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Mrs. Moreno works out a deal to keep her son in camp.

Something like that anyway.

And possibly whipped, too.

I suddenly remember that part. Going on to you about how much I'd like to be properly whipped, by lots of people.

I wonder if that's where this is going to end up.

"So," you say. "Want to?"

I shrug. I pretend not be sure.

"Oh," you say, apparently a little concerned. "We don't have to, it was just an idea to try."

I pretend to be unsure a moment longer, then say, "Yes."

"You will?"

"Yep. Of course. And after you organized everything too?"

You grin. "Hold her," you say, and slide onto the floor, between my knees.

You lick me out. You've done that before, because we sometimes do, but never quite like this. Never with people watching, and with people holding me. I think I quite like this way to do it. But then it gets better. Everyone else has a turn, too. You start, but everyone takes turns licking me out, and while someone does, everyone else holds my arms and legs and kisses me with mouths wet with me, and it's wonderful. It's sexy and wonderful and exiting.

And, well, it's getting licked out. That's pretty nice any time!

Everyone licks me, and after everyone has, you say that now it's my turn to lick.

"Oh," I say, and pretend to look worried, but I don't really mind.

You all pull me off the couch. I try and struggle, just because, but there's not much I can do when someone's pulling my hair to make me stop. You all pull me onto the floor, and lie me down, and hold me there. Then you take turns kneeling over my face, so I can lick each one of you.

I pretend I don't want to, and turn my face away, but I'm only pretending, and I don't know why. And you all pull my hair gently, and slap me until I lick you.

I'm only pretending not to want to, I really do. It's nice. It's fun. Licking you all, and pretending I don't want to, as well. And you all seem to have fun too.

I lick you all. I taste you all, one after the other, wet and scented and wonderful. I taste how you are, and how you're each different. I taste your wet, and breathe in your smell. Someone comes, as she kneels on me, and gets teased by everyone else for going too soon, and she actually seems a little embarrassed she did. Someone else sneakily tips her hips, so my mouth is back behind her pussy, on her ass. I lick her ass anyway, and when she gets off me she grins, like its our secret, her knowing I did on purpose.

It's nice. There's shoes and dresses and hems over my face. There's silky smooth skin and the scents of you all, all warm and slippery wet as you all kneel over my mouth.

After a while, after everyone has had a turn, you all pull me up off the floor. You lead me through to the garage, where there is a metal ring on a rope hanging from a beam, above a square of carpet on the concrete floor.

It's sordid and wrong and a little scary, and I know what this is for.

"You remember the rest of what you said?" you say to me, and I nod, nervous now.

"Want to?" you say.

"No," I say.

"Want us to make you anyway?" I say.

I nod, scared.

You tie my arms to the rope, so they're stretched up over my head. So I'm stretched out, barely on my toes.

So I can't really move much except to turn from side to side and look at you all, around me.

I stand there, nervous, and you all step up and kiss me. Then you all undress me, carefully, unzipping and sliding things off. You all undress me, and then stand around me kissing me again. Kissing me, and stroking my bare skin, and licking me gently. One of you kneels down, and licks my pussy for a while, as if she can't wait. Another kisses me for a minute, then two, kissing as you all watch.

I feel odd, completely naked when you're all dressed, but I feel excited too.

I know what's about to happen.

You all kiss me, and lick and touch me, and then you all move away.

And then you whip me.

All of you whip me. You all take turns. Until I'm sobbing and gasping and crying.

People stroke me and lick me out too, as you all whip me too. One woman, especially, kisses me carefully between each blow. Every one.

People whip

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