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But he was not the only one that took notice. When she finished she went and sat down on the couch beside her husband. When she sat down she felt a hand under her ass. She turned to her husband and saw both of his hands in his lap so she immediately turned the other way as Tanner jerked his hand away and told her he was sorry. Tanner is the 18 year old boyfriend of Kristina's cousin Amber. Kristina didn't think anything of it and they all opened their presents and then ate lunch.

After lunch everyone was heading outside but Kristina decided to stay in and wash dishes. She was about half way through when she felt a hand slip inside her pants and grab her ass. Kristina turned around to say something to her husband when she realized it was Tanner! She started to scream but he put his hand over mouth. He now had her pinned up against the counter with a hand covering her mouth and the other groping her sexy ass! Tanner then leaned in and whispered in Kristina's ear, "I haven't been able to take my eyes off of your sexy body since you walked in the door. You have the sexiest ass I have ever seen and that is why my hand was there when you sat down. I knew then I had to get as close to you as possible and get a better feel of your ass! I will have you before the day is over and you will want me!"

Tanner left and Kristina just stood there kind of turned on from how forceful he was with her. Kristina went and found her husband and told him they had to go home. They arrive home and she jumps him and gives him the best sex they have had in a while. The actions of what Tanner did to her were running through her mind and she used that to her advantage while fucking her husband.

Kristina and her husband get in the shower and get ready to head over to her aunt's house for dinner. When they arrive and are heading inside, Tanner is coming out and he winks at Kristina after her husband walks by. Kristina rolls her eyes and walks inside but Tanner pinched her ass before she could get inside.

After dinner Kristina is walking to the restroom and walks by her cousin's bedroom and she notices Amber and Tanner making out and she couldn't make herself keep walking. She watches for a while and thinks that Tanner looked at the door and winked at her again. She then quickly went to the restroom after that.

Kristina was in the kitchen by herself when Tanner came up behind her and grabbed her by her hips and forcefully pulled her into him and started kissing her neck. Kristina was able to fight her way out of his grasp but as soon as she got free he turned her to face him and buried his mouth on hers! Tanner's hands quickly went to grab Kristina's ass and he lifted her with ease and sat her on the kitchen counter. By this time Kristina was returning his kisses with just as much passion. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her hands were pulling his head closer. Tanner reaches up and pulls Kristina's head back by her hair and kisses her neck some more. Kristina moans and then they hear everyone come in from the back yard. Tanner backs up and heads down the hall and Kristina jumps off the counter and acts like she was washing dishes.

Kristina and her husband head home and Kristina is more horny than she has been in her entire life. Kristina is begging her husband for sex but he said he was too tired and heading to bed. Kristina was very frustrated and could not sleep. She told her husband she was heading out for a bit and he said fine and went back to sleep. Kristina throws on some tight jeans and a white tank top and heads back over to her aunt's house hoping she can see Tanner again before he goes home.

She arrives at her aunts and Tanner is still there.

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