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A pixie controls a professor and his student.

Christina stepped behind Sophie, running her hands over her hips, she roughly grabbed her hair, and forced her down onto the floor, head pressed to the carpet, ass high. She twisted her head sideways, pinning her down.

"Nasty fucking WHORE!!" Cristina snapped, Sophie was breathing heavily, trembling in anticipation.

Christina press the head of her strap on to Sophie's asshole, she mewed, as she realized what was about to happen. Pushing hard and deep Christina as __ before Sophie could react. She howled hips bucking up fighting in Christina's grasp. She forced her head down harder, hips no tight against Sophie's ass cheeks, both hands now on her head pinning it flat to the floor.

"You fucking love it! You fucking love this cock in your nasty ass hole!" Christina sneered, "Fucking love to be taken and buggered, like a cheap whore. A cheap nasty whore who gives herself up for fuck all! YOU LOVE IT!!"

Christina started thrusting, pulling nearly the whole shaft out and riving it home, in slow steady thrusts. Sophie squealed and snorted as each thrust jammed her ass, her body was quivering, her bowels being slammed.

"Fuuuckkk! Please, please do it! Harder, HARDER!! I want it sooo bad!" She begged.

Christina grinned, Sophie was just like Lucy, another British cock hungry slut. She slammed hard, her weight ramming down on Sophie's body, stretching and pounding her asshole.

"FUCK!" Sophie screamed, her hips high face squashed tight to the floor.

Christina battered her ass for a good 10 minutes, Sophie screaming and wailing, as she came three times. Christina relentlessly hammering her ass as a spasm unfolded.

"FUCK! FUCK!! FUCKKK!!" Sophie cried, her body taught and shaking.

Christina kept up a furious pace throughout, Sophie getting it full force, her tight ass being ravaged by the shaft strapped to Christina

"YEEEESSSSS!!" Sophie screamed, in her final climax, Christina now relenting and letting go.

"Holy fuck!" Sophie gasped, as her ass was emptied, Christina pulling the shaft out.

"Bet you enjoyed that didn't you?" Christina said, watching as Sophie rolled over exhausted.

"Oh fuck, that was good! fuck, Lucy was so right about you." Sophie panted.

"Strip for me." Christina said, unfastening the strap on

A sweaty Sophie stood up, and slowly peeled off her corset, her breasts revealed, Christina moved quickly to suck on the huge firm orbs, teeth immediately working the nipples. Her fingers went to Sophie's went pussy, fingering her hole as she suckled her breasts.

"ohhh fuck, Christina." Sophie gasped. "I want you to taste my ass, baby." She gasped.

Leading her to the bar she made Christina lay down on it, her head hanging from the end. Sophie slipped the strap on back onto her crotch and waved it over Christina's nose. She focused on the end, making herself go cross eyed. Sophie pushed it into Christina's mouth.

"Fuck yeah, Christina!" Sophie gasped as the thick shaft popped Christina's throat.

She coughed and gagged as the full length disappeared, until Sophie's belly was tight to her face. Cristina held the bar top tightly as Sophie fucked her throat, spit dribble down her face, as she gagged on the shaft. Sophie reached forwards and groped Christina's tits, mauling them hard.

"Ohhh, choke you nasty girl!" Sophie gasped, grinding her crotch to Christina's face.

Christina coughed up a thick spit wad, that oozed down her face, into her hair. Sophie pulled back, Christina coughed and gasped for air. She slowly sat up, her face caked in thick wads of drool. Sophie moved up and licked her face, slurping up the spit and swallowing it.

"Ohhhhhh, baby." Christina gasped, kissing Sophie, sharing a full spit and slobbery kiss.

Sophie pulled her down, and lay back on the floor, Christina straddling her, and easing down onto the shaft.

"Ohhhh, fuck! Sophie!" Christina gasped as she rode her.

Sophie's hips rose, to meet Christina's cunt, thick shaft slamming deep, she held her hips and watched those huge ti

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