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High school girl becomes a BBC slut.

She is no longer grinning or giggling. He flips to a page and slaps the journal into her hand.

"Read it."

By the stars, Mahin is shy. Tobias couldn't believe it. All of her blustery fight and to what conceal that she is shy. He wasn't going to fully accept this reality. Mahin was only playing shy; he knew it.

"Dear Matt," Mahin simply said.

"Louder!" Tobias' voice boomed.

Mahin continued in a louder voice. "Dear Matt?"

Matt I've been a bad, bad girl today. I didn't sweep the floors under Tobias bed. I was a very naughty girl. All I am wearing my little naughty girl bra and knickers. You know... the ones with the bows on the back.

Mahin's brain is in a scramble to survive. He is really making her read her sex stories to him aloud. She hates feeling intimidated. She reasons that she has a choice. She can allow herself to feel all the vulnerabilities and be an open book for Tobias or she can be the actress that she was made to be.

Mahin straightened her back and bite her knuckle coquettishly. Tobias' pupils dilated as his brain began to scramble his mixed feeling tumbling with each teasing pose Mahin found as she continued reading.

Her plan in place. She batted her eyes, not missing a beat from her dramatic reading. It's working. She continues in a breathy voice to add more passion to her reading, one hand on her heart that would sneakily squeeze her breast through the fluffy pink thin cashmere as if to offer one tantalizing part of herself to him.

I shake my little tush at you because we both know what the punishment is for not sweeping under the bed. I left the floors very dusty. You can't even write my name in the dust to visually shame me of my infraction.

Matt, I am your dusty bad girl. You grab my hair and twist me around till my back is tight against yours. Your hand sneaks up the front of my neck while you hold me steady in your other hand by my tresses.

You know what happens to naughty girls," you whisper hotly into my ears. I can only gulp and nervously sneak my hand between us.

You are hard. I can feel your cock straining in your jeans.

"Answer me?" You demand.

I am panting from just your words. You silky words that turn me into pudding. Putty in your hands. I gasp as her hand gives me a slight squeeze but suddenly dives down my body and forcefully sliding under the front of my jeans.

"I love you. I love you." It's all I can say because it's so true.

You pat my mound as best as you can under the tightness of my jeans and then you pull me down with you. You sit on the couch and release me. I collapse right beside you. I'm giggling because you are thrilling me with every surprise you throw my way.

"Naughty girl. I love you too." You kiss me behind the ear. "Take your jeans off."

"No. I don't want to."

"Yes, you do. You want to be punished or else you would have never disobeyed the rules."

"Then punish me. Punish me." I pant into his sweet kisses.

"You know what to do?"

"But I can't. I can't take off my jeans. That's what bad girls do."

"You have 3 seconds. 3."

You kiss me.

"2," you continue.

Your kiss is so delicious and your tongue swells in my mouth.

"1," You give me a quick peck on the lips. "You didn't follow instructions. You are really a bad girl."

You pant in unison with me. You stand up and then yank my jeans off in one full swoop and before I can't feign a small protest in time you're ripping my lacey panties from my body.

You tenderly kiss my ankle at your lap and then stand towering over me to kiss me. I reach for your lips but you only grin.

"Over my lap, you disobedient girl. It's time for your punishment," you pinch my nipple demanding my attention.

I grin as I move over your lap. Your cock is so hard. I just want to wrap my lips around you and give you so much pleasure you cannot contain yourself.

Your hand rubs my cool butt and then you deliver the first slap of a spanking.

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