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I get pulled over and get a good fucking.

I wanted to cum, but I knew I'd better save myself for later. I pulled out of her quickly, rolled her over onto her back, ripped off the tape from her mouth and shoved my cock in between her lips. "Suck it clean, bitch! That's it. I know you love the taste of your ass." I pulled her head up and lowered it several times before stopping. After I withdrew from her mouth I used my cock to smear her spit all over her face. "I think I picked a good little slut this time," I said as if I'd done this many times before.

After placing the tape back over her mouth, I put my cock back into my pants, zipped up and then started pushing her towards the open door. When she was just about to fall out, I climbed over her and propped her up on the edge of the seat. Her coat, now in two pieces, slid down onto her arms. "Look at you. I guess you'll just have to go naked now." I slit the sleeves of her coat and let the rags fall to the ground. "That's better. I can get to everything with no trouble at all." I slapped her on the ass and then guided her up the ramp. It was awkward trying to get her to walk with the duct tape still wrapped around her ankles, but I enjoyed seeing her stumble. I laughed at her several times, each time slapping the fullness of her butt. When we finally made it to the door, I pushed the key into her pussy. "Oops! Wrong place for that!" I snickered and them put the key into the lock. "It probably needed some lubrication anyway."

I pushed open the door and then pushed Jen inside. After locking the door behind me, I told her I'd make it easier for her to walk, but the first time she tried anything funny, I'd bind her ankles again. Squatting to slice the tape, I saw the rivulets of her wetness trickling down her thighs. I slid two fingers in between her pussy lips and remarked, "I think you must want this as much as I do, don't you?"

Jen nodded "yes" as she parted her thighs. I pushed three fingers into her and rotated my wrist back and forth to stretch her out a little. She nodded "yes" again, so I withdrew my three fingers and then pushed in four. She jerked just a bit and then nodded "yes" once more. I looked up at her and she nodded more vigorously. I pulled out my four fingers and then tucked my thumb into the bunch and started pushing back into her. She squirmed as if she was doing everything she could to let my hand in. I pushed harder and slowly but surely my entire hand disappeared inside her pussy. I held still for a moment before spreading my fingers apart inside her. I wiggled my fingers as if I was trying to scratch her insides, then curled my fingers into a ball and thrust upwards into her. She tried to scream when I hit her cervix but the tape over her mouth muffled it. It didn't really matter since there was nobody around, but I left the tape in place. Never completely withdrawing my hand, I fist fucked her for several minutes and then began squeezing her clit until she had a shuddering whole body orgasm. I thought about taking advantage of the copious amounts of her juice coating my hand to fist her ass, but then decided I'd save that for later. Instead, I withdrew from her pussy and teased her ass hole with a couple of fingers.

When I felt satisfied that she was ready for more, I led her into the men's restroom and made her stand next to the urinal at the end. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. It was only semi-erect so I gripped it with one hand and slapped it down against the other. "You want this again, don't you, slut? You want it in your ass, right?"

Jen nodded "yes."

"Well, you just stand there and wait a minute.

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