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One of Liz's favorite fantasies.

"If I am dreaming, I better make it good," he finally finds his voice, husky with his need, his passion rising.

"Trust me, this is no dream, follow me." She turns and walks away, he watches that ass, the sensual sway of her hips, and he is unable to do anything else except to follow in her footsteps.

She stops on her deck, and as he knows, she is in full view of any of the neighbours who happen to look out their windows, or be in their backyards, or possibly someone else crouches in the bushes.

He turns and lets his eyes wander, peering into the darkness, checking for movement at a window, but he can see nothing and the moan that slips over her lips beckons to him. He quickly moves to her side, grabbing her hips and pulling her to him at last. Taking control as he has imagined doing so many times before.

He holds onto her, grinding his swollen manhood to her shaved pussy, rubbing his thumbs over her hips bones, his fingers digging into the yielding flesh of her ass. His reward is a loud groan that he captures with his mouth, kissing her, demanding to be kissed back, bruising her lips under his.

She shivers in the still night air, making him return the groan, his cock pressing insistently at his pants. His nimble fingers stroking his erection, almost teasingly, her touch is so light. Then she pops the button, lowers the zipper and drops away from him, pulling his pants down with her. She is kneeling in front of him, his cock bouncing so close to those lips he just kissed, those soft wet lips. Without thinking he grabs his cock in one hand, her hair in the other, and winding his fingers in her tresses, he thrusts his cock forward until her lips are brushing along his fist.

With a primal growl, he snatches away his hand and pulls her head onto his fully erect cock, quickly rewarded with the gagging of her throat, the gurgling of thick saliva, and the tightness he has so longed for. When she doesn't resist, he starts to fuck her throat, tipping her head back, elongating her neck, allowing his cock to drive so deep inside her.

He can feel the tremors of her body, her moans vibrating along his shaft. He hears the wet squelch of her lips, the gagging as he pushes in and holds for a second, and the sound of....

He turns his head, not missing a stroke in her lovely mouth and sees a man on the next balcony jerking off, watching them, so engrossed in his task that he doesn't even realize that he too is on display. He starts to pump into her mouth, harder and faster, matching the tempo of that man's hand as it strokes.

She grunts, winking up at him, acknowledging that she too has seen that man as he jacks off. He loses his focus for a moment, his cock jammed deep in her throat, until she starts to push at his hips, no longer able to get a breath so sealed is her mouth with his cock. With a hard thrust forward, hand tight to her head, he feels his cock slide in just a little more, just enough to cause his rod to twitch, his balls to pull up to his body, heavy and full, wanting release.

With an anguished cry he pulls away, pushing at her, sending her toppling to the deck, sprawled on her ass, legs splayed wide, thighs framing a glistening pink pussy, swollen lips peeled back, letting that tight entrance wink at him.

He rakes his hand through his hair, glances to make sure they still have an audience and is pleasantly surprised to find that the man has been joined by a woman who is bending, sucking cock, fingers pulling ample cheeks apart so that a winking brown bud greets him. He smiles, gives a thumbs up to the owner of that cock and drops quickly to plant his face in the wet pink folds.

The sound of cock sucking carries easily on the summer breeze, as he licks and teases those lips further apart.

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