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Rita takes a turn on the Purple Passion.

The nipples were rock hard and pointing straight at my chest. The most perfect breasts I have ever seen on a mature woman.

She had a look of worried expectation as my eyes feasted on them. "Oh, Lou!" I said in a hoarse voice. "They are absolutely gorgeous!! Better than I imagined!"

She finally exhaled, she had been holding her breath waiting to hear what I would say. "Don, thank you, I needed to hear that," she said with a radiant smile. "Now its my turn!"

With that she started unbuttoning my shirt, while I ran my hands over the bare skin of her shoulders and sides. I could hardly wait to touch those luscious breasts, but I wanted to feel her hands and body against my skin too. She pulled the shirt loose and helped me get it off, then lifted my T-shirt so I could pull it over my head. She ran her hands up and down my flat hard chest a few times.

Both of us were naked to the waist now, and she slid her hands around my back and pulled us together, breasts pressing into my naked chest. She gasped. I gasped. As I held her close I could feel her shaking.

I led her the few steps to the bed and we sat down on the edge together. Once again, we kissed, and as we did I finally claimed my prize. My hands slid up her body, under her breasts and cupped them, lifting slightly to feel their weight. My fingertips ran around their curves, stroking gently, squeezing, stroking again. She moaned into my mouth and pressed herself into my hands. I squeezed a bit harder, kneading, feeling their soft firmness as they fit perfectly into my palms. She shuddered with every touch.

Slowly, I laid her back on the bed and leaned over, staring, first at her breasts, then into her shining eyes. All I could think to say was, "Oh my god!"

Again I kneaded and squeezed and stroked, sometimes running my hands up and down her sides. But I had not yet done what we both wanted most.

Finally, I ran my fingers lightly over her rigid, cone-shaped nipples, stroking them lightly. She moaned loudly and arched her back violently in response. Her hips started moving slowly.

I caught the tips in my fingers and squeezed lightly, rolling them gently back and forth. Her body was shuddering and her hips were rocking. Squeezing harder, I pulled up on them, stretching, then twisted further. She was panting unevenly now, her entire body in constant motion.

Finally I cupped both hands around one beautiful breast and squeezed it, making it stand out from her chest. I stared into her eyes as I lowered my head and slipped my lips over the nipple, lightly sucking it in. My wet tongue played over the tip as my lips massaged and sucked.

With a hoarse yell of, "Oh damn, Oh yes, Oh yes!" she put both hands on my head and pushed my mouth down on her. I sucked hard, taking more of her breast in my mouth. My tongue pushed down, circling the hard nipple, then grinding down on the tip. Her hips were bucking, and her back arched to the maximum.

Then I caught the nipple with my teeth and pulled up - hard! She went off like a skyrocket. She came, again and again and again, wave after wave of orgasm rippling through her. She was almost sobbing as she grabbed me and pressed her face into my chest.

"Don, Oh Don, Oh Don," she gasped. "We don't even have our clothes off!"

I laid her back down and kissed her softly, then slid off the bed, undid the side buttons and zippers, and slipped her pants down over her hips, legs and feet. I stood, looking down at her, smiling, as I took my own pants off. She didn't move but she had recovered enough by now that she was staring back at me, watching me strip.

She had only panties on, special ones for me I think, not much more than a thong.

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