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Sabrina's Mom takes her on a wild shopping excursion.

I wanted to cum with Peter's huge cock in me. I wanted to feel his milk spray my insides.

"Oh, fuck me, this is it, I'm cuming. Oh, my God! Oh my God! Oh My Fucking God."

My pussy twitched and spasmed around Peter's hard pole. My body quivered and shook and I loved every fragile moment of it. It felt glorious.

Seconds later Peter was grunting and I could feel his cock getting harder inside me. He was going to cum at any moment. I was filled with an incredible mix of fear and excitement. Just as his grunting descended into a long, deep, loud moan, he pulled his cock out of me and shot a massive stream of cum across my belly and tits. He started jerking his cock and sent of two or three more blasts. My thighs, belly, tits and neck were covered in the stuff.

Peter threw me a towel to wipe myself down. Moments later I walked out through his door wearing one of Peter's college hoodies, my torn clothes in a supermarket bag.


When I got home I jumped in the shower. I had to wash myself again and again. I was sure that I still smelled of Peter's cum. I put my torn clothes in the trash and hid Peter's hoodie in the closet. Daniel was due back in the morning and I spent the night fitfully, sleeping poorly. Twice I woke up dreaming of Peter, penetrating me deeply, his cum flying over my body in great ropes. I masturbated both times leaving sticky wet patches on the sheets. When I though of Peter, my first emotion was always hate. He had been abusive, and rough, and disrespectful. What would I do if I got pregnant or got an STD from him? If felt ashamed, but more exhilarated than I had for years.

When I woke I changed the sheets and went to the airport to pick up Daniel. When he came to me I felt conflicting portions of excitement and guilt. I loved him, I still loved him and I still wanted him forever. He kissed me and squeezed my bum.

"God, I've missed you my love." he said.

"I missed you too, honey." I replied.

We chatted lightly as we walked to the car and then sat in silence as I drove him home. I could tell that he would want to have sex as soon as we got home. I didn't know what to do.

The second we were inside the house he dropped his bags and pulled me in for a deep loving kiss.

"I am so lucky to have you, Jillian." and he kissed me deeper, his tongue probing my mouth.

He started undoing my top and soon we were standing in front of each other just in our underwear. Daniel cupped my ass and kissed my neck. I continued to think that I could still smell Peter's cum on my body. I was worried that Daniel would taste it.

We moved to the bedroom and Daniel lay me down on the bed.

"Daniel, I want you to wear a condom." I said.

"Why baby?"

"I'm not on the pill."

"Yeah, but I always pull out. You like me cuming on your tits."

"I want you to cum in me this time. I'd like that."

"Okay I put a condom on when I'm getting close."

"No baby." I said "Please, put one on now."

Daniel looked at me for a moment, a puzzled look on his face. Then he went to the drawers and took out a box of condoms and put one on.

He walked slowly back to me. He knelt down at the foot of the bed between my legs and, while looking me right in the eye, he licked my snatch from bottom to top. He then took my clit in his mouth and swirled his tongue slowly over it. Good Lord that felt wonderful, I had missed him so much. He then moved his tongue to my opening and slowly lapped his tongue over, and into, my love tunnel. He stuck his tongue deep inside my pussy and licked the walls, even touching my G-spot, sending shivers through my body. Daniel spat on my twat, covering it with saliva, stood up and positioned his cock to enter me. He looked me in the eye and the pushed all the way home.

"Oh, Daniel." I cried out. "It feels so good to have you back inside me."

He started thrusting into me fast and hard.

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