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Zak isn't human, but Oscar doesn't care, where will it lead?

"I have 10 girlfriends!" he laughed. "There's plenty of Chester to go around!" As he said that, he rubbed the front of his trunks which were bulging out a little. Debi's eyes widened watching him.

I took this as my opportunity to get things started. "Speaking of relationships, Debi dated a black man back when she was at university," I said. "She had a great experience with it."

Chester smiled and looked at Debi, her tits bouncing with every small movement the boat made. "Was there plenty of your boyfriend to go around?"

"Absolutely," Debi answered him. "We had a lot of fun."

I decided to go for broke and said to Chester, "that was Debi's only experience with a black man. And she's always been curious if his big cock was unusual, or if it's true what they say!"

Chester let out a hearty laugh. "I don't have much experience with black men, either, so I can't really tell you about the general population! But if you're asking just about me,..." His voice trailed off and he looked intently at Debi. He again rubbed the front of his shorts, only this time he kept rubbing and slowly the head of his cock poked out the right leg hole of his shorts. Debi's eyes grew wide as his dick swelled and continued to grow. In a few seconds there was more cock poking out his shorts than were still inside his shorts! "Is this what you remember?" he asked Debi.

She just nodded and couldn't take her eyes off his cock. "Oh, my god," she whispered. After a few seconds, she stood up and moved behind Chester, and said, "both hands on the wheel, captain, you have a boat to steer. It's my turn to show you how things are done."

He did as he was told and put his hands on the wheel. Debi placed her hands on his waist and swayed back and forth as he had done earlier with her. She pushed against his back, her naked tits pressed against his bare skin. She slid her hands around to his stomach, and slowly down the front of his shorts. Her right hand moved down to where his hard cock poked out of his shorts and she brushed her small white fingers over his tight, midnight black skin up and down the shaft. Her touch made his cock jump and I thought I saw it grow even a bit longer.

She wrapped her fingers around his cock and slowly stroked him. With her left hand reaching around him, she found the snap on the front of his shorts and undid it. Then she reached for his zipper and slowly opened it. I could tell she was relishing every second of this experience, every sensation. She peeled his shorts all the way down and then resumed stroking him, this time rubbing both hands on either side of his enormous shaft.

"Goddamn, Miss Debi," Chester panted, "that's so fucking nice."

"You have a beautiful cock, Chester," she replied. "Believe me, I enjoy this as much as you do."

She pulled her hands away and sat in the seat immediately behind Chester. "Captain, why don't we stop here for a while?"

"You're the boss today, Miss Debi!" he replied. He cut the engines and hit the controls which lowered the sails, and we glided to a stop on the glass-flat sea. Chester turned to face Debi. Despite the huge length (it looked to be 10 or 11 inches long) and girth of his cock, it wasn't weighed down by its size, but it poked almost straight upward. I'd never seen a cock that big in porn movies that stood up so erectly.

Debi admired his huge dong for a few seconds as it bobbed in the sea breeze. She reached out and grasped his cock with both hands like a tug-of-war rope, pulling him in toward her. The pedestal chair she sat on was raised up, but with Chester's height it put his cock perfectly at her mouth level. "I'm going to suck your beautiful cock, Chester."

I stood up and moved near to them so I could watch her take that giant cock into her mouth. She leaned her head forward and licked at his swollen head. Just as she had described her experience in college, it didn't appear that much length would fit down her throat very easily, but she was going to enjoy it nonetheless.

She fixed her lips over his cock head and slurped up and down over it,

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