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Nancy tries out some toys for the first time with Paul.

"God damn." Damon broke the silence.

"I know bro. That chick was bananas. Her head game was crazy." Brandon said. "You think she's coming back here? I'm mad I didn't even get her number..."

"I don't know man, I hope so..." Damon answered. Just then, he looked at his phone and saw he had a text message from an unknown number. "Well speak of the devil."

Brandon peered up from his seat and turned to Damon to see if he could look at the phone. He awaited patiently for Damon to fill him in on the news.

"Hey boys, I'm driving back from a shoot - can I swing by your place?" Damon read aloud. He then started to type his reply while speaking out loud. "Heck yes, just ring the doorbell when you get here."

"What. The. Fuck." Brandon said, "This day is unreal. I can't believe we bumped into this chick while she was at the gym. I can't believe she gave us head in the bathroom, and now she's coming over. She is SO fucking fine too."

"She's crazy, and if that episode at the gym tell us anything, I hope that we'll have some real fun this afternoon." Damon replied.

"Man, if only Jay and Marcus were here. Bro, I bet she'd be down for all of us at the same time." Brandon joked.

"Yeah, but I'm not complaining, this chick is FIIIIIIINE." Damon replied.

Just then, they heard a bell. "That was fast," Damon thought as he looked at Brandon.

"Turn on the security cam, let's see if it's her." Brandon said.

Damon turned on the security camera and the two boys gasped. There was Jennifer Love Hewitt, standing in a tight navy blue strapless dress that displayed her ample cleavage. The dress hugged her hips, which accentuated her big, round booty, making any man turn his head while she was walking down the street. She wore nude colored heels, propping herself up. She carried her white purse and held her phone in her hand. As she waited to be let in, she looked around to make sure nobody saw who she was and what she was doing.

Damon ran to the buzzer and let her in. Brandon, still in shock over the woman he was staring at, came out of his haze to stand up. He looked around the living room to make sure everything was in order, and stood nervously. Damon left the living room to meet Jen at the front door. He opened it and saw her beauty in the flesh. He couldn't help but gasp, as he stared her up and down in amazement.

"Wow," was the only word Damon could muster up.

"That's the type of reaction a girl is looking for!" Jen replied with her cute Southern accent. "Now, are you going to let a girl in? Or are you going to let her stand out in the open just like this?"

"No, of course...gosh, please come in. Make yourself at home." Damon replied, standing aside to let Jen walk into their humble abode. Jen blushed and walked in staring at the environment around her. As Brandon saw her, he walked up to her said hello. He hugged her, gave her a kiss on the cheek and stepped back as she spoke.

"Now, let me be the first to apologize about earlier. I was running late to a photoshoot, and I didn't realize how much time had passed since we - well, you know. I didn't mean to leave in a rush earlier." Jen said.

"That's okay, babe. To be honest, it was all worth it. I mean, look at you all dolled up now - we're the lucky ones seeing as we get to look at you like this." Damon said.

"Yeah, babe - besides, we know what it's like to manage a busy schedule. And you've made up for it tenfold with this outfit you're wearing." Brandon added.

"Gosh, ya'll got a really nice place here. Is it just the two of you?" Jen asked as she stared around the house.

"Nah, we've got two more buddies but they've been out running errands all day. Dame, do you know where J and Marc went?" Brandon turned to Damon to ask.

"They had to settle something with that publicity thing you're doing this weekend." Damon replied, "but they won't be back until later."

"Oh, poor guys, I bet it would've been fun to meet them.

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