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Dad and Uncle Bill show off.

Serafina flexed her throat to accommodate his length. She sucked as she rose up. Her tongue traced along the bottom of his cock and the sensation made Cash shudder with delight.

Serafina loved to hear her pet moan for her. He rested his hand on her head as she picked up the pace. She massaged his soft scrotum that began to tighten as he approached his climax. She released her werewolf who growled in frustration.

A powerful force passed between them, a wild, sexual heat that threatened to consume them both. It took every drop of Cash's control not take Serafina by the hair, throw her down then pummel her little pussy. He ground his teeth, his canines flashing which only turned Serafina on more.

"I want your hot cum inside me, wolf boy," Serafina crawled up and poised her dripping cunt over Cash's throbbing erection. In a frenzy of lust, Cash grabbed Serafina by the neck and crushed her mouth into his. He shoved his tongue inside her tasting himself in her wicked mouth.

Serafina guided his hard flesh into her wet heat. Cash groaned. She was deliciously tight and slick as if his manhood was being wrapped in hot velvet. The shared heat and sensation thrilled her. Serafina nibbled and sucked on Cash's lower lip as she pulled away and slowly rocked her hips and groaned with pleasure.

A flame ignited as their bodies rubbed against each other. Theirs was a savage lust, an animal mingling. Serafina pushed Cash down and rode him, her muscles gripping him tighter and milking him. Cash held onto her hips keeping her from falling off as she rotated in slow circles around his cock.

Serafina was a woman riding a wolf. She gave a breathy little moan as she ground herself into him. The bed trembled beneath them, the headboard rattling with their exertions. The chain clinked adding to their orchestra of passion.

"That's right baby. That's a good boy...," her voice was heavy with sexual heat. Her feminine cries excited him.

Cash's voice husked her name, "Serafina..."

Cash saying her name turned Serafina on more and she rode him faster as she felt the tension coil approaching her climax. Cash's body trembled and he fought his climax through gritted teeth and ferocious snarls.

He bucked his hips to go deeper inside her, piercing her womanly core with his animal maleness. Serafina's mewling keen was loud enough to wake the dead as she cried out his name, her head thrown back in ecstasy. Her body bowed to sensation that sizzled through her every tendon.

Cash was fighting the sensation, struggling to hold on just a little longer. He wanted to hold on to the feeling of being inside her for as long as possible. Then he with a growl, his pulsing cock gushed into her. His body tensed, jerking then he fell back.

"There...," Serafina leaned in and whispered in his ear. "That wasn't so bad was it?" She licked and bit his ear lobe. Then she walked out leaving the towel behind. He didn't hear the door close. Cash lay in the sweat and cum soaked sheets staring at the ceiling feeling the pull of the half full moon. He actually slept soundly for once.


Serafina drank her organic orange juice as she watched Access Hollywood. Her ex-fianc__ was with his new fianc__ were talking about their plans for their wedding, posting pictures on Twitter. She was only mildly irritated. Her cell phone rang. It was her friend, an actress Erin Nobel.

"Hey girl," Serafina answered.

"You sound cheerier this morning," Erin sounded curious. "You get a revenge beau like I suggested?"

"Something like that...," Serafina smiled to herself as she remembered Cash inside of her.

"You going to the Full Moon Party?"

"You know I hate those," Serafina sighed.

"Come on it's no fun to go by myself," Erin's pout was in her voice. "My werewolf is the smallest one no matter how much protein and exercise I give her. George Clooney's werewolf wins every game. Maybe yours can teach him some humility."

"No thank you," Serafina remained strong. "I gotta go. I have to be in the studio like an hour ago."

Serafina switched channels to her secu

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