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So It Begins.

You stare at the curved, fat purple head, already gleaming with pre-cum in the lowering sun. I don't stop there -- I also bring out my balls, heavy and full to express my excitement for you in time. But to your surprise, that's all I do. I almost look comical with my dick and balls hanging out of my form fitting dress blues -- if you weren't deliriously aroused already, and eager to begin the next step of our sexual adventure.

I step forward, and bring the eager head to your lips. Without any conversation, other than the excitement flashing through both of our eyes, you hungrily seize the head with your lips, sucking on it with enthusiasm I've kindled deep inside you. You feel my hands come to rest on either side of your head, and begin to thrust gently into your mouth, guiding you back and forth on my cock. I push just far enough to make you gag slightly, but not enough to make you want me to pull back. You feel my freshly shaven balls slap against your chin with the more enthusiastic thrusts, and this only drives you deeper into your horny haze. You force me to moan as you gradually wrest some of my control away from me, pushing away my hands and bringing up yours to wrap them around my cock as you tease more and more of my liquid from me. We've both always admired the way your darker fingers look wrapped around my pale pink cock, and so I allow myself to break character, if only a little, and let you drive for a bit.

You feel me grow even more in your mouth.. the head swelling, the thick vein under the shaft pulsing. Looking up, you see my eyes closed, my head leaning back as you take me to places that trivial matters like self control could never hope to overcome. Bringing one hand down to my balls, you start to massage them, squeeze them, as if to urge them to give you what your mouth's ministrations have earned. A ragged groan escapes my lips, and it only encourages you to take me all the way down the road you've already been once today. I couldn't stop you now... not even if I wanted to. My breath hisses through my nose, and you force me into ecstasy with all the skill that you've done so the hundreds of times before.

My cock explodes, shooting my sperm into your mouth with so much speed and pressure that my knees buckle, and you have to pull away a bit to keep from choking on me and the reward I've given you. You never let up with your tongue on my head, and your hand milking my balls; no, only when I've begun to soften a bit, and you keep teasing me so much I remember myself and lift you back up to your feet, do you relent from my sated flesh.

Once we're staring at each other once again, and I've zipped up my pants, do we really remember ourselves. Suddenly, you feel the snap and click of handcuffs on your wrists.

"Miss, I've got to take you in for further questioning. I need to deepen this investigation."

Your lip curls into a small smirk as I turn you around with a hint of roughness, walking you back to your car and helping you into the passenger's seat. Taking your keys, I walk over to the driver's side, jump in, and crank up the engine to take us away. We say nothing to each other as I drive us away, maintaining our illusion, but I grant you the prisoner's privilege of turning on your ipod to a preset list of songs you'd chosen out just for this occasion. You glance at my lap, and notice that already a lump lingers there. My mouth betrays nothing, but it doesn't need to to tell you exactly what you already knew: your body was nowhere near being safe from my desire, and this only excited your own.

We arrive home in short order, glad that no cops decided to check and see if I was a real one or not.

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