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My wife loves to watch me eat her from both sides, so I think she thought that might be the plan, but without touching her at all I strung together the belt from hers and my bathrobes and tied it across the room. Then I went to our stash of toys and got a vibrator. Just a normal one with a battery pack separate. I hung it over the belts so it was held by the wire just above her pussy.

I turned it on and let it buzz, just the sound made my wife begin to writhe. I love to watch her squirm, as she was turning within her bonds she had her eyes closed and I slowly lowered the vibrator so that her writhing would bring her pussy in contact with the humming shaft. When it made contact the response was electric. She thrust her hips forward again to try to meet the vibrator but unless she moved slowly she would knock it away. She was forced to move slowly when she already wanted to buck hard against the vibrating latex.

She arched up to meet it and held there as long as she could then shuddered back down. I could have cum just watching her but I wanted to last. So I would slide the vibrator away and give her a break then bring it back. Finally, I lowered it so she could squeeze it between her legs. She held it tight there, and I began to think she might cum, so I pulled the vibrator up and climbed onto the bed. I placed myself between her legs and slowly stuck my throbbing cock into her pussy.

She squeezed it harder than I thought she could and began writhing harder on my cock. I lowered the vibrator so it was resting right on her clitoris, when she stopped moving, then I grabbed her ankles, untied the ties and began slowly thrusting into her soaking wet vagina. She didn't wait long before I could tell she was coming. I thrust harder to her whimpers of "yess, oh yes." Until I exploded into her, the frantic plunging of her orgasm milked every drop of cum from my throbbing cock. We collapsed together, and I whispered in her ear "I love you."

It is so good to wake up the next morning with memories like that, but I had to get ready for the service ahead. I had my notes prepared so I only needed to brush up on things, and make sure everything was organized at church. At breakfast my wife gave me that special sexy hug that says I'm still thinking about last night.

Well church got underway as normal, my family sitting in their pew and most of the others filled as well. I began the sermon and as so often happens my baby started crying. Very quietly my wife got up to take him to the nursery. She shot the kids the "I'll be watching you so you better be good" look and she went up to the balcony.

My mind was on my sermon so I paid little attention to her as she nursed our baby. She was sitting towards the back of the former balcony so no one could see her except me from the pulpit. Because I knew my topic well my eyes would scan the congregation, including her. I happened to be looking at her when she finished nursing our son. He was asleep and lying back and her breast was sticking out. My gaze stopped for a minute. And she noticed. My wife has beautiful breasts and when she is nursing they are very full, and when the baby has been sucking the tits stand up so tall. Just that glimpse would have given me a hard-on if I hadn't had such good sex the night before.

My wife got up, her tit still hanging out and carefully laid our son in the crib. She came back to the rocking chair and instead of buttoning up she did something that made me stumble. She bent down her head and started sucking her own tit. I recovered from my mistake but I was having a hard time looking at my notes, or anywhere but up at the balcony.

She sucked one breast while she massaged the other, pinching the tit to make it stand up.

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