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A passing eight year old giggled as she quickly pulled it away. Mandy looked back to Hera and if she wasn't mistaken, the normally stoic woman had the hint of a smile. Mandy moved on.

She had made two circuits of the garden before stopping in her favorite spot to rest. It was in a back corner with a bench opposite from three statues. Each one was a strong male. The largest one with the powerful flowing beard just had to be Zeus, the smaller bare chested one she figured was Apollo, and the last one with the helmet in his hand was Ares. Across from them she sat and rested but her wandering eyes followed all the contours of their bodies. Like she did in school, she wondered what it would be like to touch a god to feel so much power nearby. As the day began to dim her thoughts livened as she wondered what making love to a god would be like. Would they be greedy lovers, gentle, or would there be a whole new set of experiences and emotions. She stood and walked on but at the end of her next circuit, she sat for some time in the same place, across from the stone gods.

No one had passed by for a while and she forgot to consider that she was in public.She stood approaching Apollo. She put her hand on his bare chest, feeling the cool stone, but still getting a small adolescent delight in the definition of his muscles. The lust began to pour back into her again but she didn't seem to mind this time. Her hand slid down his stomach and to where his groin would be. She looked back and forth real quick and giggled at what she was about to do. Stepping up on his pedestal, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed the statue on the full lips. He tasted like dust and rain, but she felt a silly thrill in it. Doing it again couldn't hurt so she did and almost fell when he kissed back. The solid stone lips were cold but had a strange sort of solid suppleness to them as he kissed her. She almost fell but found herself kissing back passionately.

Lost in his godly kiss, she forced herself to break away, should anyone come by. Stepping down, she lost her balance and fell to her knees. Luckily no one was around to see her embarrass herself, maybe they had all gone home. She looked back at her god and he was looking down at her, smiling. He moved back the skirt that covered his thighs to reveal his secret; a growing penis. It was not fashioned like a David. He was hung like a young god should, long and thickening. She couldn't stop herself from grabbing it, unbelieving. It felt real enough, the stone growing in her hand. She began to rub it up and down. Apollo looked down at her and watched. Then she stood up put her mouth around it, an act that she rarely did. The solid yet supple shaft ran against her tongue and she felt the statue sigh. It tasted like earth but not unpleasantly. She started sucking in earnest, trying to go deeper each time, licking the head and putting in back in her mouth. The statue's other hand gently held the back of her head, fingers entwined in her hair.

Lost in her ministrations, she didn't notice that both the Zeus and Ares statues and found their animation until Zeus' cool solid hand was on her ass.

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