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Cousin's visit reignites couple's passion.

Shit, I didn't know I opened a connection to you Addie

You didn't, it seems we will always have an open connection to each other not a strong one all the time but it's definitely there

I tried to ignore it; at least it comes in handy. I definitely forgot all my bathroom stuff

Are you finished?

Almost, are you?

Just about, just putting my shoes in a bag then I'm done

Alright, make sure your stuff is downstairs; I ain't waiting for you to bring your stuff down

Shut up hooker, my stuff will be there

Ana smiled and doubled checked all her luggage. She looked at the clothes she laid out and smiled. She got undressed and pulled on a lavender lace thong with a matching 46 DD balconette bra, some tight dark wash skinny jeans that hugged all her generous assets, a white halter top that showed her pierced navel, and some nude pumps. Ana went into the bathroom to do her makeup and hair. Adding some MAC bronze eye shadow lightly, eye liner, and mascara to make her eyes really pop; and nude lip glass to give her lips I nice succulent shine to it. She styled her hair in a Farah Fawcett style and placed her irons in her suit case with her makeup bag then proceeded to take her bags downstairs.

Only on the third bag, placing it in the living room did Addie's bags appeared next to hers.

"You forgot didn't you?" Addie asked seeing her twisted up face.

"Shut the hell up!" Ana replied willing the rest of her bags down. She looked towards Nat office then willed the jade chest and a large photo album into her hand.

Ana looked towards Addie, "You ready?"

"Yeah, let's go."

Addie willed them in front of the Dining Hall entrance.


Somewhere else at that exact moment...

"It's almost time everyone. Soon we will hold the keys to total vengeance against the weak useless human race and our biggest enemies the Weres. "

The room erupted into cheers and applause.

"Soon, my people, the white tigers will obtain their full abilities and strength. They will be easy to capture with their lack of training and we should be fully in control of the world by next year." Oren said smiling.

Me! I will be ruling this world! After all these years of hard work it will finally pay off! Killing Thorton was a minor setback but one I don't regret for I have someone better and stronger to take his place not stronger than me but stronger than that worthless weakling. Oren thought looking towards Malcolm standing equally to the left of him.

"Enjoy this last meal in hiding comrades! For in a few mere hours we will no longer be a myth, a scary camp story, or a child's nightmare. No, tonight we will be very real, very alive, and clearly visible! Tonight we will be feared!" Oren said with finality and a raise of his glass filled with a sticky red substance.

"To our new power," Oren shouted.

"The power is ours!" The room answered back.


Back at the compound...

Two Omegas came with a trolley and collected the girls' luggage to take to their rooms. They pointed towards the dining hall then disappeared into another room. The girls walked in the room and were rendered shocked listening to the deafening 'surprise' that was yelled out. The dining hall was filled with pack members. There was a buffet of food along the left wall and even more food was being brought out. There was a DJ set up on the right wall with fog machines and strobe lights flashing all around the room. The tables have been cleared some and moved away from the middle of the floor where a dance floor had been placed, changing colors like the flashing lights.

Everyone was there; men, women, children, even pregnant females, and the injured Omegas. They weren't on the floor dancing but seemed to be having a good time nonetheless.

Two large hands covered Ana's eyes and she was pulled into a broad defined chest.

"Guess who." His deep voice rumbled sending delicious shivers down Ana's spine. She sniffed the air and caught Nic's scent.

"Paul Walker?" An

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