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Jonathan North finally finds his soulmate.

But I don't know... I am certainly charmed by Rose and have nothing against being bi- or lesbian. She has not shown any interest in striking up an affair with me, I think... Did she tell you she is interested in me?'

'Yes, she did. And did ask whether you two could stay together tonight, if that was OK with us. I'd thought she had asked you first! Didn't she?'

'She did not! I don't know what to say!'

And I really don't. What a cheek to ask my mother, well... for my hand, so to speak! Don't know whether to laugh or cry. To expose me as a lesbian before I am even aware of it myself. If I will ever be one. The only reasonable explanation is that time was of the essence and she didn't think I would take the initiative. She was right. But she should have asked me first. There were opportunities! The cheek!

'Mum, since we are on the subject... I am no longer a virgin. Lost it a year ago. To a boy. A one-time affair, by choice. But I liked it, so if anything, if I am not simply straight, I may be bi-sexual. There, I am out!'

My mother does not appear to be fazed. God, what happened to generation conflicts!

'Sarah, I've been there and done it. Before marriage. For my part, you can do what you like. Best to think a little bit as well as follow your feelings, and never do anything you feel forced to -- that is the only advice I would give you.'

'OK, mum, I wouldn't, but thanks. I will think about Rose, but she must ask me, in any case.'

Then a thought strikes me -

'Now that we are talking confidentially, I have a request. Hope you don't think I have gone crazy. Can I be naked at home? I think I want to try that. I can't explain why. I have tried it when I visited Rose. And we have all seen each other in the nude now anyway.'

She doesn't answer but looks at me, inquisitively at first, openly later, then answers,

'When we asked Rose how you two had met, she told us that she saw you walking nude around the village at night. She said that it had excited her. So, it figures you want to be nude at home too.'

Rose! Did you give me away completely?

'I will discuss it with dad. He must feel comfortable with it. I will have to get used to it myself, but have nothing against it per se. It is unusual, but you're my daughter and you look fine. You don't expect us to follow your example, I hope?'

'Mum, Rose should not have told you all that!'

'Why not? If it is the truth? Would you have told us? It does not matter, do what you like, as long as you don't get yourself into trouble. Getting arrested is the lesser evil. Beware of creeps and perverts, more importantly. I would hope this village is safe, though perverts are anywhere... Maybe especially in villages! Anyway, it is done. Just be careful in future.'

'Yes, it's the truth. You really don't mind?'

'I don't, as long as you don't get into trouble. Or get raped. Not that I understand why you do this kind of thing. Is it to do with sex? Or is it the purist nudist urge, to be free and as nature intended, as they say?'

'You are right, I would not have told you. I will be honest. It is to do with sex, certainly. I want to tease, to be seen and desired. And I want to shock a bit too. But it is not the way I wanna pull the guys. All the explanation comes after the fact and I can't say that I understand my inclination fully myself. When I first read about exhibitionism in the paper, I was drawn to it. Period.'

'OK. I have done my bit of teasing in my day. Let me tell you that dad and I still have good sex. Don't worry, I'll spare you the details. Children don't want to know. It is just that I want you to think of us as sexually active. These days, my showing off is limited to liking to be found attractive in a pretty dress, bikini, whatever. Don't mind the odd wolf whistle.

'Anyway, let me discuss you being naked around us with your dad. We have dabbled with nudism ourselves. We'll let you know, Sarah!

'Now, let's go and join the others.'

We swim back and get out of the water.

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