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My exciting new perversion.

His wait was not long as the left hand door opened and an overly made up middle aged maid appeared. "Yes?" Her voice sounded heavy to Tom, almost masculine and he could tell that her smile was professional more than warm.

"Oh hi. My name is Tom Poulton. Is this Miss Hamilton's home?"

The maid's smile disappeared instantly and the middle aged woman almost spat out her directions to him. "Side entrance." No other words were offered before Tom found the heavy door shut in his face. He felt his nausea increase again as he started to head down the steps towards the unseen side entrance. Hamilton's instructions had not specifically stated which entrance to use but it was clear from the cold greeting that he should have known that he was not a guest. He glanced to the right of the property and identified a gated entrance. The gate was unlocked and he moved through it noticing a white door at the end of a thin alley way.

The white pvc door was a complete contrast to the main entrance with the only similarity being the door bell adjacent to the door-frame. Tom rang the bell.

A moment later movement was evident behind the frosted glass and Tom heard the door being unlocked. However, when the door was opened Tom was completely surprised to be met by Tracey Smyth. He felt a coldness wash over him even though he found himself staring open mouthed as she stood before him in a stunning black leather shoulder less mini dress which gave a full view of her ample cleavage. However, Tom was surprised by the warm greeting that she gave him. "Hi Tom, come on in. It's good to see you. You look very smart," she said in a very frothy manner. He stepped over the threshold as Tracey closed the door behind him and as she walked passed his eyes took in how stunning her body looked cased in leather and his heart skipped a beat when he could clearly see the tops of her thigh highs and a hint of skin just below the rim of her skirt. Tracey turned quicker than Tom had expected and he struggled to re-adjust his line of sight in time.

"Like what you see?" she giggled.

Tom was gobsmacked, this woman had been so cold to him at work and yet now she was flirting with him. His previous anxiety began to ebb slightly and he nodded in reply. Tracey gave a playful laugh. "Come on we've got some time before the others arrive." Tom followed Tracey into the main body of the house, his eyes returned to her body as they walked, until they were in an anti room which had some basic furnishings including a TV and a medium sized sofa. "Make yourself comfortable. I'll make us some drinks. Vodka OK?" Tom nodded and settled on the sofa. Tracey made their drinks on an adjacent table and brought them over to the sofa. She settled in beside Tom and handed him his glass. Tom took his glass and took a nervous sip of the alcohol.

"So....?" The word seem to hang in the air for a moment longer than Tom thought appropriate.

"So?" Tom responded in kind. The sound of a phone ringing abruptly broke off the staccato conversation. Tracey walked to the table and answered the phone.

"Oh hi. Yes he's here. OK. Yes. OK, I'll be straight there." She completed the call. "I've just got to deal with the caterers. Shame. I won't be long." Tracey leant over and handed Tom a TV remote control, she gave him a kiss on the cheek as she did giving Tom a closer sight of her breasts and a magnificent hint of perfume. "Why don't you keep yourself entertained until I get back and then maybe we can see what other things we can do to entertain ourselves."

"Thanks", Tom said taking the plastic lozenge from her, intrigued by her disappointment, her insinuation and her manner. He watched her exit the room, his eyes once again fixed on her perfectly shaped rear within the leather material. He felt his face flush.

He looked around the room settli

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