleasurable pulse shooting through her. Her body jumped with another throb while he pulled her shirt up over her breasts and slipped it up over behind her head to keep it out of the way. Her bra was a black lace affair to match the panties, one with a clasp in the front picked just for this occasion. Her nipples were almost painfully stiff in anticipation his touch on her breasts. She quivered from another throb inside her.

Without even feeling the click of the clasp opening she felt her bra fall open.

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