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They go for a ride.

"Oohhh Daddy," she panted, hearing his words.

Her hands shifted then, they moved into place so that they could cup her tits, cup and squeeze them, their pliant flesh being molded under the pressure. Taking her nipples between her fingers she tugged on them.

"Oooohhhhh Daddy," she panted, hot sparks shooting through her body from the hardened nubs.

The events were definitely having their effects on Vanessa. She felt her pussy growing hot, felt her own juices flowing to dampen it and felt her clit swelling, throbbing for attention. Her legs shifted upon the bed, spreading open a little further and allowing cool air to brush across part of her heated sex and her puffy labia.
She continued to massage her tits, cupping and squeezing them. She grabbed her swollen nipples and tweaked them, rolling the throbbing nubs between thumb and forefinger.

"Yea, that's a good girl," her father said, his words heavy with lust.

Turning her head she lifted her lids partway so that she could see him. He stood watching her, watching her hands and her body, his eyes filled with hunger. At his crotch she saw the outline of his erect cock, saw it pressing at his pants. This sight sent a shiver coursing though her, one that added even more fuel to the flames burning inside her loins.

Beside her father she saw John, an almost identical vision.

From beneath her heavy lids she watched them watch her, watched them take in the way her hands were massaging her breasts, watched their eyes slide down every so often to look at her wetting pussy. Neither of them moved to touch her yet, instead simply standing there watching, devouring the show she was giving them with her body.

"Reach down and play with your pussy," her father whispered. "Play with your sweet little pussy for us."

Although her mind still heard the thoughts concerning the wrongness of their actions, hearing these words come from her daddy's mouth while she lay there massaging her tits made Vanessa's entire body ache. She sucked in a heavy breath as bolts of electricity shot along her nerves. One of her legs slid out, spreading herself open even further.

Without hesitation one of her hands slid away from her breasts. While the other continuing to cup and squeeze a tit this hand reached downward, fingers heavy atop her flesh as they moved down across her abdomen. For a brief second she felt the little hairs that made up the patch of pussy fur then her fingers reached past it and rubbed across her clit. The swollen nub pulsed as she made contact with it, sending thousands of electrical sparks shooting through her. Inside her loins the flames roared higher, fanned by the sensation. Her entire body tensed for a brief moment as she rubbed her aching clit. Then she reached down further, her fingers pressing in between her labia, rubbing against her slit and searching out her opening.

She lay there, atop the pink bedspread, panting through partially open lips. Her long hair a shower of tresses surrounding her head as it was cradled upon the lacy pillows. From beneath heavy lids she looked up at the two men watching her, her eyes burning with the heat that filled her loins mixed with the doubts and worries over what was happening. One hand held a breast, fingers squeezing, palm rubbing the milky mound of flesh. Her other hand lay between her now widely spread legs, palm pressing against her clit, fingers sliding up and down along her slit between her puffy lips which glistened slightly with her juices.

"That's a good girl," her father said. "Such a good little girl."

"Oooohhhhhh," his words made her body shiver with excitement.

Her fingers rubbed at her opening and she was surprised to find it already gaping, spreading itself in hungry anticipation. She massaged the edges of it, felt her juices coating her fingers.

"Damn she's hot," John hissed, his voice as laden with lust as her father's

For the next few minutes they watched her play with her own pussy, watched her rub at her opening, her fingers dipping inside of herself and her palm pressing at her clit.

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