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Kathi and Jim bond, to Ken's great delight.

Then they made themselves another drink and talked about the reception. They took their drinks to their bedroom and sat in bed naked as they discussed the party and it particular Lori's ass.

"Isn't her ass incredible? Did you see how much it sticks out? I could hardly keep my hands off of her," Rachel exclaimed.

"Well I didn't keep my hands off of her. I grabbed and pinched her ass every chance I got," Roger admitted.

"I heard. Lori told me that she was getting manhandled and that her ass would probably be bruised by tomorrow. I just told her to ignore it and that all of us were getting goosed," Rachel said laughingly.

"Lori's ass got me so excited that I couldn't wait until they left to have sex. I had to butt fuck someone so I grabbed Sherry," Roger admitted.

"I know the other guys were horny too so Mona took care of Spence and I gave Doug some relief. You know that Lori was still upstairs when you fucked Sherry," Rachel added.

"Really, where do you think that she was?" Roger asked.

"She said she sat down in a chair in one of the bedrooms because she felt light headed," Rachel offered.

"I wonder if it was in the same bedroom. I bet it was since it is right across the hall from the bathroom. I'll be damned she was probably in that chair watching me stick it in Sherry's ass," Roger blurted out.

"Were you thinking about Lori's ass when you were butt fucking Sherry?"

"You know I was. I can't wait to shove my cock in that beauty."

"Don't you think that we should break her in first? The girls and I could use some toys on her or you could have Doug or Spence take her ass first to stretch her out."

"No way, I am taking that virgin ass. I'll make sure that she is so relaxed that she can handle it. I'm planning to take her at our party at the end of the month."

"That will be an interesting party. Tom and Lori will finally learn that we are all swingers."

"How has Tom been so far?"

"He has fallen into our seduction traps and he has proven to be a good fuck. All the girls like him and he loves fucking Vicki in the ass."

"Good then I will approach him this week about his indiscretions with the partner's wives and set him up for the party. Now all this talk has got me hard again. Where do you want it first?" Roger asked.

"Fuck my pussy first and then my ass. I want to feel you cum in my ass tonight," Rachel requested.

They set their drinks glasses down on the nightstand and Roger crawled between his wife's legs. Rachel guided his big dick into her pussy and they fucked hard and fast. Rachel had multiple orgasms before she told her husband to fuck her in the ass. Rachel rolled over and lifted her ass up for Roger who eased his throbbing cock into her ass. Roger fucked Rachel slowly with long deep strokes savoring every moment of the anal sex. He was charged however and came quicker than he wanted. Roger stiffened and drove his cock deep into his wife's bowels and released his load. Rachel loved the feeling of his seed shooting into her rectum and she squeezed her sphincter muscles in response.

Roger remained hard in his wife's ass and they both rolled to their left sides. Roger managed to keep his cock in Rachel's ass as they moved into a spoon position. Roger had his left arm under his wife's body with his left hand fondling her tits and tweaking her nipples. With his right hand Roger reached down and inserted three fingers into her pussy as he resumed fucking her ass. They stayed in that position until Roger ejaculated into Rachel's ass again. Rachel had orgasmed twice more as Roger fingered and played with her pussy. The two of them fell asleep in the spoon position and remained in it until morning.


A week before the planned swinger's party Tom was called into Roger's office. Tom had no idea what Roger wanted to see him about but he knew that his performance to date had been outstanding. Tom arrived at Roger's office and Roger's assistant announced him. Tom entered Roger's office and Roger stood up to greet him.

"Sit down Tom.

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