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The end of one crazy night with my wife, and my ex-wife!

He felt very much in command now. This was his kind of duty; his cock up some slut's wet cunt while watching his partner fuck another hot bitch.

The brunette joined her friend, bent over against the wall, and Rick positioned himself behind her ass. "Will you look at the hot ass on this whore? I think I'm going to fuck her asshole, man," Rick said to Tony who was already thrusting into the blonde's wet pussy. Then he added, "would you like that, you slut?"

"Please, oh yes, fuck my little asshole with your big thick dick," she moaned and wagged her ass at him. "I want to feel you ream my ass. Do it, please."

Tony rode the blonde with more force and he could feel his balls slap wetly against her pussy. He looked down, seeing his wet length repeatedly ram into her juicy cunt. She moaned with every thrust. He leaned across her back and tweaked her rock-hard nipples. "Oh yes, honey, pinch my tits. Oh, your cock feels so good in my wet pussy. Yeah, keep fucking me like that..."

Tony looked across at Rick and saw him bend down, his face inches from the brunette's ass. He extended his tongue and started rimming her pink, puckered ring and then he spat on her ass. Next he placed his hand on her cunt and sank his fingers deep between the wet folds. Once satisfied that his fingers were slick enough, he pressed two fingers against her sphincter and inserted them into her willing back door. She groaned and encouraged him, "Oh yes, lube up my ass for your thick cock. I want your hard dick up me."

Rick took his prick in his fist and pressed it against the brunette's tight asshole. He pushed forward and the thick bulbous head penetrated her tight ring. She whimpered and held her ass cheeks wide for him. Rick grabbed her hips and forced himself into het tight passage. "Ahhh, oh fuck, you are so deep in my hot ass. Yes darling, fuck my ass. I want you to cum in my ass."

The blonde looked over her shoulder at Tony and said, "I want you to fuck me in the ass like your friend is doing to Tina, please. I want to feel your big cock in my ass."

Tony gave a few more quick trusts and then let his cock slide wetly from her open pussy. The head and the shaft was covered in a thick slick coating of pussy juice and he could smell the sweet smell of her excitement. "Okay, but I want the two of you to lean against each other. Play with each other's tits while we fuck you in the ass." The two women instantly obeyed. Now Tony and Rick were facing each other over the women's backs. They grinned at each other and then Tony looked down. "C'mon. Open your ass for me."

The blonde spread her ass cheeks and he could see the creased ring of her anus. He bent down and rimmed her for a while and slid his hand into her dripping cunt. "Oh yes. Use my pussy juice on my asshole, "she directed and Tony inserted two pussy-juice covered digits to her tight ass. He finger-fucking her asshole for a while and withdrew them. He positioned himself behind her and held his stiff cock in his fist. He aimed it at her slick ass and pushed forward. "Ahhh, that feels so good. Push it all the way in, stud," she moaned. She'd definitely been fucked in the ass before, he thought as he shoved all the way into her, hearing his balls smack wetly against her open pussy below. He reached around her and felt for her clit. "That's it, play with my clit. Make me cum with your cock in my hot asshole."

Across from him Rick was fucking the brunette hard; his head thrown back and his eyes closed as his pelvis slapped against her round ass. The two women were kissing each other while playing with each other's tits.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum with you fucking my ass," the blonde shouted and thrust her butt at him. Tony fucked harder with a steady rhythm. "Yeah, yeah... YES... YEES... FUCK MY ASS, I'M CUMMING!" Tony could feel her tight rectum milk his rigid cock as she spasmed in orgasm.

Then the brunette started whimpering, "Oh yes, I'm close too.

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