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Domme gives her slave the title for the night.

We came into his home, he pulled my panties down my skirt, bent me against his door, licked his hand to lube me up which believe me wasn't really needed but is appreciated, and rammed himself inside. That's what I'm into. I like men to take charge.

I know what you're thinking. I'm a strong police officer, how could I possibly like men to take control in any circumstance? Like I said, two separate entities. Sergeant Bitch takes no shit at work. Jill on the other hand will swallow if you tell her to. Sergeant Bitch has been in three firefights. Jill has taken nineteen facials. Sergeant Bitch kicks ass. Jill get the idea.

Mr. Average as I'll call him, made all of the right steps. He never phrased any of it like I had a choice or as a question. 'You will go to my apartment.' 'You will enjoy those boots on my shoulders.' 'You will drink my cum like my dick is a straw.' Sir yes sir.

Even strong women like the feeling of being with someone strong. I'm not even saying dominating, I'm saying in charge. I'm in charge all day, the last thing I need is another job. I will gladly delegate my sexual fulfillment.

This doesn't bother me, the reason being, I've never had an orgasm from a dick. Not saying I'm secretly gay, and I've actually researched this and it turns out I'm well in the norm. It's not like I'm waiting for my orgasm first before granting him permission to finish, I'll get myself off later. I can sadly say, a man has never made me cum. Lacking the expectation has freed me to just get boned.

I don't care about having an orgasm during sex, because I never do. I'll take care of me later, for now, I'm anything you need me to be.


I go to a bar like I always do. All the right lures. Jean shorts with a tank top and flip flops, it's summer. Drinking a cocktail, but it's a jack and coke and I have an empty shot glass at the bottom of a larger glass from a jager bomb. Jager bombs are slut fuel, and I'm all topped off. I see him coming from the corner of my eye. Slightly above average, peach fuzz, good tastes which I can tell just by his shoes.

"I'd think you were a college freshman with the jager," He says, sitting across from me.

"If I was, I wouldn't be in a bar now would I?" I ask, him smiling.

"I guess you wouldn't be, but you could pull it off," he replies. He's good. "This place is overpriced, want to get out of here." Do lead the way.

Mr. Above Average lives close, and we're there fast. The door shuts and he's going straight for my shorts which fall to the floor. Then he does something that's foreign even to me. He goes straight to eating my pussy. Unusual but not unwelcome.

"I'm all good to go," I say but flicks my clit with his tongue. Wow, that was different. He slides his fingers in and does that again. I've had my pussy licked three times. The kind of guy I usually pick up, doesn't do this. When they do it's lazy and just enough to get me wet. Mr. Above Average indeed.

He's down there for ten minutes before I feel something familiar but new at the same time. I'm not a stranger to an orgasm by any stretch of the imagination, but not man induced. No man has ever taken the time to, and I groan loudly, grabbing his hair and pulling. It's not the same, it's better than a vibrator, he keeps going and so do I.

"Get up here," I say between the waves of pleasure, "Anything."

Immediately he pulls out his dick and glides it into me. He finishes stripping me as he pulls in and out, then takes my arms and holds them above my head. Own me. I'm yours.

After a minute he flips me over and leaning off the bed to pound me in doggy. I feel my hair get tugged back like reigns and a hard slap on my ass. Giddy up cowboy.

He slaps me again and five minutes of good tugging and slapping, I feel it again. I'm about to cum. Never once and now twice with one guy?

It's better than the first one.

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