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Have you found the Yellow Sign?

"For a stupid bet, you'd give me a hundred grand just to win a stupid bet," she said. Everyone else was shocked. Having now heard one side of the bet, they were dying to know what the dare was. Greg asked her but she just shook her head and told him to wait. Finally, she asked Greg if he trusted he. He said of course. Then, she said that he had to trust her and she was going to do something for their family.

I smiled, especially when Greg looked at me trying to figure out what I possibly could be asking his wife to do. She told Greg to head for the Pirates of the Caribbean and that we would meet them there in a little while. After some prompting, she left.

"Okay, I'll call," she said. "Now how are we going to find Mickey in all this mess."

Luckily, the eagerness to please that is Disney would be their undoing. I simply walked up to the nearest security person (hoping they didn't have a good description of the duck assailant) and told them I needed a picture of Mickey for my nephews back home. A short call on the radio was all it took to discover Mickey was in Tomorrow Land near the old submarine ride that the bastards had closed down years ago.

I grabbed Ashley's hand and we jogged to Mickey's last known location.

"What am I supposed to do," Ashley said.

"Well, I'm not an expert cocksucker but I am pretty sure that what you do is make your mouth into an O..." I started sarcastically.

"You know what I mean," she snarled. "How are we going to do it."

"When we find Mickey, you will walk straight up to him and tell him that you want to suck his cock. Tell him that we're married and I have to watch because it's a huge fantasy for both us. I am sure he'll take care of the rest." "What if he says no," she asked.

"Then you don't get $100,000," I said. The greed in her eyes sparkled and I knew I was moments away from seeing her face covered with come. "By the way, I expect him to come and I want you to let him do so all over your face."

"Whatever," she said. "As long as you won't welch on the money.

"I promise."

A few minutes later, we found a very cheery Mickey posing with a Japanese family. I suppressed my anger, held Ashley's hand and we approached Mickey. Unfortunately, Ashley froze.

"Hello," said the mouse and damn if he didn't sound just like him. "Can I help you?"

Ashley stood motionless and silent.

"Would you like me to ask for you," I said, looking at her.

After a moment, she nodded. I smiled, and I am pretty sure the smile gave her absolutely no comfort.

Then, I leaned over and whispered into Mickey's neck (his ears being fake of course), "My wife and I have a fantasy of her giving a blowjob to Mickey. If you are game, she would love to give you a blowjob while you are in costume. Do you think there's a quiet place where we could do this?"

I didn't ask him whether he wanted to, only if there was a place where we could. It's always important in negotiations to get someone to say yes to something. It doesn't have to be what you want but that yes usually leads to success since it puts them in the mode of saying yes.

I don't think my training at Wharton Business School was necessary in this case because what came back was a "Fucking A can I find a place. Are you serious?"

"Only if you stay in character," I said.

"Righteo," said the mouse. "Follow me little girl. Mickey has a big surprise for you."

And, with that, he headed off for a door leading into the old submarine ride opened it and waited for us to enter with him. While one always knows that everything is just a fa__ade, it is still a shock to see what Disneyland looks behind the scenes.

"Is this okay," Mickey said.

"How about on one of the submarines," I said. "Can we get on one of them?"

"Whatever floats your boat," Mickey said, laughing at his joke and he headed to where the submarines were kept. Minutes later, an obviously excited mouse, a frightened Ashley and I were all standing in a submarine lit only by the sunlit water spilling through the hundred of windows. It was absolutely quiet.

"Is this okay," said Mickey in a cheerful

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