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Haley makes Kelly her slave.

The play of the firelight over his skin made him even more appealing.

Slowly, Hawk's mouth moved down to caress the head of Raven's hard cock, his tongue flicking over the spongy crown. He slid his mouth and tongue all over the hard shaft, as Raven's hand rested on his hair, encouraging him onward. Eagerly, his mouth enveloped the waiting member, and he began sucking away, his head bobbing up and down slowly at first, and then more quickly. Raven was moaning in pleasure, and Flower found herself as wet as she had ever been between her thighs, feeling the need to touch herself. She slipped her hand inside her leggings, finding her cleft and rubbing her pleasure nub. Hawk seemed to be truly enjoying himself as much as Raven, and he continued his play until the other man's face contorted and he spilled his seed into the hungry mouth. Almost immediately, Hawk moved up to kiss his lover, and share the bounty. Raven pushed him onto his back gently but firmly, and proceeded to take the waiting cock beneath him in his own mouth, sucking his playmate until he had spilled his semen as well. They were not yet done, however, and Flower continued to watch and stroke herself, as they moved into a new position. Hawk rose and bent over, mouthing his partner to hardness again, then got on his hands and knees before Raven, offering himself.

As Flower watched, Raven's hard shaft slowly disappeared inside the tight star between Hawk's ass cheeks, and the two moved together, with moves that were well-known to both. Obviously they had been together many times, with the practiced ease the love-making showed. Flower found herself on the edge of her own orgasm, and when Raven and Hawk cried out their release, she came with them, and cried out her own. As they all spiraled back down to earth, their eyes moved to the shadows of the doorway and locked on her slender figure, her fingers still buried inside her clothing. They sat up and pulled on their clothing, as she tried to find the strength to move. Giving her a slow smile, Raven held out a hand to her, motioning her toward them. Blushing, she moved into the firelight, unable to meet his eyes.

"Sit down, Little Flower. Were you spying?"

"No, oh no. I just found the cave and wondered about it...then when I saw the torches, I wanted to see what else was further on....when I saw the two of you...I ...I just couldn't seem to leave."

"Did you enjoy watching us?" When she couldn't answer right away, he caught her hand and brought it to his nostrils, smelling her arousal. "I believe you did...."

"I'm sorry....I didn't mean...."

Raven caught her chin and made her look at him. "Flower, how many times must we go through this? You do not have to be embarrassed or feel badly when something pleases your sight. If our love making gave you pleasure as well, we are happy." Hawk nodded in agreement.

"I know.....I seem to have a difficult time still letting go of the old ways....the old ideas of what is right between men and women..."

"You must let go if you are ever to be truly free and happy here. Loving someone is not wrong...not ever. If you choose to love them with your heart or with your body, it is a good thing, especially if they return that love. Hawk and I love each other very much, and sometimes we choose this way to show it." He paused, then said, "He and I love you very much as well, and we should like to do so with our bodies someday, if you would like."

Flower caught her breath.

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