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Interlude 2- Diane trains Shannon. Marty's change.

He unbuckled, then pulled on his zipper. His hands went to his sides, then he pushed his pants and underwear down. His hard cock popped free. With his pants around his ankles, he kneeled before be, circled his arms around my hips and rested his head on my lower stomach. Without looking up he said, "Joanie, I want to be your husband... and for Kris to be your lover."

I gently pushed his head to my public mound. I reached back to unzip my dress, but Timmy moved my hands away and did it for me. He then lowered my panties and licked my the top of my pussy. I was getting very wet very fast. I needed more contact. I moved away and told Timmy to stand up. I then directed him to our bedroom by grabbing his wet cock. I laid him on the bed, leaving his pants around his ankles and his shirt on. With my shirt still on I straddled his face. With my wet pussy only inches from his face I said, "Timmy, do you take Joanie as your lawful wedded wife and Kris as her lover?"

"I do," he answered, and I pushed my pussy onto his waiting mouth. I came withing seconds, wetting Timmy's face. But I wanted more. I continued to ride Timmy's face. I did not realize it then, but this would become my usual sexual position with Timmy, with me in the dominant position, riding Timmy's face, him twitching beneath me, his penis totally ignored by me. The second time I came, I really soaked Timmy's face, ears and hair. He was such a mess I just had to laugh. With Timmy in this condition I told him to call Kris and ask him to be my lover. I handed him the phone, still sitting on his chest and giggling at the sight of his cum soaked head, about to talk to my lover. "Hi Kris, I just wanted you to know that Joanie and I talked it over. I want you to be her lover... Yes, I understand your concerns. I really want this. I think it will be best for all of us." Watching my husband ask another man to be my lover, with his face soaked in my juices was just too much. I scooted my pussy back up to his mouth and took the phone away.

"Kris, Timmy can't talk anymore, I am so hot I just had to have him eat my pussy some more. So are you satisfied that Timmy really wants you to be my lover? He is so excited. God you should see him. He can't get enough of eating my pussy and his cock is twitching like crazy. He definitely wants me to have a lover." And with that, Timmy came. His life as my cuckold had begun.

Over the next few months our lives as a unique threesome evolved. By his nature Kris is not an arrogant or dominant person. He is, however, very self assured and relaxed. He never wanted to humiliate Tim (which I think Timmy would enjoy). He wanted Tim to enjoy our affair, but Kris would not share me. When Kris was in the house, I was his woman, when Kris left, Timmy was my obedient husband licking my sore cum filled pussy, sometines having sloppy seconds or, to my surprise he would often and masturbating for his own relief. If Kris was gone for a few days, then Tim would fuck me like old times. It was... comfortable, but never exciting the way it was with Kris.

Most of the changes were very subtle. Kris didn't just want to fuck me, he liked being with me. When he would come over to the house, usually twice a week, we would have dinner together, watch some TV, maybe play a board game together, then make love while Timmy watched. At fist I did not even notice, but over time I realized that Kris always sat at the head of the table. He would sit in Tim's chair. Kris would decide what to watch on TV. I even started to ask Kris what he wanted for dinner on the nights he ate with us. In other words, Kris was the man of the house.

Besides these subtle changes, the first real shift in our relationship was when Kris arrived one night and announced "Tim, I've been thinking a lot about something that we need to discuss.

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