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Brittany and Dan rekindle an old high school flame.

It was a cool summer evening and the stars were bright. It was warm and lovely. Up ahead, Jim and Kelly had stopped to kiss. I imitated them with David and felt his throbbing cock press against me. We walked through taller grasses, which was very interesting, as the cool blades of grass were high enough to brushed my naked pussy. Now I was getting really horny and my juices were dripping down my inner thighs.

We walked about 20 minutes in all and couldn't see any lights from where we stopped, in a dense hollow in the woods. There were signs of past campfires here, visible in the moonlight, and Jim started a very small campfire so we would have a little light. Kelly sat on his lap and they kissed passionately. Jim had his hands under Kelly's shirt and rubbed her hefty breasts, then moved his hand down under her skirt and rubbed her pussy. They both looked so yummy, and I wished I could go join in and kiss Kelly too. I sat in David's lap and whispered in his ear how much I wanted to lick her. He laughed, and kissed me; his hard cock was nestled nicely against my wet pussy, and I'm sure his pants were getting soaked.

We watched as Kelly stood and removed her shirt, bra, and skirt, then undressed Jim, exposing a massive and very hard cock that must have been 10 inches long and very fat. Kelly stretched out on the grass near the fire. Jim climbed on top of her, then moved down and kissed her nipples, her tummy, and licked her between her legs until she was panting and saying over and over "that's it, yes, oh yes! Fuck me with your tongue, darling!" Ohh, how I wanted to join in, especially as David's hand found its way to my pussy and rubbed me and slipped in and out making me moan.

Kelly climbed on top of Jim, and slowly lowered her wet pussy onto his massive cock. It took several minutes, but she took all of it and began bouncing up and down, her long black hair flying, like a Greek goddess in the moon and firelight. When she came, Kelly grunted like a wild animal and growled and shrieked. By now my pussy was positively drooling and my dress was up to my shoulders so David could play with my nipples. Kelly climbed off of Jim, and with her freshly fucked and dripping pussy facing us, began to devour his huge cock.

Finally, she got on all fours, her breasts swaying below her, and Jim entered her from behind, pounding his beautiful massive cock into her again and again, while Kelly repeatedly shouted "fuck me, fuck me harder, harder." David lifted off my dress and I imitated Kelly, getting on all fours; soon David was behind me, fucking me while I moaned and growled like an animal too. With a series of huge grunts and moans, Jim got ready to cum, pulled out, and shot his cum all over Kelly's ass and back, before collapsing on top of her. David kept at me until I had cum twice, before finally shooting his cum all over my breasts and tummy.

Jim and Kelly both loved showing off and we loved seeing them, but I had to admit I frustrated that I didn't get to fuck Kelly. She didn't mind that I wanted to, but she wasn't really into it either. They were pure exhibitionists, beautiful people who wanted to be seen, and we were the lucky ones to watch. After the fire was put out, Kelly and I walked naked, hand in hand, through the woods and fields back to our cars with Jim in front and David behind. I kissed Kelly goodbye and the boys shook hands. But we never saw Jim and Kelly again.

Chapter XI

There was nothing better than going to sleep, naked, in David's arms, and then waking up, naked, in his arms. We made love every morning before getting out of bed. On Tuesday, David said he had a little surprise for me that evening. He gave me a card key for a hotel room downtown and asked me to be there at seven p.m. sharp: no earlier or later. I did as he asked. Planning for a sexy rendezvous, I wore a very short miniskirt and tight top, looking very much like a hooker.

I arrived at the room at seven and let myself in.

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