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She doesn't know what she is.

Try to get a pretty girl for us to ogle and grope, there's a good chap."

"Oh ok, what can I pay her?"

"Up to __24k should be enough. Talk to Sam and she'll get the ball rolling. I'm off to Paris for a few days with Katy, from this evening, back Tuesday. Anything urgent, text me, otherwise you're in charge until I get back."

"Crikey, that's brilliant, I won't let you down."

"I know you won't. By the way, what do you think of Katy?"

"Well, I think she's clever, ambitious, and gorgeous. I would say Ben is a lucky guy, but that would be untrue."

"Would you like to fuck her, I'm sure she will if I tell her to."

"But I'm married."

"That didn't stop you with Sarah."

"How do you know about that?"

"I have my sources. Think it over, about Katy, she's fantastic in bed, but I'll get bored of her after a few weeks, I imagine. You could take her over."

"Ok, I'll think about it."

Jeff's mind was reeling, he was almost euphoric, his life had changed completely, almost overnight. One particular thought hit him like a thunderbolt, he was now sure that he actually wanted George to fuck Ann, and that he would try to orchestrate it. The idea of having Katy as a lover thrilled him, and the thrill of Ann being coerced into having sex with George added to his excitement, and he firmly believed that if she did it, he would have an advantage over her which could be beneficial.

Later, at home, Jeff gave Ann an edited account of his day, concentrating on his new status, but he didn't omit the fact that George had sex with Katy the previous evening while Ben sat in the lounge and listened to the bed creaking.

"He said she was great in bed, and that he's taking her to Paris for a long weekend." Jeff told her, thinking it might help in his quest.

"I would love to go to Paris." Ann said, a little wistfully.

Jeff decided saying nothing was the best move. He was happy with the first day of his project.

The next day, with George away, Jeff approached Sam about recruiting an assistant, and yet again he was astounded by the change in his status within the company.

"Hi Jeff," she greeted him with a lovely warm smile, "congratulations over your promotion, I gather I'm to find an assistant for you, a young attractive girl, George said."

"Just as long as she can do the job." Jeff commented.

"Don't worry, I'm sure I can satisfy your requirements, if not, I'll wear some short skirts for you. I don't imagine Ann wears sexy clothes for you, only for George at the dance."

Jeff was even more amazed, the gorgeous Sam, who every guy in the company fancied, was flirting with him. He decided to flirt back and see where it went.

"Well, then she doesn't need to be attractive, I'm sure I would be completely satisfied seeing you in short skirts."

"Thank you Jeff, I'll try not to disappoint you, however, there may be a price to pay."

"And what would that be?" he asked, his pulse racing.

"I think that if I wear a short skirt every day next week, then you should take me out to dinner."

Sam felt that she may have over played her flirting, she had always fancied Jeff, and with his promotion he had become even more attractive and confident. She knew she shouldn't be pursuing a married man, but if his wife was willing to sleep with George, then what had Sam to feel guilty about.

Jeff was stunned, and for a moment speechless, Sam had propositioned him.

"I think we have a deal, however, I will decide whether each skirt is short enough to qualify. Come and see me each morning to get my decision."

"Yes Jeff, I'm sure you'll be happy with what I wear. I'll go shopping this weekend."

"Excellent, see you Monday."

Sam's comment about Ann's clothes choices set Jeff thinking, and he quickly concluded that Sam was right, Ann dressed sexy for George on two occasions, but never did for him.

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