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Michael finally serves Laurie every which way.

I learned that she was a swimmer, and one of my friends that was a swimmer said that no one ever went to their meets, and they really needed support and for someone to document the meets since I was on yearbook and the school newspaper. I knew this would be a good chance to talk to her.

At the first meet, she saw I was bored out of my head, and so she started talking to me. I was the only student that went to support the team, so it was great to have her all to myself. She introduced everyone on the team that I didn't know, and introduced herself. I reminded her that we had yoga last year, and she just wanted to be sure I knew her name.

While she was sitting on the side lines, I carefully pointed my camera down, guessed the focus, and snapped a few shots. It was pretty loud in the building, so luckily the shutter was drowned out by the noise, but she looked at the camera when I stopped, and then dismissed it.

I continued going to the meets, and continued talking to her. She started to get a little flirty with me also. I went to every meet all the way up to state, which I went to to go see her specifically. She had won 3 medals. I waited after the meet to talk to her. She was exhausted but really happy.

"I'm really happy for you, Emile!" I said, and I gave her a hug.

"Thanks so much! It's really nice of you for coming out and supporting us!" She said smiling.

"Do you want to come over after school and watch a movie on Friday?" She asked.

I couldn't believe this was happening! I thought as I nodded my head.

Friday couldn't come any slower, and when it did, I meet her after school. Since she lived close by and I didn't own a car, we walked there. She wore sandals which exposed her perfectly painted turquoise toes that I first fell in love with.

We finally reached her house and we went upstairs to her room. It was rather big, with a queen size bed and a TV on the other side of the room. She put "Pulp Fiction" in, turned up the volume, closed the door, and then jumped on her bed. I stood there feeling silly, not knowing what to do. She patted next to her on the bed and I happily sat there.

During the movie, I constantly looked at her perfect feet. Damn, what I would do to suck on them. When the foot massage was referenced in the movie, it was her cue: "Do you like my nail polish?" She whispered cheerfully. She had the same blue color from last year. My heart was beating so fast, and my penis started to stiffen through my jeans.

"It's lovely," I said, smiling.

"Thanks," she smiled back.

About half an hour later, she whispered into my ear "Do you like my feet?"

My face became flushed, I didn't know what to do.

She giggled, saying "I know you've been staring at them since last year! And taking pictures of them. You can touch them if you'd like," she smiled, wiggling her toes.

"I'm not sure," I said nervously.

"Don't worry about it. Here," she said, pointing towards the foot of the bed. "Go down there."

I got on my knees and went to the foot of the bed as she scooted forward; luckily my boner couldn't be seen from her angle.

She held her feet out for me, giving me an innocent smile.

"You can do whatever you want," she said.

I began rubbing her left foot gently, feeling how soft her foot was. My penis was really getting hard now, so I went ahead and unzipped my pants and it protruded through the hole in my boxers; with her still not being able to see it.

I continued massaging her left foot, then went to the right one; admiring how perfect her feet were. She seemed to be enjoying this. Then, she, unexpectedly, lifted her left foot and gently touched my face. She held it there for a while, then I couldn't resist and I buried my nose in her toes. She ended the day with yoga so they smelt amazing.

I was so into this, I had actually climbed onto the bed, forgetting that I was at full length. My heart rate increased dramatically. I wondered if could this get any better?

It did.

"Do you want to lick them?"

I slowly brought my tongue to her left

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