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A scientist discovers the way to a new universe & happiness.

It's been a long time since I've been "hit on" by a man. I felt alive again and as if by magic, like a new woman emerging from a long sleep. This is the stuff romance novels are made of. None the less, I was smiling and giggling all through my five mile ride which I did at quite a clip.

I headed to the shower to get ready for my "date". As I ran my soapy hands over my body, I couldn't help but remember how wonderful that felt when it was my lover's hands. We shared a lot of intimate showers over the years. My pussy began to tingle and I began to rub my clit. For too long my sexual release has been my hands and a vibrator. How nice it would be to feel a man's touch and hopefully more. I miss feeling a man inside me.

One of the things I learned from my husband was to be on time. Being on time is a sign of respect he would say and it is a philosophy I follow to this day. I walked into the restaurant promptly at 5:30 and there stood Paul. He must have had the same upbringing. He had already reserved us a table. He looked handsome in his tan slacks and blue polo shirt. I wore a fun sundress that emphasized my figure which he commented on when I met him in my bike shorts. I wanted to keep his visual focus on me and perhaps even entice him more.

The Black Marlin is a family oriented restaurant with a bar off to one side on the terrace that is usually packed at that time with the happy hour crowd. Even though it was busy, it wasn't too loud, so Paul and I could carry on a conversation with out shouting. We both ordered wine and began to tell some of our life's history. He was a widower and had been longer than I had been a widow. He was an engineer at a petro cracking plant and when he named the place, I had big grin on my face. "I've been to your plant," I announced.


"Oh it was at least fifteen years ago. I was a VP of the company that made the valves you used and I came down to do a quality control audit and meet with the client."

"I was in that meeting. I have been thinking to myself that you looked familiar. I never said anything so you wouldn't have remembered me. We all were impressed with your knowledge of our process and what we needed. What a small world."

I was speechless for a moment, which for me is quite a feat. I took up my wine glass and we toasted to old times and how life can throw us a curve.

We chatted about our families and such. I don't have children and he has two grown daughters with five grandchildren. He had pictures to prove it, too.

We adjourned to the dining room and enjoyed a pleasant evening of reminiscing about the old days and the variety of things we did for work and play. He told me he doesn't cook much and invited me to join him for dinner the following evening. I was feeling very comfortable and definitely wanted to continue seeing him. I accepted and informed him that I would rather cook for him. Eating out is ok now and then, but I prefer to cook and it would be fun to make a meal for him. "I make a great chicken Marsala." The timing was perfect since my family would be leaving tomorrow night for home as we all share a condo on vacation.

"I'll bring the wine," Paul said with a smile.

After a nice hug we said good-by. I smiled all the way home at my good fortune. Maybe it was infatuation, but I genuinely felt attracted to him. My body felt warm all over and I know it wasn't the wine. When he gave me a hug and held me close, I was pretty sure he was sporting an erection. The more I thought about that the more turned-on I got. I could feel my pussy tingle again and when I looked down at my blouse, my nipples were making their presence known, too. Looks like I'll need my vibrator tonight.

I had rather a sleepless night.

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