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It's his wife's first time with two guys.

I took hold of his penis and straddled him between my thighs rubbing the head of his penis on the lips of my pussy. He reached up for my t-shirt and pulled it off breaking our kiss and exposing my nakedness completely to him. My breasts were now in front of his face as he took my right nipple in his mouth I slowly lowered myself with a loud moan upon him, his penis smoothly entering my now drooling pussy.

" Oh John....I want this...yes I want this..." as I began to move up and down on him holding his face tightly between my breasts. I started to ride him hard and rough, my voice snarling loudly with illicit passion as I felt the upper shaft of his penis rub on my clit. I rocked back and forth pushing myself down harder upon him. Soon, the rough rubbing of his penis on my clit began to trigger a spasm deep within my cervix... I began to feel my orgasm coming...that pee like sensation which makes my whole body shiver in weakness starting deep within my hips and rushing forth into my hot loins. I closed my eyes in intense pleasure, bright lights exploding in the black screen of my mind, and grabbed his head in a tight hug and screamed his name...

"Oh John...I'm coming...I'm coming...oh baby you're making me come...oh John....", and as I felt his scalding seed enter my body I hear him growl...

" Oh Mom...I'm coming too...yessssss", I felt him grab me and push himself up roughly, raising my body, the heat of his semen shooting inside me as I closed my pussy walls on his now ejaculating penis, pushing me over the edge again...

" Baby, I'm coming again...oh yes...there it is again...ooohhhh" I whined and moaned as a long winded shaking of my entire body took over followed by short spasms as I came again and again and again.....

After a while, still joined to him, I opened my eyes and looked at my son smiling at me and kissing every part of my face and eyes and nose and cheeks....

"Mom...I love much" he said with a gentleness that I found so touching. After holding each other tightly for a long while I finally said,

" I guess we should have breakfast now. I'm famished after what you're doing to me..." I said with a smile on my voice. I got off, feeling his semen dribbling down my inner thighs and, putting my t-shirt back on, continued fixing breakfast.

"Mom it's Sunday. Would you like to go and watch a movie with me? After all Jenny is going to mind the gift shop for you is she not...?" he suggested;

"Mmmmmmmm why not. Are you asking me out on a date? That would be nice", I smiled.

" But will you wear that dark blue denim dress with the buttons up front for me?" he pleaded.

" Yes Baby..." I replied, my mind filling with erotic thoughts thinking that he could unbutton my dress completely in the movie and do whatever he wants with my exposed body; but instead of being afraid of being found out, I rather liked the idea of having discreet sex in public and felt excited as I faced him and whispered in a low sexy tone of voice,

" Do you like me to wear nothing under that dark blue denim dress you want?" I looked at him straight in the eye with a naughty twinkle as he said,

" mean yes...uh...if you want to", his blurt out reply quickly brought a quick smile to myself as I decided to let him have his way and not wear anything at all under the dress.

The theater was practically empty as the movie we decided to watch was on screen for a couple of weeks now and everybody had probably gone to see the other newer releases. After I handed the ticket stub to the usher, John and I quietly entered the theater lobby. John wrapped his left arm around me and whispered...

" Are you really wearing nothing under your dress Mom?" he whispered in my ear.

" Yes honey I am completely naked under this dress", I whispered back eager anticipation of what he was planning to do.

In the dark and just when Tom Cruise started making love to his beautiful co-star in the movie, (the movie was Mission Impossible II), I felt John's right hand slowly undo the buttons of my dr

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