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What she caught her son doing.

"Daddy," she took my hand from my face and she kissed and sniffed it as she said, "Get inside me. I've got to have that big fat cock of yours in me or I'll fucking die." She smiled seductively.

Laying on her back she spread her legs wide and that beautiful pussy of hers was open for my taking. "Your wish is my command baby girl." I got between her legs and I slid my dick in her. Despite taking three big blacks in her young pussy just a few minutes ago, despite having my four fingers in her, her pussy was tight. It was such a great fit, it was as if my dick was made for her tight pussy.

It was when I began to pump my beautiful daughter that I realized that we were in the land of no return. And I would not have had it any other way. I took long hard strokes inside her with my dick. I could see her eyes rolling back in her head as I fucked her. As I looked at her sweaty beautiful face which was flushed with sex and desire I was overcome with love for her. I leaned down and kissed her as we fucked. My tongue probed her mouth and my lips sucked hers. The wet smacking sounds we were making made me all the more hotter and I kissed her harder.

She held me close as we fucked passionately. Her nails raked my back and we lay there fucking like wild animals. Her body melted into mine and mine melted into hers. No father was closer to his baby daughter than I was right then. No father loved his daughter more. No father ever made love to his daughter more passionately then I did right then.

Ann whispered in my ear in her sexy throaty husky voice. She said, "Cum in me Daddy."

"You sure you want that baby?"

She bit her lip as I fucked harder. "Yes."

Our bodies were soaked with sweat and sex. "Are you the pill?" I hit her pussy with everything I had.

She moaned and made guttural noises as I pumped for all I was worth. She managed to sputter, "N-n-n-n-n-n-oooooooo!"

The thought of making my daughter pregnant made me even hotter. I couldn't hold back. "Baby, Daddy's cumminnnggggggggggg." I began to shoot inside her and I felt like I must have dumped a quart of cum in her womb. My body jerked as I came and she held me tight and gave me little wet kisses all over my face and neck as I filled her up.

Finally after the last drop left my shaft I collapsed beside her. She lay there in our afterglow and she looked so lovely. Her blonde hair all messed up, her body wet with sweat and red with hickeys, some from me, some from her black lovers, her pubic hair all matted with our sweat and cum. I could not take my eyes off her. I knew right then I was under her spell and I would do anything she asked of me just so I could get back between those legs again.

"I'm not sorry we did that Daddy. To be honest, I loved it." She kissed me softly.

I kissed her back and caressed her naked body as we lay there. "I'm not sorry either. I'm over the moon about it. I finally got to make love with the only other woman I loved more than my wife." She snuggled up to me. I looked deep in her eyes and said, "Ann honey, I love you."

She blushed. "I love you too Daddy."

I leaned up on my side and I said to her, "I mean I love you like I loved your Mom. Like a man loves his wife."

I could see tears welling up in her blue eyes. "I love you too and you know what?"

She kissed me and licked swollen lips. I said, "What?"

She reached down between her legs and she pushed out a bit of my cum onto her fingers and then she brought them to her lips. Before she licked them clean she said, "If you'd have me, we could live as man and wife from now on."

My heart melted as she looked at me shyly sucking on her fingers. I did not say anything for a moment or two. Then I reached down and I slid two fingers in her soaking wet pussy. I then brought them back to my mouth and before I sucked them dry I said, "Of course I'll have you as my wife. I can't think of anything that would make me happier."

She squealed with delight and she kissed me happily.

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