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Sometimes where you're going is right where you started.

Her motions were slow and deliberate; sometimes her hands moved in long strokes and others just her fingers would bend slightly. Her moaning grew louder as her breathing increased.

I uncovered her breasts with my hand and used my finger and to lightly squeeze her nipples. I thought they were hard and excited before but doing this made them even harder. With every squeeze, Stef ground her ass against my cock and her hands continued moving on her soft hair. I covered her breasts again, giving them a final gentle squeeze before running my hands down to her belly. As I moved still lower I covered her hands with mine, following her motion between her legs. I pushed my hips against her ass as my hands moved away from hers and reached the sides of her waist.

I looked in the mirror to find her eyes open and filled with desire. She leaned forward so she could reach between her legs and I felt her fingers touch my scrotum. She wiggled her fingers against my skin and smiled, then moved her arms forward and leaned against the counter top on her elbows. I stepped back from her, freeing my cock from the tight space between us.

She raised her head to look at me in the mirror. My face was asking the question that she answered.

"It okay Uncle Kyle. I want you so much. Please."

"It's been a long time since I done this with anyone Stef."

"For me too... make love to me please. It's okay, really it is."

She turned to face the mirror as she raised her ass slightly while I bent my knees. I could feel the hairs tickling the tip of my cock as I moved toward her. She lowered her head and pushed her hips backward into me as I moved mine forward. Then what I wanted so badly finally happened.

The tip of my cock felt her outer lips part as I slid down between them until I was at her opening. Her pressure back into me and the moisture she had already produced made it easy to enter her. She was pushing harder, wanting all of me inside her but I wanted to remember this feeling so I moved slowly. The warmth and wetness slowly engulfed every inch of me. With each slight forward motion of my hips, I experienced what I could only have dreamed of before. With my final movement I found her hips against mine. She leaned back hard, being sure that she had taken all of me.

"So good," I heard her say. "It feels so good with you inside me."

I began to move my hips slowly from her, reaching the point of near exit before moving myself inside her once again. With every thrust forward, she pushed herself against me. As long as it had been for both of us, I was amazed at how slowly we progressed. It was lovemaking, not lust or sex. My hands caressed her hips as I moved within her. She produced sounds of desire and not words. It was an exercise in caring for each other.

As I looked in the mirror, I could see her head was still down on her arms. I could see myself behind her, my hands on her hips as I moved within her. The sides of her breasts were visible, as they moved in rhythm with our bodies. I could have stayed this way forever if her voice had not broken the silence.

"Faster ... faster please...I'm going to cum ... please let me cum."

My pace increased and hers followed. It was as if I was trying to push my body all the way through hers. I could feel the end of her pussy against the head of my cock with each thrust. Her muscles were squeezing, rubbing tightly against me as I moved ever faster. She pushed harder and harder against me. I pulled harder on her hips. It was all I could do to hold on to her. Having cum so recently, I knew this orgasm would be all hers.

"Oh ........oh ...... now ..... " she screamed and I could feel her juices flowing over my cock. The gush of moisture surprised me and stimulated me as I felt the walls of her pussy squeeze me, then release me. She released sounds that she had held inside during years of abstinence. I held her hip tightly as I felt her knees start of bend. I could feel the warmth of your juices running down the inside of my legs.

"Don't stop.

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