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King's Servants meet with unexpected results.

Grabbing the trash can, she heaved, but nothing came out.

After dry heaving a couple of times, Samantha laid back down, with exhaustion. Losing track of time, it wasn't long before she heard a car pulling in. Not knowing who to expect, or better yet who she wanted it be, she nervously ran her sweaty palms over her sweats.

"I'm back." Caroline called as she stepped through the door carrying a pharmacy bag. Taking a seat on the couch, she took out items.

Clear blue, first response, and E.P.T pregnancy test lined the table once she was done. "You need to go in the bathroom, and take these."

"All of them?"

"You can never be too sure."

Samantha nervously eyed the test. "What am I doing?"

"It's simple, take the stick out, piss on it, and wait 3 to 5 minutes."

Samantha eyed her. "Thanks." She headed for the bathroom. "Can, you bring them to the bathroom?"

"Yeah, and oh, I did get you a piss cup, as well. It makes it easier."

Caroline grabbed them, and rushed to the downstairs bathroom, in excitement. Samantha stood with one hand on the wall, as the other worked to get her sweat and panties down. Caroline saw her struggle and helped hold her up so she could get them down.

Sitting on the toilet, Samantha reached for one of the boxes, and opened it. Reading the instructions aloud.

1. Remove the test stick from foil wrapper.

2. Remove the purple cap to expose the absorbent tip.

3. Hold with thumb grip.

4. Point absorbent tip downward.

When she got to the part about the peeing she felt like it was pretty much self-explanatory.

"Pass me the cup." Taking it from her hand, she took a deep breath. "Carol turn around, please."

Caroline turned towards the door. After almost 5 minutes of hearing nothing, she looked over her shoulder. "You need help?"

Samantha nodded. Caroline reached for the faucet and turned it on. After running for a while, Samantha was able to get going. Filling the little cup up, she cleaned herself up, and stubbornly got up on her own. Washing her hand she then took one of the test, dipped it for 5 seconds, before she did the other five.

"Wow that is a lot of tests."

Samantha who was nervous, and waiting for the results, vaguely paid attention. After 3 Minutes she worked up the courage to look at the test. Slowly but surely a faint plus sign began to appear on the test one by one. Leaving no room for doubt. She was pregnant. Caroline who stood behind her, couldn't wait to see, so she looked over her shoulder.

"Oh my god! It's positive!" She screamed. "I can't believe you're pregnant babe. Aren't you excited?"

Samantha couldn't answer, the shock of the results was so astounding, and they stole her ability to think let alone speak.

"Wait until Ian finds out. That man is going to be over the moon."

"No, we're not going to tell him." Grabbing the test she started to put them all back in the containers.

"What do you mean? He has to know he's going to be a father." Caroline grabbed Samantha's arms, stopping her from moving. "What are you thinking? You can't be thinking of doing anything crazy. Right?"

"What!?" Samantha took in her expression. "No!! Of course I'm not thinking about doing that."

Caroline breathed a sigh of relief at that, she wouldn't have wanted to slap some sense into her friend, but she would have if needed be.

"I just need to think about this. It's all such a shock for me... I mean I'm carrying a baby in me carol. It's a lot to take in." She hadn't realized she was crying until she felt the droplets hitting her chest. "I'm going to tell him of course, but it's got to be at the right time. So please don't say anything."

Caroline who understood this is news Samantha should share, nodded her understanding. Hugging her friend, she let her know it would be alright. "Listen, this may be unexpected, and maybe even too soon for your taste, but Samantha you have to realize this is beautiful."

"This baby is a part of you and, it's relying on you.

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