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Dominic tries out the services at his local pub.

I fucked up so I might as well go all in and get myself fucked. Maybe I'll learn someday"

So after making sure Kelly would be able to sleep it off there we headed for my place. Upon arriving Lisa accepted my offer of a couple of shots of whiskey to put her in the right frame of mind I led her to the bedroom. Grabbing a scarf from the closet I said to Lisa, "It's not an execution but maybe we should blindfold you to get started."

Lisa replied, "Well maybe it will help, I feel like such a stupid bitch."

So placing the scarf around Lisa's eyes, I said, "Oh maybe miscalculating some and I haven't seen any bitch coming out." then we got underway.

I gently removed Lisa's top and bra and then we both contributed to her wriggling out of her stretch pants and thong. As I was getting Lisa naked I could only think how lucky any woman would be to be getting it from a woman with such an awesome body. I took my clothes off and guided Lisa to lay face down on the bed.

After grabbing a bottle of baby oil I got on the bed and straddled Lisa. Starting at her broad shoulders I softly massaged her upper arms working my way to the middle of her strong back. Lisa was tense at first but as she realized she was in no danger I could feel her relax and grudgingly come around to fulfilling her losing bet. Working my down her back I stopped when I came to Lisa's waist and shifting my position went to her feet and began working my way up her long legs.

Oh what magnificent hard calves and fabulous firm thighs. This was a real treat and I think Lisa appreciated how good it felt on her end, even coming at the hands of a man. Speaking of which I got to Lisa's firm round ass and damn what a cock stiffening pleasure it was to have those two glorious globes of backside in my hands. I pushed and squeezed that sweet ass for quite some time and Lisa seemed to enjoy the attention.

Satisfied I had put Lisa at ease I leaned forward to kiss the back of her neck and whispered in her ear, "So that's side is taken care of should we flip you over and see what we can do on the other side?"

Lisa groaned and replied softly, "Oh yeah if you'll use that touch let's take care of the front." So I moved off to one side and Lisa rolled over onto her back.

I thought, damn she was an incredible sight and felt awesome from the back she was even better looking and more fun on the front as I once again straddled Lisa's body. I again started massaging her shoulders now Lisa raised her arms up to caress mine as I worked around her shoulders and down to her huge breasts. Full, round and incredibly firm I couldn't resist the urge to lean down and take the full round nipple of one then the other into my mouth. What a feeling to suckle on such a huge pair of tits, I was firmly squeezing them together and Lisa had her arms around my body rubbing my back.

It was even more fun knowing Lisa, still blindfolded, was getting into it so I kissed her tits and made my way down to her ankles and started up her long shapely legs. Reaching the top of her thighs I was pleased and encouraged as Lisa drew her feet towards her butt raising her knees and spread her thighs. With that suggestion I dove in and went down on her.

I felt a little pressure going down on a lesbian, Lisa certainly knew both sides of giving a woman head but I guess I was doing alright. In between licking Lisa's pussy I kissed her inner thighs and tickled the backs of her thighs. All of which got her attention.

Looking up we were both having fun as I could see Lisa bending her head forward as she cupped her tits to lick her nipples. Darting my tough into Lisa's pussy and flicking her clit she planted her feet, raised her ass up off the bed as I stayed with her, tongue in place, her body started a slow shake moving outward from her flat stomach to her shoulders. Lisa put her head back hard into the pillow, her legs kicked out on ether side of me and she erupted in a huge orgasm.


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