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Entertaining the guys.

It's a good thing that they didn't know what I'd done or they would have locked me in the basement for six months. As it was I wasn't allowed to date again for two months. The guys must have missed my easy pussy and didn't want to get cut off again because when I started dating again they always made sure I got home on time.

My parents went out of town a lot leaving me and my older sister home alone. My sister and I had an agreement; we each went our own separate way and we kept our mouths shut. On the weekends my parents were gone, so was I. I was high from the time my date picked me up and I rarely knew what happened from then until I woke up the next day. I did know that my pussy got used - got used a lot! Before I knew it I was the gangbang girl for three different fraternities and I didn't care as long as they gave me what I needed to stay high.

Then the AIDS and herpes scare came along and all of a sudden I didn't seem to be popular anymore. Without guys giving me pot my life got back to that of a fairly normal eighteen-year-old and I finished high school, met a nice guy and got married. For a year everything was cool and then my husband got transferred to the afternoon shift. One night one of his friends, who didn't know about the shift change, stopped by. I hadn't been adapting well to being alone in the evening and so I asked his friend to stay and have a cup of coffee with me. I didn't mean for anything to happen - I just wanted some company - but his friend took out a baggie and asked me if I would mind his lighting up. "Not as long as you share" I said. Before he left that night I had sucked his cock twice and he had fucked me three times including once in the ass.

After that he started coming over every night that Tom worked, I would get high and Al would have sex with me. After a week Al showed up with a buddy and by the end of the third week I was getting high and pulling trains for Al. That went on for about six months and then one night Tom came home and found me with a cock in my ass, in my pussy and in my mouth. There were also five other guys waiting for their turn and when Tom tried to break things up they tied him to a chair in the dining room. I was so high that I didn't know that it had happened until I woke up in the morning and found Tom. He tossed me out onto the street and Al took me in and for the next two months I stayed high and fucked whoever Al brought me.

It was the night of my twenty-first birthday that things got really bad for me. Al threw a party for me that ended up with my getting high and with guys depositing gifts in me. I vaguely remembered the first six guys and then it got very hazy. I remember hearing portions of conversations, but I had no idea what they meant at the time: " young, ain't she." "How much you..." "Anyone going to miss..." and then I woke up and found myself on a cot in a windowless room. When I tried the door I found that it was locked so I beat on the door and hollered for someone to let me out. Finally I heard a key in the lock and the door swung open and three black men came in. They didn't say anything, two of them just took my arms and held me while the third did something with a hypodermic needle and then came toward me. I started kicking and screaming and the two guys holding me pushed me back on the cot and held me down while the third man stuck the needle in my arm.

I never left that room or saw clothes for the next week or so.

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