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Jackie learns to balance her studies.

It didn't take long and Isabel was naked, crouched on the bed and trying to hide her charms. I just stood back from the bed and stripped, watching her watching me. Her eyes opened very wide when my shorts came off and she saw my arousal.

"The question now," I told Isabel, "is do you want the spanking to be separate from the ravishment or do you want the spanking to be arousing and lead on to a natural seduction?"

Isabel looked blank. I sighed.

"You haven't got the faintest idea as to what I'm talking about, have you?"

She blushed and looked pointedly away.

"God save me from virgins," I muttered. "Proper sex education would see the girls being dragged off and ravished for a day so that they know what happens."

"I never said I was a virgin," snapped Isabel, glaring at me.

"But you are," I pointed out. "Never mind. It's a curable condition. At least it lets me know how to proceed."

I sat on the side of the bed.

"Now be a good girl and bend over my knee as though you are really sorry for the trouble you've been causing. We both know you're not, but you can pretend."

"And if I don't?"

"You still finish up over my knee, but the spanking may go on for a bit longer."

There was a fair amount of muttering under her breath, but Isabel did as requested, bending across my knee. There was also a bit of wriggling involved once she was there as she was trying to avoid contact with my erection. The wriggling didn't help as I just adjusted her position until my erection was wedged firmly between our bodies, pressing hard against her.

I ran my hand lightly over her bottom, feeling her squirm slightly at my touch. I continued giving her a gentle massage, up one cheek and down the other, before probing gently at the edge of the cleft between her legs.

"Spread your legs a little more."

"Why?" came the reply, which was answered with the first spank.

"Because I said so," I replied after the squeal had died down.

Again I ran my hand over her bottom, this time being able to slide my hand between her legs and gently squeeze her mound. Isabel promptly bucked and protested, and I just as promptly delivered another spank.

It went on like that for a few minutes. I explored Isabel's body and met every protest with a firm spank. Isabel very quickly learnt not to protest. Finally I decided that the spanking could get under way properly. My free hand reached around to cup a very nice breast and I warned her to hold still for the spanking.

She squirmed a little, but didn't try to resist and my hand came down very firmly on her bottom. While I spanked I explained to Isabel what I considered to be shortcomings in her behaviour. She squealed and protested and apologised, and I gave her the spanking her parent should have given her years ago.

Satisfied that she'd got the message I moved onto phase two. I brought my hand down firmly but instead of landing on her bottom I delivered a sharp slap to her pussy, cupping her mound neatly. It was noisy and would have smarted a little but didn't really do much more than encourage her mound to smarten up, because there was more coming.

Isabel gave a shocked gasp, followed by a loud squeal when another slap landed in the same manner.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" she wailed.

"Spanking you," I pointed out, my hand landing on her bottom. "I thought you realised that."

"That's not my bottom," she furiously informed me when another light spank landed on her mound.

"I never said I would restrict the spanking to your bottom," I pointed out, landing another inappropriate spank.

"Have you an objection to me spanking here?" I asked, leaving my hand cupping her mound. While waiting for her to decide what to say I gently squeezed her mound and started rubbing my hand around in circles, inadvertently dragging her lips apart when my hand ran across them.

"You're not supposed to be touching me there," Isabel finally managed to say.

"If you come right down to it," I observed, "I probably shouldn't be spanking you at all.

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