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The Naked Swimmer story from different points of view.

His cock seemed to grow larger and larger. Had he always been this big? He was certain he had never been this hard. Her talented tongue had driven him to a state of rapture. He felt a slow rolling boil deep in his balls. He tried to hold back. He wanted this sensation to go on forever, but her insistent tongue and mouth proved to be too much. He felt himself explode, shooting wave upon wave of semen into her. He could move again. He placed his hand upon her shoulder for support, as he felt his knees grow weak.

"That was heavenly, mistress," he said.

"It was a delight," she said, as she stood up. "We're going to have so much fun together."

Arkdun could see she had swallowed every drop of his semen. He felt radiant. He embraced her, and they kissed passionately. He felt her hard nipples against his abdomen. She was such a wonderful lover that he felt himself immediately ready for more. He scooped up his new lover. She put her arms around his neck.

"Where is your bed, mistress?" he asked.

"Our bed," she said. She felt giddy. Her plans had come to fruition so well. "The first passage to the right, behind the throne," she said. He carried her to an opulent chamber, with an enormous four posted bed covered in pink quilts. He threw her upon the bed, and tumbled after her. She slithered out of her dress exposing her thick black bush.

Arkdun kissed her full open mouthed. The kisses were so passionate that they alone were making her wet. He moved down upon her nipples making them slick, shiny and hard. She began to squirm in anticipation. He began a trail of kisses down to her nether regions then placed a series of kisses on her inner thighs. Just as she thought she was going to go insane his tongue began to work upon her groove. She began to moan the moment his tongue touched her there. She found herself screaming in delight as he penetrated her with his fingers. She seemed to lose control everything else. Her head rolled from side to side. Her body thrashed about. She saw bright lights behind her eyes. She screamed out her a long continuous whine. No sooner had the first orgasm passed then the second one began to build. Her wails continued for what seemed like hours before she could stand no more. "Fuck me," she shouted, "Fuck me hard."

Arkdun readily complied and swiftly mounted her; filling her sopping cunt with his rampant erection.

"Yes," she moaned, reveling in the sensation as his cock plowed deep within her. It felt wonderful. She felt as though her mind was crumbling to an all-consuming pleasure. She wrapped her legs around his taught ass and pulled him in deeper still. There were no words to describe the pleasure she felt, she could only scream out her joy. She continued to scream obscenities until he shot his load into her setting off an even more powerful orgasm of her own.

She sighed as he slipped out of her. He collapsed next to her; and she cuddled up.

"You are incredible," he said. The compliment made her glow. She dozed off, content in his arms.

Ingrid walked through the dark forest. These gave way to then grazing fields; she passed little cottages and saw a castle in the distance. As the sun was beginning to set she came upon the hill country. Hippogriffs weren't the easiest of creatures to track, but Ingrid had seen the direction her mount had gone and could follow the signs well enough from there. As the sun was setting she came upon the mouth of a cave. A large man stood in front. He wore chain mail and his arms rested on a cruel looking battle axe. Ingrid thought this had to be what she was after. There were only a few hovels within miles, only someone expecting trouble would have a guard. Ingrid cursed for having packed her arms and armor on her mount. She knew there were other ways past guards; after all she was a woman. She pulled her dress down exposing a bit more cleavage and walked up to him.

"Who goes there?" He sounded gruff, though he didn't look much older than Ingrid.

"I am but a simple goat herder," she replied.

"What do you want?"

"I'm afraid that

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