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The fact that Alice knew nothing about Julie and Erik's past made the scene before her intensely depraved. Julie smiled wickedly as she watched. She and her new friend were going to have such fun.

Alice slept late the next morning. She knew that Erik would already be jogging his usual run. She flushed when she remembered how his cum felt as it had shot down her throat; how degraded she felt when he pushed her onto her back and made her masturbate herself to orgasm; how depraved she felt when he picked up her leash and led her back into the house. Alice was still horny, but knew she didn't have enough time to masturbate. Erik would be back soon, and would need her to shower with him before his Saturday golf game. She had to get ready for her lunch with her new neighbor, Julie. It was already 11:00. Julie was coming over around 12:30.

Erik came up to her while she was in the kitchen getting her lunch with Julie ready. "Are you my little slut?" He kissed her gently at first, then more passionately.

"Yes, but. . .," Alice began to panic, as this was their code phrase. "Erik, I don't really have time. Couldn't we play tonight instead-?" Alice's words were cut off by Erik's rough kiss.

"No!" He removed her simple sundress, and tossed it over his shoulder. She said nothing. Erik took the rubber bands out of his pocket, gave them to her. "Put these on. I want you to remember to whom you belong to this afternoon, my little slut!"

"Yes, sir." Alice hurriedly did as instructed. She was new to the use of rubber bands, and did not like them. At first they were innocent tingling sensations, but as time wore one, they would begin to burn, until her nipples felt like they were on fire. Perhaps, if she cooperated, she would still have time to get ready before Julie walked in on them.

"Turn around." She did, and began to tremble when she heard the metallic sound of the handcuffs lock securely around her wrists. It was when she felt a second pair pull and secure her elbows behind her that she began to truly get scared.

"Erik, please hurry. Do whatever you want, but please hurry." Erik's response was to grasp a handful of hair and drag her to the kitchen window. There he connected her bound wrists to the back of a chair. Alice was naked for anyone to see. "Erik, please no. Don't. Oww!" Erik began to pull on her bound nipples, which were already burning.

"What's the matter? Afraid Julie won't understand?" With a wicked twist to her nipples, he moved away from her, and up the stairs. Alice tried to push the chair away from the window. She could hear lawn mowers and leaf blowers. What if someone saw her exposed like this? "Erik!! Please let me go. You proved your point. I am your slave. I'll do anything you want, if you will just let me go!"

"Stop squawking. You'll just draw attention to yourself." Erik said as he came back down the stairs. He quickly shoved a ring gag into her mouth. It forced her lips into a wide "O" shape, but left her tongue free. He then collared and leashed her, unhooked her from the chair, and dragged her, protesting, via leash to the family room. Alice had no choice but to follow. The situation had gone quickly from bad to worse. It was now clear that he had every intention of exposing her submissive side to Julie. Alice could only whimper. The phone rang and then Julie's voice was on the answering machine saying she would be an hour late. Good. Maybe Erik would come to his senses before then.

Erik, on the other hand, had other plans in mind.

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