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Crossing off the second item on my list - taxi driver!

I'm not sure how describe this float, but it's basically the top half of a topless woman, in gold of course, with long black hair. Spectacular to say the least. On the street surrounding it are 15 dancers on one side, 15 on the other. They walk alongside the float in green dresses, dancing and smiling. Then, I see her. I lower my camera and make sure the necklace is seen by her.

Sure enough, as if there was any doubt, she does. Her green dress dances right up to me. The float stops, and I see all the other dancers have walked up to the crowd and media lining the street.

She smiles, and kisses me on both cheeks.

"Hello again." I say, in portuguese.

"Hi". She responds.

I see her dress has strings up both sides as she dances for me.

"What is your name?" I ask. I only have a few more things to ask and not sure how much time I will have with her.

"Suian." She responds.

"That's a nice name." I say.

"Pull here, and here ." Suian says in english, pointing at two string on either side of her dress.

I grab the strings, and pull. It only take a little pressure, and the strings give way. I pull all the way down until the string falls from the eyelets. Then, both the front and back of the dress fall away, revealing Suian in her dancer clothes. Well, it resembles mostly a thong swimsuit. Her skin is again covered in glittery paint. Her feet are in impossibly high heels, and her breasts are held up by golden fabric hands. It is clear to see there is no underwear, just the outfit sure to drive men crazy.

I then look down the line, and see all the girls have done the same. Their asses are now visible, and I sure wish I had some golden hands for all those glorious breasts. Anyway, Suian stops swaying in front of me, and grabs my face. A kiss to both cheeks followed by a kiss on the lips gets my blood flowing. She smiles, and dances away to my left. The other girls to my right follow suit, only several stop at me and give me a kiss. Eight in all, if you're keeping count. And yes, I did.

The rest of the parade is simply fun to watch and enjoy. The view of the SambaDrome from street level is unbelievable. As it ends, I exit the media area and begin taking more pictures. The last visible asses of dancers in thongs is a perfect frame for the trash left behind.

To end the evening, the security guard from last night walks up to me.

"Hey." He says.

"Hello." I respond.

He begins talking, but I have to hand him my phone with the translator app in the hope we can converse. He types furiously, then shows me the messages. We type back and forth.

"I have some rules for you. Follow carefully, and your reward will be much. Right now, you will be allowed to touch her, but no fucking. If you are patient, that will happen." He has typed a lot.

"Who are you? Who is she?" I type.

"Just know she is my wife, and she has certain fantasies to live out. I also get to live out my fantasies, but do not worry. I am not into men." He replies.

"Go on." I direct.

"Tomorrow morning at 8am, arrive at the bus stop just across from the media center entrance. You will meet her, and follow her directions. Bring your translator." He replies.

I nod affirmatively as he hands me my phone. He walks off into the evening once again, and I wonder exactly what fantasies I get to witness. Better yet, there may be sex with an incredible woman involved. Damn.

Part III

I wake up way too early, but still feel rushed as I grab a banana, apple, and coffee before heading a few blocks over the bus stop. I approach and pick a spot on the sidewalk where I can enjoy my coffee and watch the city wake up.

Suian arrives, mysteriously dressed again in that green dress from last night, and carrying a small backpack. I ready my phone to do some heavy duty translating.

"Hello." I say, hopefully not too eagerly.

"Hello." She replies. "Get on the bus with me, okay?"

I type a quick question. "Where is your husband?"

As the bus approaches, she replies. "He will join us at the next stop. Act like you don't know he is there."

The number on the bus is an even numb

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