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Sub rebels and does role reversal.

it's the school for the "second-tier" rich people. Allison used to go there. Our current school doesn't need a nickname, we attend the Gross-Dumpster Academy. The "correct" pronunciation is "Grah-ss - Doomp-stay" (I think it's supposed to be French or some shit) but why in the hell would we pronounce it correctly? It's pretty much seen as the ghetto of the private school world, mainly because it's where all the rich kids who get kicked out of the other schools go. We don't really have a hierarchy here, nobody really gives a damn about anyone but themselves and their close friends, which is just the way I like it.

To the Dump!

I got kicked out of the DoucheFarm because they have an extracurricular requirement, but your teachers get to pick it for you. My jackass Lit. 1 teacher signed me up for theatre, even though I made it clear that I would rather die than participate in "Legally Blonde; the Musical." I'll speed up the story for you, I was an extra who stole a mike and said some choice words while hiding back stage. I still don't know why Lissa (that's what I call Allison) got kicked out of FuckFace, but I have seen some cheerleaders shy away from her at the mall. Lissa and I met in the middle of our freshman year of highschool at GD, we were together from then until the beginning of our senior year, when the school board implemented the stupid-ass policy they have now.

Students are now separated by age, which means that even though Lissa and I are taking the same damn courses, I'm stuck without her until she turns 18 and gets to transfer into my classes. The reason is that they are starting a new trial for the 18+ students to see if they can correct our behavior with corporal punishment, like we're fucking dogs. 18+ students had to sign waivers to participate in the trial without suing anybody just to be allowed to attend. Of course, everyone signed the damn thing, nobody wants to go to public school. I honestly don't care if I'm in public or private school, but I wasn't just gonna leave Lissa. So I signed the damn thing too.


My homeroom teacher is a relatively attractive man named Mr. Lawless. He isn't scrawny like quite a few of the other male teachers, but he also doesn't look like the fucking Hulk like some of my past PE teachers have. He's tall, he's got short dirty blonde hair that kinda effortlessly swoops up in the front, and he's got this deep-but-not-too-deep voice that, well, to be honest, is incredibly fucking hot. I definitely appreciate his attractiveness, but I hate the bitches in my homeroom who giggle and chitter about him every damn day. They've started to call him Mr. Flawless, and I keep hearing the delighted giggles of "Hashtag FLAWLESS" anytime Lawless does anything. I hate the people in my homeroom. I can't wait until Lissa gets here. For now I just sit and send her Snapchats for the whole period. It's nearing the end of the period when I hear my name. I glance up and see Lawless giving me a stern look and gesturing. I come over and he points to his computer screen.

-"You're failing three classes, Marissa." He says.

-"Sounds about right," I respond. I've never been one for actually turning things in. Or doing them in the first place.

-"Why are you sitting in here taking selfies while you're failing three classes?"

-"Because I'm sexy and I know it!" I laugh.

Lawless laughs a bit, acknowledging the joke, but continues being a nag.

-"You need to be getting work done in here."

- I laugh again "fuck that!"

He doesn't laugh this time.

-"You will not use that kind of language in my classroom."

I'm starting to get kind of peeved, who the hell does he think he is?

-"Why the fuck not?"

He stands up and hands me a piece of paper, it's a detention slip.

-"You will come back to this class after school today, understand?"

The class is all staring at me, and I'm about to respond when the bell rings and everyone stands to leave.

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