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She needs help but then so does their mother.

When he was satisfied that she was bound well enough for him, he dragged her into one of the back offices and left her on the floor, locking the door on his way out.

I should be out of here before she becomes a problem, he thought. He sat down on the couch where she had lain, pulling the bag onto his lap, and took out one of the cereal bars. As he ate, he dug around in the bag for the other item he had brought with him, just in case things got hairy.

He removed the safety, the shoved it in the waistband of the back of his pants. Then, he waited.


The Arrowhead man got back into his truck, leaving the dead man's body on the ground beside it.

He pulled his cap down onto his head so that it shielded his eyes. He started the truck, pulling back onto the highway, toward Kingman. He ought to reach Barstow by sunrise, and then it would only be a few miles to his destination.

He reached for the radio dial, then remembered that the other man had told him the radio wasn't working. Mildly annoyed, he turned his attention back to the road, resigned to a silent and uneventful trip. It was alright, though.

Things would be plenty eventful where he was going.


Jonathan pulled the cheap Day-Glo visor down over his eyes, pointing a giant Suburban down the aisle to his left. He reached up again to wipe sweat off of his forehead, and checked his watch again, frowning. He directed another car into the last space in the row, then stepped back to start another one. He checked his watch a second time. Anna still hadn't turned up, and half of the volunteer traffic directors had skipped out. He sighed, taking a swig of water and hoping she showed up soon.

Marie Kerr Park's main parking lot was reserved for the victims' families and the event personnel, so the unpaved back lot was being used for parking. Every few minutes, the water truck would drive by, splashing Jon as it dampened the ground. Not that he minded. It was hot as hell.

Nate's car pulled up beside him, and he rolled his window down. Making sure there were no cars waiting, Jon walked up to the window, grateful for the burst of cold air as he leaned down to talk to Nate.

"I thought Anna was on parking detail?" Nate asked, looking around.

"I did too, but she hasn't shown up over here yet. I texted her a bunch of times, but I guess she got busy doing something else, because she hasn't answered."

"Yeah, I called her earlier," he replied, frowning. "She didn't answer then, either."

"We've been pretty busy," Jon said. "She probably just left her phone in the office while she went to go do something else. I okay here; the next shift of volunteers should show up soon, and then I'll head over to my car to get ready for the ceremony. I'll track her down then."

"Okay," Nate agreed. "Andy's helping to seat people with Genesis. Anna emailed her the seating chart last night sometime, so they should be fine."

"Good. The last thing we need is to screw the seating chart. That took more planning than anything else."

Nate was about to reply, but a car had pulled up behind him. The driver did not look happy to be standing still. Jon stood up and waved Nate down the row, smiling.

At noon the reinforcements showed, and after positioning them, Jon headed back to the front parking lot, pulling out his phone to see if Anna had texted him back yet. She hadn't, so he continued to his car, wondering what the hell she was doing.

He looked around the park, and was surprised at the number of people that had turned out; there were nearly as many people as there were during Fall Festival. I shouldn't be surprised, he thought, chuckling. There wasn't a whole lot of big news in the AV, and the memorial ceremony of the victims of a homicidal arsonist/terrorist was sure to draw a handsome crowd.

Finally reaching his car, he unlocked it and ducked inside, starting it as soon as he found his keys.

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