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He had a Catheter in his penis, so she had to be careful, his cock started growing and she was getting wet watching his cock grow in size, he had a good 9 inches, she had to stop, but she knew she would have to have him.

Tom finished his water and thanked Amber, he told her she was very nice.

She made some small talk, asked about his family.

He told her they all lived back home in FL., he had moved to MA. for work. He would be going to FL. for a vacation in a couple of months.

He was getting tired so she told him to rest and she would check back on him later.

Tom fell fast asleep and started to dream, he was dreaming about his nurse Amber. He was really aroused by her in a strange way, what was it about her.

In his dream he could feel her touching him, stroking his cock, but he felt like he couldn't do anything in return, the dream faded away and he continued to sleep.

When Tom woke up his Catheter was gone, he buzzed the nurse and a different nurse walked in and told him the Doctor had said that it was alright to remove it.

Who removed it Tom asked, just curious.

Your last nurse Amber would have done that, she did it while you were sleeping, she didn't want to disturb you.

Tom remembered his dream, had that been what he felt in the dream, Amber was actually holding his cock in the dream.

The night couldn't arrive quick enough for Tom. He had asked about Amber and was told she was on duty tonight. He was looking forward to seeing her again, she was now the girl in his dreams, he wanted more, every time he thought of her his cock would twitch. After all he was a single guy, and very horny.

Amber spent her day thinking about Tom and his nice cock, how she would love to suck his cock and to ride him.

She had caught him looking at her several times, was he as interested in her as she was him, she wondered.

How could she go about doing this, it was taboo, fucking a patient.

As she was thinking about Tom she reached for the drawer to her nightstand and pulled out her favorite dildo, she thought it was about the same size as Tom's cock.

She grabbed some lube and parted her legs wide, she spread her pussylips apart and slowly inserted the fake cock inside. Slowly in and out, long slow strokes, she closed her eyes and thought of Tom's nice hard cock.

She started calling out his name, Tom, fuck me Tom, ram your big cock inside me, faster and faster, she worked the cock in and out.

The closer she came to orgasm, the more she felt she had to have Tom's real cock inside of her, and once she decided she would do it she started cumming, she couldn't remember the last time she came that strongly.

When Amber got to work she found out some good news, 2 patients had gone home that day, so it would be a bit easier to take care of the patients.

She also figured it would help her try and get Tom's cock deep inside her pussy.

When Amber walked into Tom's room he sat right up and smiled, ah, my favorite nurse he said.

Amber smiled back and said my favorite patient, but don't tell the others, I don't want any bad feelings.

She asked him how he was feeling, and if he needed her to do anything for him.

He knew what he would like her to do, but, he couldn't just say how about sucking my cock.

He told her his throat was dry so she suggested a popsicle to suck on, and told him she might join him also, she liked popsicles.

Amber walked out of the room and Tom was unsure, was she flirting with him, was she giving him a signal in some way.

Amber knew she had his interest, when she mentioned sucking popsicles, his eyes almost popped out of his head, and she could swear she noticed his cock twitch under the sheets.

She decided to undo a button on her top before returning to his room.

When she got to Tom's room she told him she was going to lock the door, she didn't want the other nurse on duty to see her sucking a popsicle while on duty.

Amber asked if she could sit next to Tom on the bed.

Tom gladly

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