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What does it take for Melanie to fall in love?

I felt light hearted, more so than I had felt all day and was desperate to relieve my lust fuelled frustration.

I walked out of the theatre and into the dusky evening. It was 3pm and the sun was starting to set. Then it happened. One minute I was almost skipping away in my heels, and the next a trio of young women - clearly CAL students, who had been laughing and joking loudly, suddenly stopped and stared at me. None of the three girls moved for a long moment, then one of them stepped forward and, before I could stop her, and as if in slow motion, she hit me. SLAP! My head flew to one side as her right palm crashed down with full force onto my left cheek. I screamed and my bag and files flew everywhere. I fell to the ground and my eyes burst into floods of tears. I was shocked and hurt and so I did not fight when I felt a hand cup my chin and lift my head. I looked up with hope, but that hope was shattered when I saw the look of disgust on the girl's face.

I saw her lips pucker but my cheek was already so wet from my own tears that I hardly felt it when the spit that she forcefully showered me with fell onto my face. My sobs intensified yet again.

"You disgrace us all!" the girl admonished me loudly. "I don't like to use these words unless it is warranted, but in your case, it definitely IS warranted. You are a slut, a bitch, a whore, a no-good cunt, and you are an absolute disgrace to women everywhere!"

Again she spat at me as did her two friends before they ran off into the distance. My world had crashed around me. My head was spinning and my face hurt. I could now feel their spit dripping down my face and felt their harsh words deeply. Did they mean what they had said? I had not thought about how I made other people, other girls, think. I had looked only at what my situation meant to me. Shit, this was a new dimension. I would need to be careful in future about my public attitude and displays.

I scrambled to my feet giving anyone who saw me a great view of my thong covered bare ass. My pony tail had come out and so I brushed my long flowing hair behind my ears.

"Oh Master, what have you done to your slave?" I cried quietly to myself before dusting myself down, picking up my files and walking in a more subdued manner to find a cab. My phone once more played a tune back to me indicating the arrival of a text message. It was again from Master. Slut, you will be finished now. I have arranged a cab for you from outside the Sociology faculty building. Go there now - it will be waiting for you. Another text message clear and to the point. I began to walk with more purpose now to the waiting taxi, diverting only for a brief visit to the ladies rest room to remove the remains of the spit from my face. I felt the churn in my tummy as I thought of what might lie ahead.

Rika ...

It was early afternoon. I had just finished my lunch and was thinking about starting to revise my work again; after all I was supposed to be on study leave. But it was hard when images of Ev and Master Si would not disappear from my mind. I was alone in the house and so had not been too concerned about wearing clothes. I sat in a pair of high cut panties and an old faded white T shirt. If anything, my attire was the source of further distraction because my pussy and tits were just far too accessible to my curious fingers. So even though I had hardly read a word from my work I was already fingering the nipple rings through my T shirt. Just then an email arrived ... it was from Si. The subject read - What are you doing? I clicked the mail open.
To: Rika

From: Master Si

Hey Rika, when Master was reading slut Ev's emails from earlier telling me about how she crawled like a pet I started to think about gyrl playing with herself! And then about slut Rika playing with her pussy!

How does Rika play with herself? Does she just use one finger to slip inside her cunt and massage her clit? Or does she use several fingers and flick her clit with her thumb? Or maybe slut Rika has a vibrator or dildo?

Rika may find these questions intrusive o

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