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Husband has to deal with his wife's betrayal.

They just kept talking like I wasn't there, but then Trish started pushing at her shoe with her other foot like she was going to take it off and I saw she was looking at me. I panicked. There was just no WAY I was going to do that with her friend there and I shook my head to tell her so. Luckily she just laughed and asked Shona if she wanted more tea.

After they were done and I cleaned the dishes, Trish said "That will be all for tonight, Marilyn", like I was her servant! Why can't she understand that I don't mind if it is just between us but nobody else. I am going to tell her tomorrow.

She gave me a shoebox when I was leaving and Kendal was inside.

Oh, I decided to skip Margaret this week. It is just this once and I have been thinking that it is kind of pointless recently. Besides, Wayne's goodbye dinner is on Thursday and it will be easier to tell her I will be busy if I am doing her a favour Wednesday.

Wed, Mar 15, 00

Well "something special" meant that she "let" me wash her underwear! By hand! This is getting really weird. No, it has been really weird for weeks but that was REALLY weird. I mean, I felt totally ridiculous doing it, like it was totally perverted. I mean it wasn't. I was just washing her clothes, but somehow it felt perverted because she acted like it was. Like this would be "something special" to me. I spent the whole time wondering what she would think I was thinking while I was doing it. Would she think that washing her underwear would be a big turn on for me? I mean it DID turn me on, but not because it was her underwear, or at least not much, but because she would think it was that and that I was a total pervert. Oh no, she must have caught me peaking up her skirt and thinks I... oh G_d, what does she think?!

Ryan got home before she did so I haven't seen her.

Thu, Mar 16, 00

Goodbye dinner for Wayne. Greg, the new computer guy sat right next to me! He is SO hot! I didn't think he liked me. Not that we have ever talked except the couple of times I had problems, but we talked all the way through dinner. I kind of felt like I was being rude to the everybody else but every time I would join their conversation somehow I would end up talking to him again. He is very interesting. And funny, too. I always feel so boring, though. He told me about his trip to Italy and when he asked me about me I didn't have anything to say. He asked me about a husband, boyfriend, kids and I know he was just trying to be nice and make conversation but I felt like such a loser.

It is sad to see Wayne go. He has been there longer than me and we used to have good talks.

Fri, Mar 17, 00

Trish wants me to go down again tomorrow morning and I am supposed to take Kendal. I wish she would leave him out of this. It makes me very uncomfortable to have her see him.

I hope I don't have to clean all day again. It was okay once, but it is not how I am going to spend my Saturdays.

Sat, Mar 18, 00

She wanted me to do all her housework again! I think she thinks I am just going to do all her cleaning from now on! I was really mad and I guess I looked it because while I vacuuming she pulled the plug out said I looked like I was going to kill something with it.

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