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Two divorcees hope to find a big future together.

Jules gasped and her eyes closed.

She was so incredibly wet, it was unbelievable. I began to move my cock back and forth, giving my hips little jerks when I was deep inside of her. Jules' hand moved up to push against the door. Her legs moved around me and squeezed me inside her thighs as I kept going.

We weren't making love, we were fucking, pure and simple. We didn't speak, and Jules stopped her whispering as the hallways filled with the sounds of my cock wetly sucking air into her. Her hand moved off the wall and began to squeeze at her nipple. Her hands and fingers moved over her chest as my cock moved inside of her.

I could feel her juices running down her thighs, the cool air making my hips twitch as she wet me, too. Her hands moved to hold my shoulders and neck as I began to speed up. Jules's eyes widened as her mouth opened. I kissed her, but she didn't respond as she began to moan lowly. The moan escalated as she shut her eyes.

Her face screwed up, and I could feel her clenching around me. My cock moved like lightning in and out of her, and I could feel our pubic hair rubbing together coarsely. Jules began to gasp and whine as her fingernails dug into my neck, and she arched against me.

I felt like someone was pissing against my balls, and Jules was shuddering as she came. I couldn't take the sensation and I began to yell as my balls erupted, blowing my cum far inside of her. She was squirting and clenching down onto me and squealing in my ear as she climaxed, and I believed well and truly that it had been years since she'd come from a man's cock.

Her body was tense for several heartbeats, until she went limp in my arms. I slowed down and tried to keep my stance, but my knees gave way, and I sank to the ground, Jules on top of me. She moaned and clenched down on me again as we hit the floor with a thump.

There was no sound in the hall except for our laboured breathing. Jules moaned and sat up, my softening cock easing up into her again. She looked down at me, a wicked smile on her face. There was a thin film of sweat on her face, and her eyes were very bright.

I know that it wasn't love, and was barely lust, just desperate need for release and intimacy, but I couldn't help myself. I surged up, my hands cupping her cheeks and chin as I kissed her. Jules hesitated for a moment, then kissed me back. As our tongues moved against one another tenderly, her arms enfolded my shoulders.
After a moment, we stopped, and she looked at me with a strange expression. She stood up and pulled me with her, then began to ditch the rest of her clothes. I followed suit, and she grabbed my hand. We moved into a strangely barren room. The floors were tiled, but the smell of fresh sanded wood filled my nostrils.

The walls were bare, and several workbenches were sitting around the room. There was a pale white light from the ceiling when she shut the door, and I looked up. There was a huge glass skylight, clear as day, and obviously new. I looked back to the strange plastic octagon on the floor. It had a weird shine to it, and I realised that it still had a thin plastic film on it.

There was a small control panel on the side of the octagon, and Jules lowered to her knees and pressed several buttons. I heard a pump and an electronic hum start up, and Jules turned back to me. "I'll be back in a minute," she whispered. There was a strange tint to her eyes, and she ducked back out the door.

I looked around the room and then up at the skylight. There was a thin sliver of white to the side, and I realised that it was the moon. I looked down to check the time, but my watch was still on the windowsill in the kitchen. I couldn't see much in the pale starlight, but I could make out two small red lights and a single orange light on the side of the octagon.

I could feel the cold tiles beneath my bare feet, and the fine dust of sanded timber.

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