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An interracial affair.


He asked for coke and I got him a glass, making sure while I was in the kitchen that there was nothing had burned and relieved to note that the only thing on fire was me, or at least I was every time Greg got close. I sat down next to him, but not too close to avoid too much temptation. He moved over towards me though and pressed his side to mine.

'You can't get away that easily,' he said in a quiet but intense voice that made me quiver, and I know he felt it. 'I'm going to have to try and get my fill of closeness over the weekend, because we won't be able to do this in the office.' He drew me into another kiss at that point and the brief thought I had about work fled from my mind along with everything else. He traced around my lips slowly with the tip of his tongue before fully claiming my mouth. I wanted to spin and sit in his lap but it seemed like a bad plan, and we both settled for turning as far as we could towards each other, so much so that I was almost on my side pressed against him. His hands in my hair again made me groan and I hoped he was getting how much that turned me on, for when he'd really need that information.

I reluctantly pulled away from him when the oven timer started going off. As I stood I looked back at him and saw the intensity in his eyes. It made me gasp to see how turned on he was, how ruffled his clothes and hair were, and how red and damp his lips were. I could also get a good idea of how hard he was, probably as much as me, because my cock was protesting not being able to get out and be played with. We really didn't have time to do much more anyway because Mark and Charlie would be around any minute. I couldn't believe how quickly over half an hour had passed with our kisses.

When the doorbell rang and I opened the door I saw Mark's eyebrow raise at the sight of me. I guessed that even after a few minutes to calm down while I had been checking the food I didn't look much different to Greg when I had left him. I raised a silent prayer to whoever might be listening, and gave Mark a severe look in the hope it would get him to keep his mouth shut. He seemed to understand, and resisted making any smart comments when I properly introduced him and Charlie to Greg.

There was a bit of gentle banter over dinner, but mainly Mark teasing the pair of us for both being stupid and him having to push us together.

Eventually I decided to put him in his place. 'Okay, we get it, and thank you for giving that little push. But seriously, we are not going to be undyingly grateful to you. We'd have worked it out sooner or later, I'm sure. You don't get to take the credit forever!'

'So you won't need another little push towards the bedroom then!' he replied. I went red, Greg almost choked on his dinner, and Charlie jabbed him in the ribs.

'You so did not need to say that. Leave them alone Mark. Do you want to tell them how long it took you to get into my bed?'

Mark had the decency to apologise, and look a little embarrassed as well. He looked straight at me then though. 'Charlie didn't believe I was serious about him. I can see you two both are, but I'm sorry for joking about it. I had to send him flowers every day for weeks before he even let me kiss him properly. I guess I just don't understand waiting when there's nothing to prove.'

I glanced at Greg then and he was already looking at me. I'm not sure either one of us knew what to say at that moment. Thankfully Charlie poked Mark in the ribs again and he shut up, chastened. Charlie then changed the subject.

'So, what are you going to do for your next date?'

I looked at Greg again. He shrugged. 'I don't have any bright ideas for the moment. What would you like to do?'

I thought about it for a moment, and realised that I had the perfect option at my disposal. 'How about dinner at Cafe Rene in the week? That would be really nice.' I looked at Mark as I said it and he nodded.

Greg looked a bit surprised.

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