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A lesbian goes all in and puts here ass on the line.

I'm naked in the mall! Sure, this part of it is closed right now but I wasn't that far from dozens, or even hundreds of people. I decided I was going to explore as far as I dared and as I walked past the different shops I imagined that the hallways were filled with shoppers shocked at the sight of a nude young woman.

I stopped to look in the window of one of the stores and caught a glimpse of my bare breasts in the reflection. I caressed them and teased my hard nipples between my fingertips. Whew! No wonder I'm hooked on this, I thought to myself. There's just something incredible about being naked in place where it's forbidden.

I continued my walk, turning down different corridors, stopping at times to look into shop windows, and with each step I took I became more turned on. I rounded a corner and entered a large open court that featured a fountain in the center. The skylight was directly above me here, and with the sun still out in the evening summer sky it was brighter here than the previous areas. I paused for a minute to watch and listen for any sign of intruders, then began walking across the open area toward the fountain.

I was getting close to an orgasm as I sat down on the edge of the fountain. I was tempted to bring myself off right there but this was such an exposed area and the flowing water would mask the sound of someone approaching. Besides, I wanted to hold onto my intense arousal as long as possible so I stood up again and began walking to the opposite end of the court.

I continued my nude stroll until I reached the passageway to the rest of the mall. I tiptoed over to the corner and peered around it. Just thirty feet away I could see shoppers passing by and another wave of adrenaline and arousal pulsated through my body. God, I love this!

I waited until there didn't appear to be anyone looking this direction then I stepped out into the middle of passageway and stood naked in full view of the mall corridor ahead of me. There were at least a dozen people who might see me if they looked this way, but I held my ground there for ten seconds, fifteen, twenty, thirty. I finally lost my nerve and scampered back around the corner. God, Melissa, you are so fucking crazy!

My entire body now felt like an electric current was flowing through it and I didn't know how much longer I could hold off an orgasm. I began walking down the corridor to look for a shadowy spot to bring myself off when I heard the voices. Ahead of me I saw a man and a woman enter the corridor on the opposite side of the building and I ducked into a shop doorway and pressed my back against the locked gate. Had they seen me?

"You don't suppose we'll get in trouble for being back here, do you?" I heard a woman ask. It sounded like she had a British accent.

"Naw," an American man replied. "The worst they can do is kick us out of here."

The footsteps grew louder and I pressed my back tighter against the gate, wishing I could make myself invisible. Moments later the couple came into view in front of me. They were both looking at the shop opposite where I was hiding and for a moment I thought they might pass without seeing me. Then the woman turned my direction and an astonished look came across her face. "What is this then?" she said.

Since becoming an exhibitionist I've had many opportunities to gauge the reactions of people to a naked woman in an unexpected situation. Men's reactions were very predictable and they usually ran the gamut from pleased to very pleased to see a naked woman. Or, if they were with a wife or girlfriend, pretending not to appear pleased. But women were much more unpredictable. I've had just about every type of reaction from women: curious, angry, amused, jealous, catty, excited…you name it. So I covered myself with my hands as the couple approached and studied the woman's face for her reaction.

"Have you lost your kit, dear?" she asked.

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