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Lonely woman boards bus and meets handsome hombre.

The second message was from Destiny305, a contact from my first couple of months that kept me sane. She was five years older than me but two lives more mature. Getting fucked by her was transformational. I could only handle her tantric spirit every few months because I wanted to fucking weep afterwards. We joked about having two dates in a month and she wondered if my game performance was a sign to go for it that night.

But the third message was from Indiana. "Are you in Houston? I want to celebrate!" She seamed oblivious to my evening's highlights so I was curious as to what she wanted to celebrate. Though I had mentally decided to get that mindblowing blowjob from FlyAway, I had to message Indiana to find out what she was excited about. For the next hour we were texting back and forth about her new business opportunity where she was going to have her dream job.

By the time I got in the limo to head to the hotel I got messages from FlyAway and Destiny305 that they had moved on to other contacts. I was a little disappointed but I was happy to celebrate with Indiana over dinner. "In my suite? I'll order your salmon," she offered because she knew me. That blowjob would have to wait.

"There in 45," I responded.

I reached her suite at the same time as room service. I tipped the guy and knocked on the door myself. I noticed a complimentary bottle of champagne from the hotel and wondered what I was missing.

When the door opened Indiana was in a robe and reading her Transparent phone with a smile. "Just put it by the couch please," she requested before looking up. It was only when she was about to hand me a $20 tip did she realize that I wasn't the hotel staff.

"I already gave a $50 bill, so you owe me $30," I joked.

Her embarrassment and anger at being tricked lasted only 5 seconds because she was in the middle of a text. Once she finished she took me by the hand and walked me to the bedroom. The lights were low but I could see a devilish smile on her face.

"If you don't mind," she innocently offered, "I would like to have you now."

Shocked, my response was less than cool. Pretty sure "word?" stumbled from my lips.

Chandra dropped her robe from her shoulders in slow motion. Her athletic body were always covered by the latest fashions so this scene amplified the surprise. As her shoulders gave way to her beautiful breast I could see the beginning of a tattoo that would travel from her clavicle to her ankle. It was a soft geometric pattern that was sci-fi and spiritual at the same time. Though her body was amazing, it was this delicate artwork that mesmerized me.

"Eyes up here," she joked as I admired the incredible artwork.

But I couldn't stop staring. I had personally inspected hundreds of bodies in all shapes, sizes and colors. Chandra gave them all a run for their money. Yet I was only focused on the tattoo.

"Would you like me to turn around?" she quietly offered before slowly spinning toward the bed. The pattern didn't disappoint as it wrapped around her left hip and onto her thigh before engulfing her left calf muscle and fading out.

As I remained transfixed on the art show, Chandra crawled onto the bed in front of me. After 60 seconds of visually recording her body my dick finally joined the party. I slowly took my clothes off as I embraced every second before touching her.

With her head held high, she never looked back to see me. She simply slid a condom between her knees as she waited patiently.

I took the condom and placed it on the bed next to us before gently kissing her tattooed calf. With care and ease I moved slowly to her knees. Each gentle kiss lead my lips closer to her pussy where I wasted no time writing my name with my tongue until I heard her moan and felt her shudder. On her knees and elbows I could feel the bed rock with her movement.

Then I unwrapped the Transparent condemn and put it on.

She reached back between her legs, never looking back, and grabbed my dick. She was horny but she was definitely checking to make sure I put it on.


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