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Playing with the nephew.

As I got closer, I could now make out what she was saying, and it stopped me in my tracks!

"Squeeze my tits, Jon." I heard her say, "Can you feel my nipples hardening between your fingers...?" she went on.

Fucking hell!?! What was I hearing..?!? Rooted to the spot, about 6 or 7 yards from the open office door, I strained to listen and make sure I wasn't imagining things...

"Oh Deborah..." was all I heard my father say, followed by noisy slurring sounds, which I presumed was them kissing. I edged close to the crack between the door hinge and being a naive, young student, was stunned by what I saw.

My father was laid back in his big desk chair with his eyes closed and between his legs and on her knees was Deborah. Her tongue was greedily slurping up and down his erect shaft, her hands cupping his balls, while her white blouse was open and her breasts swinging freely, as her head began to bob. As an inexperienced teenager, I'd never seen a blow-job before, let alone, someone blowing my Dad! He was groaning as she came up gasping for air, with pre-cum glistening on her chin.

What the hell should I do..? I thought as I stepped backwards. Storm in and shout to him, "What the fuck are you doing..? What about Mum?!?" Or should I just skulk off down the corridor and give them 10 minutes or so to finish? Instead, realizing I was now hard myself, I lent back in and peered through the crack of the door again...

I did so just as Deborah was standing up. Those breasts really were a sight to behold, especially to a teenager! Big, heavy 34DD or 36D cup-sized melons, with large brown areola peeping out from beneath an open white blouse.

"I want your cock inside me..." she said and sitting on the desk, slowly laid back until she was horizontal, resting her still heeled feet on the arm rests of his chair.

My Dad moved forward with his throbbing manhood glistening from her spittle, his trousers round his ankles. She gasped as he first entered , then slowly started to fuck her. With every deliberate thrust, her ample tits wobbled in perfect unison. My Dad seemingly noticing this too, couldn't resist grabbing and squeezing them as he began to pump into her wet pussy harder and faster.

Deborah gasped and grabbing his tie pulled him closer to her, as I watched my dad's bottom cheeks rhythmically contract and relax...She then wrapped her long stocking clad-legs around him and face to face now, sighed, "Fuck me, Jon, fuck me harder!"

My Dad duly obliged, the wooden dark oak desk even starting to creak a little, as they became one.

At this point I step back again, and lean my back against the corridor wall, half listening to their coupling groans, sighs and sweet nothings, half thinking.. I'm in some sort of dream here and I'll wake up in a minute! My own hard on, however, told me this was no dream...!

A minute or so later and their rhythmic grunts subside, and I think there done...Not so fast!

She's now pushing him back into his reclining chair. My father sits there with his member twitching and throbbing away, all red and engorged, aching for Deborah to be on him. Facing him, she takes a couple of steps forward and slowly mounts...Greedy French-kissing ensues, all the while my Dad's gripping her wobbling arse cheeks as Deborah tilts forward and starts to grind on him.

"Fuck me, Debs!" my father gasps, "Fuck me!!'"

"Oh, I'll fuck you!" she replies and encircling his head with her arms, shoves her heaving breasts in his face. Sucking and licking the brown nipples, my dad groans beneath her and I take another moment to look away, afraid I might cum myself if I keep watching this!

While I take a moment, the chair's groaning and creaking noises continue unabated, until finally I hear more urgent movements and breathless panting. Looking back in I can see my father's beautiful secretary reaching a shuddering climax on top of his cock, as the chair struggles to contain them..

"Oh Jon!" she sighs, kissing and

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