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Drake makes an unreasonable demand.

In bed and kissing. Fondling each other. Maggie watched as Rory opened the foil wrapper of one of the condoms with his teeth. When it was out of its wrapper, she took it and examined it, touching the reservoir tip with her finger and seeing how it would roll down onto a penis.

"These are clever." She said as Rory guided her to rolling it over the head of his dick. She rolled it down and then stroked up and down a few times, feeling the slight lubrication.

"I'm so hot for you, don't stroke too much."

"I'm ready too Honey. Put it in me."

Rory slid on top of her and she helped position him between her wide splayed legs and her moist lips, for her second penetration with a live cock. They both groaned as he slid into her fully after a few gentle warm up thrusts. They held there quietly for a minute and they could hear the two women making love not far away. They were moaning in a certain rhythm and Rory tried to match it as he started to fuck Maggie.

Soon the only sounds in the house were the gentle moans and occasional squeaks from the beds. The trade winds cooling their bodies through the open windows, sighed too.

"Oh, right there, baby." Maggie told her lover as he hit her G spot with the tip of his cock.

"I just love fucking you Maggie." Rory moaned, gabbing a handful of her left tit and pinching her nipple hard.

"Oh, fuck. I'm gonna cum. Rory you gonna cum baby? Cum in me."

Rory exploded, filling the condom with jets of semen, wishing he was really knocking her up. His heart swelled as his orgasm continued and he leaned down to kiss her again as they rode through their mutual peaks.

Their motions stilled and they remained joined as Rory heard the familiar sound of his mother cumming. Maggie heard her wife crest soon after and visualized the two locked in a sixty-nine configuration.

When he pulled out, she looked at the condom. She pulled it off and looked in the tip. "It's not as white as the stuff you shot all over my pubes before Anna licked it off."

"We did wait a minute or two before I pulled it out of you. I liked getting soft inside of you. Semen gets more liquidy as it ages. That's why it runs down the inside of Mom's thighs after I fuck her and we cuddle before she gets up."

"I think they're in there cuddling right now. Did you hear them both get off?"

"Hard not to. I'm glad they're getting along so well." Rory chuckled.

"Are you justifying what we just did in your mind?"

"I guess. Maybe more like what I'm feeling about you."

"What do you mean Rory?"

"I feel. Well I feel about you the way I feel about Mom. And Anna. It's Love. I love you."

"I'm feeling that way too and so I'm feeling guilty. I love Peggy she's my wife."

"Have you guys ever thought about having kids?"

Maggie blinked at the non-sequitur. "Huh?"

"When I came into the rubber I dreamed about knocking you up. Want to be a mommy?"

"You are fucking crazy." She said with a smile. "I think there are four or five other people who need to be in on this discussion."

"Hey Peggy, Janey." She called out.

The two came out of the room looking mussed and sleepy.

"What is it Honey?" Peggy asked her wife.

"Rory wants to fuck a baby into my belly. Do either of you think that's a good idea?"

Shocked looks turned thoughtful and then the two looked at Rory.

"You'd probably make a pretty baby." Janey speculated timidly, not knowing what the married couple might be thinking about her son's proposal. She had fantasized while Rory was inside her that she hadn't gotten fixed after he was born. She personally would like to get impregnated by her son.

"I've wished he could get me in a family way. Give me a child and a grandchild all at the same time."

Peggy said, "Honey, I'd like to have a baby around again. I bet Rory would be a good father and Anna would want to help out I'm sure. We'd be one of those 'normal' island families. What a group we'd make. Therapist's dream."

Everyone laughed and the discussion was tabled for the time being.

When Mark and Anna finally got

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