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A show for the neighbours?

"Well, I thought you would last at least one night of this before you came. Guess I was wrong, what a delightful little slut you are Crystal." Olivia laughed as she removed Andy's filled condom. She leaked it over Crystal's closed mouth and whispered to Serena to kiss Crystal. Exhausted and confused, Crystal passionately kissed her wife, their tongues pushing Andy's cum into each others mouth. Crystal felt she should be disgusted, she was brought up as a straight man and used to be completely disgusted about seeing another penis, let alone what she had done tonight. It had felt so good however and even sharing a cum kiss with her wife now, it felt so right.

"Guess you've got a busy day with all your procedures tomorrow Crystal." Olivia exclaimed as she replaced the chastity device. Crystal winced as her penis, sensitive from the ejaculation earlier pressed against the steel cage. Olivia then led both Crystal and Serena to their cage ready for bed. When she was gone, whether Serena still smelled the cum and wanted more, she wouldn't stop kissing Crystal until they finally fell asleep snuggled up to each other.

The next day, Crystal was woken up early and told to get ready to leave immediately. Along with Serena, she was led to Olivia's care and told to sit in the back. George then arrived, the scars from the whipping from the party evident on the back of his neck and arms. He lifted Serena into the back next to Crystal and she sat next to Crystal. Olivia then took the passenger seat as George drove them out into the city.

"You'll have to go round the back." Olivia instructed George. "There's a back door, can't have Serena crawling naked through the street now can we?" George nodded and took a turning leading round to the back of Selby's Cosmetic Wonders. Crystal recognized the tall glass building from her last visit and when they arrived around the back, Louise was waiting for them. They followed Louise inside into a private double room at the back of the facility. There she explained the procedures she would be performing to Crystal. First off was the enhanced breast surgery. Since Louise had branched out, one of the things that had provided her with the most success was her work on implants. Her team had performed thousands of operations with no complications or complaints at all. Her implant designs were the most realistic on the market and were sometimes mistaken for completely natural breasts. Second was the voice modification. This was another area where Louise's research had made incredibly progress. Plenty of people came here to have their voice tone adjusted, even professional singers and through her work she was able to adjust the vocal cords to produce whatever sound was required. For Crystal, she was to have her voice become more feminine, a higher pitched, more dreamlike, musical sound. On Olivia's request, she would also be given a lisp, something that Louise had made possible with her work. Finally was the procedure to remove Crystal's testicles, Oriechtomy. Crystal would be put under general anesthetic and an incision would be made under her testicles. The testicles would be removed and the skin tightened so that it would appear as a flat mound.

Crystal's head span as the procedures were being explained.

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