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The Second Interview.

They'd formed a little support group and met for coffee two or three times a week to compare notes. When she told them about her interview offer with Lippmann at Magic Dream Studios, the other young women exchanged knowing glances. They liked Kim and decided to fill her in on Lippmann. He was interested in one thing only-bedding young starlet-wannabees, and then discarding them. As far as any of them knew, he had never reciprocated with a real audition, much less an actual part.

They said he'd started as a stuntman; then progressed to bit parts for Universal, but had bombed. He'd developed a reputation as being a demanding petulant actor with a sense of entitlement like many top Hollywood stars, but with none of the talent. He'd been quietly blacklisted and never received another offer for a decent role. He was the general manager of Magic, due to his friendship with Clarice Moreau who had apparently taken pity on him.

Kim was very thankful for this information from her friends. She decided that she was still going to try to get this guy to help her, but clearly she would have to go about it in a different manner.

At twenty-six, she was a very sexual person; she'd been sexually active at seventeen and since then, had enjoyed numerous partners. When things started to look serious in a relationship, it was time to move on. She was honest with her partners up front-she wasn't interested in anything permanent. She just wanted a good friend with whom she could occasionally enjoy sex. She knew she had a certain power over men and over the years had learned to use it when necessary. After all, she was an actress. She decided to roll the dice.

She sent a note to Mel Lippmann with a few special photos, not included in her standard resume kits. They showed her in a suggestive nightgown, with considerably more bosom showing than even in the swimsuit shots. She was making bedroom eyes at the camera-it was a very sexy photo. The note gushed with friendliness and suggested that she was a highly sexed young lady, and would be willing to do 'practically anything', for a chance to meet him. She ended by saying that she worked evenings, so could only meet him during the day-how about lunch at the Parisian Caf__, just down the street from his office? That would give them a whole hour to chat. She suggested a date, and said she would look forward to seeing him there.

Mel was instantly hooked. He'd been annoyed when he first found the envelope on his desk marked 'Strictly Personal and Confidential'. But as soon as he ripped it open, he felt a quickening of his pulse as he peered at the photos; then read the note. He had his secretary call Kim and confirm the date. He found himself thinking about the meeting often over the following week. When the day rolled around, he arrived at the restaurant fifteen minutes early and requested a small table in the far corner. He sat with his back to the wall so he could watch her as she approached. She would have to sit on the far side of this tiny table, facing him. There was good separation from other tables-they would be able to talk quietly without people overhearing.

A few minutes later, Kim sauntered in and a waiter led her through the restaurant to Lippmann's table. There was not a man in the room who hadn't noticed her; they all stared wistfully as she drifted past. As she approached his table, Lippmann held his breath; she was considerably more stunning in the flesh-her photos didn't do her justice.

She was wearing a knee length white dress made from a soft clingy material like sheer silk.

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