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"(giggles) If you haven't found my number by tomorrow this time, I'll call you. Deal?"


She hung up and I shook my head as I cradled the receiver back onto the phone.

I went to the bathroom and yanked off thinking about those nicely rounded, firm, pink tipped tits that I had seen so clearly before she put her shirt on.

The next morning I made a call to a buddy from college who had become a cop. I gave him the info about Lucy that I had, description, where she had worked before she quit, and what classes she took at college.

My buddy met me for lunch; right after my first meeting with the real estate company my firm was dealing with.

"Your Lucy is a real wild one." My buddy told me. "She was a stripper for a year or so, been busted once for possession of pot, but the case was dropped."

He slid an envelope across the table to me. "Here's her name, address phone number, etc. You

Didn't get it from me. Don't do anything stupid OK?"

"Me? Nah, nothing like that." I assured him.

"Meet me at the pistol range tomorrow afternoon?"

"You got it," he said. "Usual stakes?"


"OK." And he split. I picked up the tab.

I called Lucy that evening.

"Hi there!" "Jeff?"

"None other."

"How did you....?"

"Trade secret."

"(giggles) what else do you know?"

"Well, I wish I had caught your act at the Follies Burlesque a year or so ago..."

"(Gasp) Holy shit! Who told you about that?"

"Trade secret."

"Oohh, you'll THINK trade secret..."

"Does this mean I get a second date?"

"What will you do with your information if I say no?"

"Shred it and dream wistful dreams in my old age about what might have been."

"Corny, but nice. Pick me up in an hour."


"Don't you want to know where?" I rattled off her address and apartment number. "OK don't be late."


I showered and put on a casual shirt and slacks. Since I didn't like what I had seen so far in parts of town, I slipped a compact 9mm into a holster in the small of my back where a denim jacket would conceal it. I had picked up the handy little piece from another buddy who had a bunch of less than legal activities going.

I pulled up to Lucy's apartment just a few moments early. Lucy was waiting for me by the curb.

She looked good in her tight jeans and halter-top. She also wore a light denim jacket, and had a matching purse and denim wedgie sandals.

I got out and opened the door for her.

When I got back into the drivers seat, I reached into the back and handed her a dozen silk roses. "That's sweet." she said, and leaned over to give me a kiss on the lips.

"I am thinking the street fair on North 4th." I told her.

"Suits me," she said.

I pulled out and headed for downtown again.

We parked a block or so away and walked hand in hand to the fair. We strolled among the booths and the stands, gawking at the arts and crafts displayed there.

We came upon a display of are depicting scenes and landscapes on far planets.

"On that world," I pointed to one of the paintings, "Live the Naranza. They are a warlike race who have recently discovered hyperdrive and have embarked on a course of interstellar conquest."

Lucy looked at me like I was nuts.

"And on that world," I pointed to another planetscape. "They are a race evolved from cat like animals. They are the chief opponents of the Naranza invaders."

Lucy started to grin. "And on that one?" She pointed to another space scape showing a planetary system.

"Ah, those are the homes of the robotic civilization. They have a name for themselves, but it is a long string of ones and zeros, everyone else calls them "the Mechs'."

We went through the whole display, inventing alien civilizations for each painting. The artist had listened to the whole thing, and I was startled to find that we had an audience. They applauded when we finished.

I swept them a bow, and Lucy curtsied. The artist gave us each a painting, and the crowd pushed forward to buy the rest.

Lucy was laughing and excited. "I haven't had this much fun in years." she told me.

"Me neither." I answered.

I had my arm around Lucy's

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