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Alema Rar makes a deal with a slaver.

Reo furrowed his eyebrows, but he did not speak.

Wei trained his eyes on the living room.

The room had zero furniture, zero decorations. A black cellphone sat near a wall, attached to a white cellphone charger connected to an outlet.

In the kitchen, a chip bag sat on the counter. The chips were Reo's dinner.

Wei shook his head.

"I should've expected a guy who got disowned by his parents to be living like this. Hey, at least you don't have to sleep on sidewalks and parks, right?" Wei said to Reo.

Reo nodded.

The Korean girl took off her shoes.

Wei kept his shoes on.

"Min-hee, suck." Wei said, pointing to Reo. Min-hee moved to the spot in front of Reo, kneeled, forced Reo's school pants and boxers down. "I taught her how to say suck in Japanese. That way she knows when to give me, or someone else, a blowjob."

Min-hee grabbed Reo's huge, nine-inch long cock, keeping her eyes trained on it.

She spoke in her native Korean dialect before taking five cock inches into her warm mouth.

The girl inhaled through her mouth, moved her head forward and back at an quick pace.

Reo opened his mouth a bit, relishing the warmth shrouding his cock, while Wei moved to the spot behind the Korean girl. The Chinese gangster held the girl's hair back.

As warm saliva that wasn't his clung to his erection, Reo listened as Wei said, "Hope you're enjoying your gift, peeper."

Reo stroked the top of Min-hee's head, longing to thank her for the appreciated blowjob.

His heart pounded in his chest at an quick rate.

When pre-cum leaked from Reo's saliva-soaked cock, Wei yanked on Min-hee's hair, forcing her to stop pleasing the Japanese peeper with her mouth.

Wei forced Min-hee to stand. He released her hair, shoved her into Reo.

"Fuck her from behind in the kitchen." Wei said as a command.

Reo nodded. After tossing his pants and boxers to the spot near his phone, he guided Min-hee into the kitchen.

The kitchen contained no table. It had counters instead.

"If you want to know, I took her from a distant village over in South Korea two weeks ago. Not even close to Seoul at all." Wei said with pride, entering the kitchen.

Reo moved Min-hee to the spot in front of a counter, placed her palms on it, stood behind the girl.

Reo was going to plunge his cock into a South Korean pussy.

"Hurry the hell up. Put your Jap cock in her Korean pussy. Your kind is perfect at that, right?" Wei said as Reo moved onto his knees.

Reo took off Min-hee's blue denim shorts, tossed them.

He gripped her pink panties.

"I love it when she wears those. I bought them for her, you know." Wei said as Reo removed Min-hee's panties. The peeper tossed them. "Oh, look at that pussy. There's going to be no virgin blood. I made sure of that."

Reo stood, gripped Min-hee's hips, bent the girl over, plunged his entire cock into her waiting pussy.

Warmth and pussy liquid met Reo's cock. It clung to him as Min-hee's pussy gripped his powerful erection.

Reo shut his eyes, relishing the warmth, enjoying the Korean's pussy.

"Okay. Now, fuck her. Give me a show!" Wei said.

Reo listened as heavy breaths left his nose. His arousal grew as he pulled his cock from Min-hee.

He thrust his hips forward, making the girl jerk forward.

The Japanese peeper pleased the girl with his cock, letting his skin slap against her ass, letting his huge cock work for him, as much as a college student desperate to not starve to death works for their boss who insults them most days.

Wei kept his eyes trained on the two teenagers as they had sex with each other. He was a current Chinese peeper, born and raised in Beijing, China, but now far from home.

He observed Reo moving his right hand from Min-hee's hip to the girl's back.

The Japanese peeper touching Min-hee's back through her black-and-white striped shirt, Reo trembled for a brief moment.

The eighteen-year old Japanese boy's body heat rose.

He moaned as Min-hee screamed.

Huge cum jets shot out Reo's powerful cock.

Female cum met the peeper's cock, leaving Min-hee.

Reo dropped his upper body on top of Min-hee, heav

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