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Two women find a creative way to beat the heat.

"We do have breeders to help keep up the warrior stock. I would like to have your brother as a consort. He will be my first. But if he betrays me, He will not live long to regret it." Jenna said.

"I understand. Do I have to go through an initiation if I accept your offer? I don't think I am trained enough to become a proper Amazon warrior. I assume that if I do not accept, we will be killed." Lauren said.

"Yes, there is a small initiation but I will train you personally." Jenna said.

"We have been in a society that we choose what we want to do. Although, I think that my brother would accept your offer." Lauren said. Jenna smiled.

"I hope you are right, I have never felt this way with any other man before. He stirs feelings in me I have never known before." Jenna said.

"I'm sure he feels the same way. I will tell him how you feel. If you will let me." Lauren said.

"No. I will see for myself whether he feels the same way. I want to see his reactions." Jenna said.

"Yes, My Queen." Lauren said. Jenna clapped her hands and Cara came in the room.

"Yes, My Queen?" Cara asked.

"Bring me the Male with the glasses. I want to speak with him." Jenna said.

"Yes, My Queen. And what of this woman?" Cara asked.

"She has agreed to stay with us, and to go through the initiation to become an Amazon. Take her to get our clothes on and then bring her back here. I will instruct her personally to go through the initiation" Jenna ordered. Cara was shocked but obeyed.

"Yes, My Queen." She said and Lauren left with her. They first went to a hut to get Lauren Amazon clothing, Cara chose her outfit and another Woman came over to help her fit in to it.

The clothes barely fit Lauren and she went back to Jenna's hut in a separate room and waited for Jenna to finish 'talking' to Robert. If she didn't know better, Lauren thought that Jenna wanted more than talking. Lauren didn't mind. She thought her brother needed a woman in his life. Although she didn't think the woman would be so dominant over him.

Cara went to get Robert. She had a feeling that the men would stay and she wanted a chance to fight them, but she knew that she wouldn't if Jenna had anything to say about it.

"Where is my sister? What have you done with her?" Robert asked sternly.

"Don't worry, She is safe. She has agreed to stay here with us and become an Amazon. My Queen wishes to see you. Follow me." Cara said and she opened the door. Robert came out and she closed the door again.

"I don't believe my sister would become an Amazon. Not of her own choosing." Robert said.

"Believe it. She did it to save you and the other male." Cara said as they left to Jenna's hut again.

As they entered, Jenna was sitting on her throne and they bowed again in front of her.

"You wanted to see me My Queen?" Robert asked curiously.

"Leave us." Jenna said. Cara nodded and left the room. "Yes, I did Robert."

"The other woman said that my sister agreed to stay here and become an Amazon, Is that true?" He asked incredulously.

"Yes, She did accept my offer to stay with us. In exchange, I want you to be my consort." Jenna said. Robert was shocked at the prospect.

"My Queen, I have never had any kind of relations with a woman before, I don't feel I would make a very good consort. What would you do if I refused?" He asked.

"I would have to kill you, your sister and the other male. I do not want to do that. I have never had these feelings for anyone else before. You would be my first consort and I don't think I will ever feel about any other man the way I feel about you." Jenna said. "I saw the way you looked at me when I first saw you. You were enamored with me and I felt things for you I have never felt for any man before. I want you to stay. I ask you to stay. You will be treated well. I promise you that." Jenna said.

"You are a most intriguing woman My Queen, I am enamored with you.

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