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A housewife is abducted by a neighborhood admirer.

.. you think in your head.

"Well, if I didn't sleep with you," she calls through the house, "What fun would it be staying here?"

A few hours later, Sarah's clothes are dry, but she hasn't asked for them. Y'all were focused at the task at hand, beating each other at Madden. Sarah, unlike most girls you know, loves football. If she can't watch it, she wants to be playing, and if she cannot play the actual sport, she wants to play the video game. It was kinda this thing that you, her and Rich do every Monday. Since there is no Monday night football going on right now, y'all get together and play it on PS2. You have had a couple of beers and she has had her normal Raspberry Schnapps and sprite.

She is her normal self, jumping up and down, yelling and cussing, and always touching you. Suddenly, she lays down on the couch and stretches. As she lifts her arms above her head, your t-shirt rises and you can see her pussy. She is shaved and you can see two dark circles on either side of her pussy lips. She has those same marks behind her ears; she calls then her matching birthmarks. She had always told you that she had them in other places and you had always assumed that they were on her ass.

She leans up and rests her head on your chest. "I'm tired," she says as she nuzzles you with her head. You take the hint.

"Yeah, I'm tired too. Let's go to bed." You say as calmly as you can. She isn't making this a big deal and neither should you. She takes you by the hand and tugs on you to get up. She stumbles a little bit, thanks to the schnapps. She giggles and you wrap your arm around her waist so she doesn't fall down the stairs, again. Then you remember, "You want your clothes?"

"Nah, I'll get 'em tomorrow. Let's go, I'm tired!"

You half walk, half drag her up to your room. She sloshed over to your CD player and fingers through your CDs. She pulls one out and slides it in. The voice from the lead singer of LIVE fills your room, a bit loudly. She covers her ears with one hand and turns down the volume with the other. She bends over to flip through the tracks. To keep herself steady, her legs are spread apart, far apart. From your view in the doorway, you have a great view of her soft, round, ass, and an even better view of her pussy. It is pink, really pink. As she looks for the track she wants, she sways back and forth. Something between her legs catches your eye. It's sliver and it shines. You think it is a pussy ring, but you cannot ask her or she will know you were looking at her.

She has found her song, Turn my Head, and has it on repeat. She turns down the volume until you can barely hear it. She turns and looks at your bed, looks around your room, and then looks at you. "Where's my bed?" she asks. Ut oh, doesn't she remember you told her she would have to sleep with you?

"Umm...well," you start out.

She just giggles. "I'm kidding James!" She keeps giggling. "You should have seen how white your face got!"

"Yeah Sarah, very funny!" You try to play it off, even though your stomach had dropped to the floor. She has climbed into your bed and moved over so there is a place for you. You aren't really sure what to do. She is drunk so she isn't herself. And what happens tonight could mess things up with her. But then again, it could make things better.

"What, are you scared of me." She giggles again, "I don't bite! At least hard." And then as if she could read your mind, "Don't worry Sweets, this will not change anything. This is what I wanted. Promise."

With that okay, you climb into bed wit her, clothes and all. She looks at you weird and smiles. You feel her slip her hands beneath the covers and her fingers fiddle around with the button to your pants.

"You don't sleep with your clothes on!" She informs you. "I remember, remember?" She had once taken care of you when you were sick and no, you don't sleep in your clothes. You normally sleep naked, and she knows that.

"Well," you explain, "I didn't want you to think I expected anything."

"Oh, how sweet.

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