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A Penny Dreadful fanfiction.

Her morning rituals used to be the most important to her, second only to her pre-date rituals. Since the progression into the third trimester, they had steadily become fewer and fewer, to a point where even managing to brush her teeth and hair was a bonus! But for the last three mornings, she began to make more of an effort to feel her version of normal again, after all, she would be returning to work soon, and the industry isn't as forgiving as the aging postman she sees six days a week. She may as well take full advantage of the baby's lie-in!

Taking her time, Jasmine slowly undressed in front of the full-length mirror in the bathroom. Taking in every inch of her silky, olive skin, she assessed the changes that bringing forth life had done. She had been warned of all the horrors of pregnancy by the girls in the office, something she found very odd, seeing as not one of them had actually been through it! Jasmine didn't care how her body had changed, she was proud of her stripes and the way her breasts had swollen to the size of honeydew melons, slightly softer than they once were. Breastfeeding meant that she had lost all of the very little baby weight that she had gained very early on after birth, and the baby yoga classes helped her to regain her pre-baby muscle tone. She felt very comfortable with her new body.

Starting with her arms, she began to massage her soft skin with some body butter she had found at the back of the cabinet. Using long, strong strokes, she slowly made her way up her arms, towards her shoulders, and down towards her breasts, "Mmmm" she let out a little groan. This felt good! It had been some time since she had felt this kind of touch, and although it was coming from herself, she still thoroughly enjoyed it. As her hands gently glided across her full breasts, down her taught abdomen and over her voluptuous hips, her mind started to wander. Imagining it was her strong, handsome man gently caressing her behind was exhilarating, she didn't usually do this. Lost in her fantasy, she failed to notice she was being watched. Will stood at the doorway, all worries of running late forgotten with this magnificent sight before him, his trouser crotch pulled tight with the bulge of his manhood. Why hadn't he noticed this sumptuous beauty in such a long time?

Jasmine's cheeks were now slightly flushed and her breathing was becoming heavier as her fingers wandered towards her recently neglected heat. She began to gently caress her clit, slowly encircling it with her fingers. She gasped at the terribly naughty feel of what she was doing to herself, but it felt too delicious to stop. As she picked up the pace, Will found it harder and harder to just watch. He wanted so badly to reach out and touch her erect nipples, to run his tongue over them, nibble and suckle on them, to feel every little ridge with his tongue. He longed to run his hands over her perfect body and through her beautiful, long, dark brown locks. But he didn't want to ruin the moment for her. This was the most relaxed he'd seen her since before the pregnancy. He reserved himself to watching for now. His hand moved to his waistband, he couldn't risk getting caught by undoing his zipper, so he slid his hand down. There, he was greeted by his colossal throbbing erection. This was so hot! Mimicking her pace, he began to move his hand up and down his thick shaft, drinking in the sight of his beautiful wife as she pleasured herself so well.

Jasmine moved her fingers over her sex, her juices flowing, running down her inner thigh.

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