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An erotic encounter on the subway.

As she undid each button and let the blouse gape open, Julie pressed her warm lips against Audrey's freshly exposed skin. Soon, it was obvious that the woman wore no bra, so Julie nuzzled, kissed, licked and suckled each breast lovingly. Audrey ran her hands gratefully through Julie's hair, her breath quickening.

Really getting into her role as a lover, Julie kissed her way down Audrey's torso, pulling the opened blouse out of her skirt's waistband. Kneeling, Julie tongued and licked Audrey's navel as her hands undid the skirt, and lowered it to the floor. Audrey emitted a tiny gasp as Julie pulled her now dampened, fragrant panties down to her ankles. She let Julie help her step free from the skirt and panties, and now stood naked, except for her shoes.

Paula knew that Julie would want to play with Audrey's pussy for a little while, to help the woman become even more aroused and receptive for what was to come. So she watched as Julie grasped Audrey's butt cheeks, holding her in place, while her mouth began avidly sucking both of Audrey's labia into her mouth, the hot breath from her nose cascading over the woman's now throbbing clit. Audrey was moaning with delight, her hands caressing Julie's head as her lover feasted on the freely flowing cunt juices.

Using her intuition, Paula decided she didn't want Audrey cumming like that, though. She spoke just loudly enough for both women to hear, "The moment has arrived, Audrey. The moment you've been dreaming about. Jim wants you to get on your hands and knees down on the carpet, with your head and shoulders down, and your ass held up high. Present your ass to him, so he can worship it."

Audrey's cheeks were flushed with excitement and arousal as she lowered herself to the carpet, her ass pointed toward Julie. It was obvious that Julie was really getting into her role, as her own body was heating up so much that she was sweating freely, and her pussy was leaking onto her thighs. Kneeling behind Audrey, she grabbed the woman's hips and began licking and nibbling the globes of her ass cheeks, starting at the outer edges, gradually working her way toward the central butt crack. She cleverly wanted to build up the anticipation.

"Oh Jim, that feels so wonderful," Audrey moaned. "Please don't stop! Do it -- I beg you!"

As Julie's mouth and lips neared Audrey's ass crack, Julie used her grasp on the butt cheeks to spread them as wide apart as possible. Paula saw Audrey's ass hole not only revealed in all its glory -- it was also being stretched open from side to side. Julie inhaled deeply as she began licking up and down the sweaty, salty ass crack. Audrey's anus did indeed smell fresh... even a bit sweet. Julie couldn't wait any longer.

Audrey shuddered and choked out a long 'aaaahhh' sound as Julie's tongue washed directly across her anal opening. A moment later, she shuddered again, goosebumps springing up on her ass flesh, and she groaned a throaty 'ooooohhh' sound as Julie's tongue swiped over her anus again. The shuddering of her torso made her tits skitter along the carpet erotically. Perhaps she was going to say something encouraging to her lover, because she turned her head and parted her lips. But just then, Julie stiffened her tongue and wiggled its tip firmly right into the center of that tight puckered ring, swiftly working it inward until that tip was flipping against the extra sensitive tissues just inside the anal ring.

Facing straight ahead so that she could arch her neck backward, Audrey was facing the ceiling with her eyes tightly closed as she cried out, "Ohhhh!! Fuuuuuuuuck!! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Yes!" She took a deep breath as she cried out again, "Yess!! Yes, yes, YES!" Her shoulders were shaking so fast that her tits, now being thrust forward, vibrated!

The rest of Julie's tongue disappeared inside Audrey's anal tunnel.

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