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Somewhere across the bar a piano starts to play, a slow refrain of 'New York, New York'. Closing her eyes again she drifts away from the present, thinking about that first stolen kiss. She was probably more than a little drunk then, just like she was now, but she could still remember the touch of him on her lips.

A hand on her bare shoulder brings her back to the present, and she catches her breath. Standing so close to him after all this time, she opens her mouth to speak, and closes it again, not being able to think of anything to say that wouldn't spoil the moment. He steps in close and kisses her, a hundred emotions wash over her skin and tears prick at her eyes.

"Hey," he smiles, and light dances in his eyes as he brings her hands to his lips, kissing her knuckles, "I've missed you."

She stares, then shakes her head and smiles, pulling him down for another kiss, "I've missed you too."

They both turn as the bartender clears his throat, "would you like a drink sir?"

He looks at her and she nods, "Sure, I'll have a beer."

"So how was your flight?"

"Not too bad, the in-flight movie was Scooby Doo though, I now proclaim it Worst Movie Ever, well, aside from Titanic anyway." They both laugh, and fall into talking about silly things until they realise that the bar has emptied around them and the piano player has left for the night.

"Shall we?" He smiles and takes her hand, and they walk to the elevator.

"You look better than I remember." He says, she blushes and looks at the floor. His hand pushes the hair out of her face and slides down her cheek to cup her chin as he kisses her slowly, her arms wrap around his neck as her body melts into his.

The chime of the lift doors opening interrupt their embrace, and he pulls her into the empty lift car, pressing the button for his floor as his hips pin her against the wall of the elevator.

"I swear I have no idea how we talked for that long, all I wanted to do was fuck you."

She laughed, a low throaty sound, and kissed slowly up the side of his neck.

"Well in about thirty seconds we'll be in your room, and you can fuck me until you collapse."

She bit down on the soft tissue of his earlobe as the doors opened at his floor and he gasped.

"You'll pay for that lass."

"Sure, sure, you're all talk."

She was unbuttoning his shirt before the door closed behind them, her hands working downward to the waistband of his pants as he slid her dress down over her hips. Reaching up to cup her breasts he unclipped the clasp at the front of her strapless bra, kissing the tops of her breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers making her gasp. Kneeling before her he kissed at her belly, unclasping the suspenders and rolling her stockings down her legs slowly, then running his hands back up to remove her panties and suspenders, his breath burning at her naked cunt as he pushes her back onto the bed.

She gasps as he plants kisses up her thighs, his fingers stroking at her bare cunt, he pushes his fingers inside her and her back arches, then relaxes as he works into a steady rhythm. His breath is hot on her shaved skin and she lets out a sigh as his tongue flicks out to caress her clit. She begins to whimper as he flicks and sucks at her clit, her breath comes in gasps as her hips rock against his hand, and her slight sounds raise in pitch and intensity.

Pulling her self away from him, she reaches down to pull him onto the bed. "Stop." She says, "I've waited to long for this, I want you inside me when I cum."

Sliding his already open pants down over his hips, she lays her body on top of his and kisses him, tasting her own juices on his lips, she kisses him harder, grinding her cunt against his hard cock.

Raising her body up she slides her wet cunt down onto him, arching her back at the sensation of him inside her.

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