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Ann answers some questions for Neil.

We came to a small clearing which offered a small patch of lush green grass and decided to take a break. We all sat down in the thick grass.

I was feeling particularly horny today as there is something about the outdoors that makes sex seem so much more intense and natural. I guess "animalistic urges" is the way to describe it.

Hal was lying on his back propped up on his elbows looking at me as if he expected me to make a move. I slowly rose to my feet, walked over and straddled his head planting one foot on each side. He could look straight up my dress at my uncovered cunt.

I then went to my knees while pulling my short dress up around my waist. I immediately felt his hot breath against my horny snatch and a tongue lashed out to begin licking up and down my crack. I rubbed the big bulge in his shorts before undoing the buttons, pulling down the zipper and reaching in to pull out his hard on.

Feeling especially naughty I hooked my arms around his legs pulling them back until they were wrapped around my waist. I then leaned down taking his cock in my mouth while squeezing his big ball sac. He groaned into my wet pussy when he felt my mouth clamp around his hard shaft.

I let his cock slip out of my mouth and pulling his nuts licked the sac before taking one ball in my mouth gently sucking on one then the other feeling his body tense as I sucked and licked his balls. I was definitely enjoying this. I suddenly had the urge to ram a finger up his ass hole but refrained.

I was busy sucking Hal's cock while he was licking and eating my dripping wet pussy and hadn't noticed Betsy and Jim were already fucking away. Betsy was on her back in the cool grass, her legs straight up in the air and Jim was ramming his cock in her hard and fast while she groaned. She would let out a loud grunt each time Jim rammed his meat home a little too hard.

I noticed Jim's hands gripping the cheeks of her ass tightly as he pumped his cock in and out in a hard steady rhythm. He was moaning now feeling the effects of Betsy's hot, tight little cunt wrapped around his hard cock. I marveled at how it gripped the shaft of Jim's pumping dick and knew he was soon going to fill her with his molten hot spunk.

I sucked Hal's cock and licked his balls for a few more minutes but wanted to feel his cock up my horny pussy now so I pulled off. Straddling his lap I lowered myself down while guiding the head past the swollen lips of my horny cunt. I sank down the length of Hal's hard dick with ease. My cunt was well lubricated from his licking and tonguing. I began to ride his cock while watching Jim ram his meat into Betsy.

I undid the draw string in front of my dress pulling it down around my waist letting my tits out. I then lay down on Hal's chest and began to pump my ass up and down on his cock. I jerked and wriggled my ass around on his thick pole faster and faster. Suddenly, I needed to cum! I guess it was the erotic sight of Jim fucking Betsy, her legs up in the air and his cock ramming into her that excited me.

I began to groan and yelp each time I slammed my ass down onto Hal's cock until I felt the orgasm start to rise. I squealed and humped until it shook me violently. I hoped that no body was within 50 miles of us or they could have heard me reach a mind blowing climax!

My body shook and convulsed as the orgasm controlled my every nerve ending. I twitched and shook as my cunt constricted around Hal's obliging cock soaking it with my female cum juice.

I had no sooner started to regain my presence when I heard Jim give out a loud grunt and glanced over to see his ass cheeks tense up as his cock was buried into Betsy's hot hole balls deep. He was spurting his hot seed deep up into the walls of her pussy. She had clasped her legs around his waist pinning him to her while he shot his load up her open cunt.

After my body had stopped the involuntary convulsing Hal slowly eased me onto my back, crawled between my legs and shoved his cock back up my sloppy hole.

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