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Wife finds her passion with help of husband and friends.

"Ooo, can I choose? This could be delicious. Mark the one with the third leg that is making Carol glow or John, the man who has brought our Melanie back to the living."

"Ooo." she said again, "I just can't choose which one of you two I want to have work on my pussy. Melanie, what's your choice for me?"

Melanie was flustered and I knew IS was doing this little play of hers for her own entertainment.

I stood and looked directly at IS. I could see a smug look cross Carols face and a worried one cross Melanie's.

A smile came to my lips as I said, "I'd be a fool to pass up a chance to make you squeal like a school girl."

I heard Mark gasp.

"Come on hot one," I said, as I held my hand out for her to take.

IS was far from stupid, she knew I took affront to her comments and I was laying a challenge down. I also knew she had to accept.

As she took my hand and rose with an intentional slow grace, Melanie spoke, "John." in a tone of warning.

I intentionally turned very slowly, looked at her and said in as sweet a voice as I had ever used.

"Yes Melanie, what is it?"

There was a brief pause during which, I am fairly sure, Carol kicked Melanie.

"John," she repeated, "make me proud."

I let go of IS's hand, walked over to Melanie and kissed her, full on the lips, then walked back to IS. The score was now one to nothing.

IS could keep score also. She started to strip as we walk away. Her blouse came off and was dropped to the floor, quickly followed by her bra. The score was now tie.

She had beautiful breasts, they were large, perfectly round and very firm, but not high at all, there was nothing there to sag. Her areola and nipples were just a shade darker than the skin on her breast. Her areola had goose bumps on it and her nipples were perfectly smooth with a small slit at the very top. When we got to the room, she turned to face me. Gently and slowly, she put her hand to my crotch.

"Oh, I sense you have seen something you like."

The score was now two to one, her favor.

I looked her in the eyes. She was unblinking and looked back into mine, as I calmly said, "Tell me now; do you want to experience what I can offer? If not, we might as well turn around and go back out and you can show everyone your tits. You decide."

Our eyes were still locked together.

She looked down, "Fine. I want to see what you can do."

Tie game.

"Please finish undressing. I need to get some towels and lubricant for you."

"Well; when you come back, can I please see your cock. It's only fare, now that you've seen my tits and are about to play with my pussy."

Close, but no point.

"IS," I said looking at her. "What do you think."

She playfully rolled out her lower lip.

"Cute," I said. "Now come on lay back and let me do what other women will pay for."

Her voice had a slight edge to it.

"You don't think twelve million is enough? Well John, I'm putting the pressure on you. Unless you make me feel like I got my twelve million worth you can explain to Melanie how you blew it."

The game was serious now and the rule book just got thrown out the window. I could get pissed and walk out or I could make her feel like she got her moneys worth. And I wasn't about to walk out.

She was laying back on the bed, as I, with a great deal of calm, walked to her. As I did, I saw, for a fraction of a second, fear. That momentary look was quickly replaced by the look of superiority, but from that moment I knew her weakness.

"IS, you and I both know, it's the one with the money that makes the rules. So I'm here to play by your rules."

The victory sign went up in her eyes and she thought the game was over. She forgot that she was the one that tossed the rule book out the window.

She said, "Now; you see my pussy, I want to see your cock."

"Fair enough," I said. And with out any ceremony, I pulled my dick out.

She touched it, "Not very impressive. What does Melanie see in you?"

"She thinks I'm funny."

"Well, I'm disappointed.

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