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Men, women, the mob, no investigation, and a lot of capers.

But that moment came a lot sooner than expected. Justin's and his group of friends took a seat at the section directly across from theirs. She watched them closely as she danced with her friends, waiting for Justin to look her way. "Why won't he look over here?"

"Let's just go over there. He probably hasn't seen you yet." Nicole nodded and followed Courtney across the floor to his section. Most of the guys recognized them both, and she must have looked extra good because she had never been so warmly embraced by them... ever.

"Where is Tony?" One of their friend's, Devin, questioned her but seemed to be way more interested in her chest than her answer.

"He flew to Miami for business." The snickers and nudges that erupted after she spoke made her wish she never walked over. She turned away from him to go look for Justin. She spotted him in the corner of the section talking to one of Tony's other friend's Jerimiah.

"Nicole, how have you been? You look really good tonight." Nicole was upset that Jerimiah spoke first. Justin had barely glanced in her direction. He was seemingly looking past her.

"I'm fine... and thank you." She smiled brightly. "Justin, how are you?"

Justin looked down at Nicole. "I'm good." He took a sip of his drink and looked past her again. Nicole frowned. She knew he was angry, but what the fuck? Their argument had been weeks ago... and they were at a club. There was no need for this shit.

"Are you? Because you seem like you have an attitude." Nicole knew she was loud, and that it was the Jaeger talking but she honestly gave no fucks. She had only seen the other kid once and drunkenly rationalized that he probably didn't know Tony anyway. "Why are you acting brand new? That's how we're doing it?"

"Nicole, chill out." Justin made a face that Nicole was fairly sure was restrained anger.

"Chill out? Are you fucking serious?"

Justin frowned. He looked over to the other side of the section. "Courtney!" He called over to her friend who more than eagerly left whoever she was entertaining to come to talk to him.

"What's up, Justin?"

He glanced toward Nicole. "Get your friend the fuck out of here... she's showing the fuck out right now."


Justin thought that a few weeks of not seeing Nicole would be enough. He had been focusing on work, staying in the gym and he had let Kendall put all her focus on him last night, and intended to return that focus tonight.

He had spent almost every waking moment reminding himself that she was just a piece of pussy. A piece of pussy that he had only had once. A piece of pussy that chose another sorry ass dude over him.

But as soon as he spotted her when he walked into Havana, he was done.

He knew that she has already seen him. She hadn't taken her eyes off of him since, even though the rest of the club had their eyes on her.

Justin knew that any guy in that club would give their left arm to be with her. And there's nothing like knowing that the girl everyone wants belongs to you. And as much as he still didn't even want to fuck with her, he really enjoyed knowing that at least one part of her still belonged to him.

It had been so hard for him not to stare too. She looked good as fuck. Her outfit was showing off every part of her that he had tasted their night together. That night she had been au natural, no makeup or anything... but there was something different and ridiculously sexy about the made-up vixen that was in front of him now.

"Isn't that Tony's girl over there?" Devin had been the first in his crew to notice her, but he wasn't the last. He played dumb when they asked. Or gave a casual answer. But when she walked up to him in VIP, he panicked.

He knew they were all watching her. And he could get away with talking to her for a little while on some basic shit. But when she started getting belligerent and loud, shit started to look sketchy.

Justin hadn't planned on speaking to her at all.

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