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The app will calculate a deadline for her to do this and return to you for a second inspection. If she also fails that inspection you can assign her demerits. Our demerit program is outlined in your guide."

As I listened to Barbara I felt like I'd just been put through an emotional spin cycle. I knew that news of what had happened here would spread like wildfire throughout the company. And then there would be the video! How could I ever face anyone here again?

"There are several other practical reasons for the nudity," Barbara continued. "Ease of identity is one. No one will ever mistake a mailgirl for a regular employee and this helps us observe and monitor their performance. Another is security. Mailgirls are unhackable, every step of their movement is monitored, and they have a very limited capacity for hiding sensitive materials." This last statement brought another laugh.

"But let's cut to the chase, shall we?" Barbara said to the crowd as she paced the stage. "Those aren't the real reasons for using naked delivery girls. Nudity is helpful, but I'm sure we could find acceptable alternatives that would allow us to clothe our mailgirls if we wanted to." Barbara stopped pacing and faced the audience. "If you want the real reason we are employing nude mailgirls I can sum it up in one word. Sex." Nervous laughter and murmuring riffled through auditorium.

"That's right. Sex. The sex drive is one of the most powerful motivational forces in human nature, probably the most powerful one after the basic needs of food, water, and shelter have been met. Sex permeates our lives and our thoughts. You saw a demonstration of that just a couple of minutes ago, although that wasn't actually a planned part of our program here today." More laughter.

"Dumpster Dawg Enterprises was built on games and movies which prominently feature sex and nudity. We believe there is a tremendous amount of vitality and vigor to be derived from tapping into this sexual energy, something that modern corporate culture has attempted to leech from the workplace by creating sterile work environments that pretend its employees aren't sexual beings."

Barbara walked over and stood next to me now. "Ever since Nine came up on stage almost every eye has been on her. I'm feeling quite ignored up here." This brought yet another laugh from the audience. "That's okay because she's a beautiful nude woman at the peak of her sexual desirability. It's only natural that your gaze is drawn to her. That's why mailgirls are allowed no modesty while on duty. We want them to be seen, to be looked at. We want to use their beautiful nude bodies to help us tap into this sexual energy."

Barbara began striding the stage again, working the crowd like a revivalist preacher. "The nude female form has inspired artists for many centuries and we believe that it will inspire creativity, passion, and inspiration here at DDE. We also believe it will create a dynamic, vibrant work environment that will propel us to even greater heights. Every company that has adopted Hiromoto's Mailgirls program has seen measurable gains in productivity. Think about that. That seems counterintuitive, doesn't it? Nude women should be a distraction that hampers productivity rather than helps it, right? While it obviously can be a distraction to a point, that has proven to be more than compensated for by the increased motivation, vitality, and inspiration that the presence of beautiful nude women can provide."

Barbara could sell ice to eskimos, I thought to myself as I listened to her speak. I had the sense that the crowd was totally buying into what she was saying.

"Of course there are limits as to how far this sexual energy can be taken," Barbara continued.

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