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Guy in need of lift goes a long way.

Sarah replied curtly. "Fine."

Johnny quickly sat on one edge of the three-person couch so that Sarah would be sitting in the middle next to Evan on the opposite side. Midway through the movie, he was beginning to lose hope that anything interesting would happen. Well I guess this is what I expected. I'm lucky that Sarah is even sitting next to Evan for this long.

It was at this point that Johnny felt Sarah squirming against him ever so lightly. Pretending not to notice, he looked down at her lap, and saw Evan's hand pressed against her upper thigh! Sarah was squirming, trying to remove Evan's hand without making a scene, but her tiny hands could do nothing to pry away Evan's strong thick fingers.

Part of Johnny wanted to stop Evan. But in the midst of his incredible sexual high as well as his intoxication, Johnny decided to do something else entirely. I can't believe I'm going to do this. I really shouldn't do this.

Nevertheless, he continued to pretend to not notice what was going on and gave Sarah and Evan his excuses. "I think I had too much to drink. I'm going to go to bed so finish up the movie without me." He quickly hurried out the door and closed it behind him before they could reply.

Johnny had no time to fully contemplate what he had just done while he rushed to his bedroom, next door to Evan's bedroom where his housemate and his girlfriend were watching the movie. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. This is crazy and too fucking hot. He quickly crawled next to the wall adjacent to Evan's room and listened.

2: Sarah

What the hell is he doing? He has to have noticed Evan practically assaulting me. Sarah sat in disbelief as Johnny hurried out the door. She quickly snapped out of it.

"Well I should get going too Evan, I'm really tired." Sarah tried to act in control as Evan continued to grope her smooth, toned legs.

"It's okay Sarah, the movie's almost over," Evan replied dismissively. Emboldened by being alone with Sarah for the first time, he became even more aggressive.

Sarah's eyes widened in fear as Evan leaned in to kiss her. Oh God I cannot believe this is happening. I have to get out of this. Sarah tightened her lips firmly, trying to stop Evan from kissing her. Upon seeing that the kiss was not reciprocated, Evan simply moved on to her neck, alternating between kissing her softly and passionately giving her love bites.

He's being so rough. He might really hurt me unless I stop this now. "Evan, someone could come in, please."

"You know as well as I do that these doors lock automatically." Evan confidently dismissed her as he pushed her onto his bed, his hand trying to undo the button of her shorts as he continued to ravage her neckline.

He's actually going to rape me. Sarah had never been this scared and helpless in her entire life. She desperately fought against Evan trying to lift up her hips so he could pull off her shorts. In response, Evan simply moved his hand back onto her thigh and slipped his strong fingers up the leg of her shorts, brushing his fingers against her panties.

"Holy shit your panties are fucking soaked."

Sarah's breathing paused. Oh my God he's right. What is wrong with me? Sarah was so stunned she didn't have time to react when Evan moved her panties to the side and slid his expert finger up her pussy. Sarah let out a soft moan and arched her back inadvertently.

"Shit your pussy is so fucking tight. Johnny must not be fucking you very often huh?" Evan slid off Sarah's shorts and panties in one smooth motion as she arched her back, not missing a beat.

With Sarah now naked from the waist down, Evan had an easier time skillfully sliding his finger all over Sarah's sensitive spots in her sweet pussy. He looked down with satisfaction at Sarah squirming below him wildly, trying her hardest to remain silent. She looked beautiful biting her lower lip and closing her eyes in an expression of extreme effort.

Evan gleefully looked at the sight and sai

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