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Desire crosses the space-time boundary.

Let me tell you that of any of us -- men and women -- would love to fuck the living daylights out of you given the opportunity."

I hugged Mike. "Are we crazy? I know a million people would say we're playing with fire and endangering our marriage, but somehow nothing we've done feels that way. Between us, we're completely open with each other, we share our thoughts and feelings, and there's nothing hidden. I think I feel closer to you the past few months than at any time in our marriage, maybe because we're talking about some of the important things in our relationship and paying more attention to each other. I'm still doing my job, but I don't carry it around with me the way I used to. Instead, I'm thinking of you and the people who are becoming our very close friends. I'm not jealous when you are trying to please Ellen, Liz, or Sara; I hope you do a good job and make them happy."

I looked Mike in the eye; "I'm falling in love with everybody. I've withheld using that word for a long time so I could test how I felt again and again, but now I'm sure. I adore Ellen, and Jim is such a love -- so tender and caring. The more I know about Eric the greater my heart expands for him. And Kevin is so cute and loving, I just want to hug him like a big teddy bear. I want to make love with all of them ... and I want you to know that I still love you truly, madly, and deeply. I think I love you more because I know you'll let me make love to them."

Mike nodded. "I like thinking of you with Jim, Eric, or Kevin. The intimacy that's developed between the others and us sort of fried my brain at first, but now it's pulled my head out of work more. I was singularly focused on making junior partner, and now, eeeech, sometime, maybe, and if I don't, so what. I know I'm loved and appreciated by you, and the others and that's become way more important to me than some promotion." He chuckled, "Do you know what? Doug Grey, the senior partner I report to, told me he could see a new and more balanced me emerging that he likes more than the go-getter ego-driven guy I'd been. He thinks my new attitude will carry me all the way to senior partner in record time. He can see I'm caring more about the firm's clients than about myself and making partner. He said that above all was the critical success factor for getting ahead there. So, all the stuff we've been doing is having a beneficial effect on me, my work attitude and demeanor, and my career track."

* * * * *

Ellen called me the next day and urged us to host another movie night, so a few nights later Mike and I hosted Ellen, Jim, and Sara to watch Oblivion -- a Tom Cruise movie. Eric and Liz were still out of town. I don't think too much of the movie got watched again.

Sara and I partnered with Jim at the start of the evening, the three of us claiming the sofa in the family room. Sara had gotten a sitter so didn't have to worry about Rachel being in the next room. This time I noticed that Ellen, Sara, and I wore skirts, wore no undies, were braless, and had easily removable shirts. The guys were in sport shorts and a polo shirt despite the chilly outdoor weather. I placed several Kleenex boxes at strategic locations near the sofa and the large easy chair. I expected there'd again be some excess fluids to absorb this time around. Mike had also turned up the heat in the house so we'd all be comfortable without clothing.

In an aside, I explained to Sara about how far I'd gone with Jim at our last movie night. She just grinned broadly and asked whether we'd be picking up from that point on. I told her that sounded just fine with me. We kissed passionately too.

Mike and I had a serious talk about how far to let things go. We agreed that for that night we'd stop short of intercourse, and that we'd take things slow in getting to whatever next steps each of us seemed to want to take.

I guess 'slow' is a relative term.

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