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Alex and Chloe find time to play.

After a thirty- minute break, the main event began. Its origins lay in the betting that occurred at many Vietnamese parties where couples competed at the same time with each wife attempting to make the other's husband cum first. Apart from standard betting matches, I myself have watched 13 and 11-year-old sisters compete for a boyfriend, women fight for a job, and settle insults or putdowns. Sometimes these were held behind closed doors, but the vast majority would be settled in a crowded loungeroom. Because the winner flaunted their success over the loser often the end result was a catfight. On one memorable occasion I watched a fifty four-year- old mother outfuck on the wedding dance floor the nineteen-year-old bride her son was marrying, because their mutual dislike had led to the bride insulting the mother publicly at the wedding. When attacked physically by the defeated bride the mother responded and after winning a viscous fight dragged her to every table at the wedding and fucked her with the thick centrepiece candle on each table. As a westerner I was amazed that no one intervened, but was told a fuckoff challenge once accepted was unstoppable, and that by attacking physically without a formal challenge and acceptance by the mother, the bride had violated the rules and no one could help her whatever the result. Apparently if she had challenged the mother to a catfight the mother could either decline or fight with structured rules.

Both Tranh in Melbourne and Thuy in Sydney had risen far above this with tonight's winner receiving $75,000 plus 15% of the official bets from the backers of the girls which totalled over $750,000. An extra unknown amount of money was resting on the result of this bout from all the unofficial bets made in the factory that night. Tranh herself had wagered her entire savings on herself.

The rules were far more formalised than those home contests played out for money or pride. Tranh had to make Thuy's backer Son and two others selected by her from his group cum before her backer Khoa and his two selected men succumbed to Thuy. If any of the 6 men came during the 6 hours previous to the main event that was credited to the girl. This was to stop the men prior draining their cum making it impossible for the women to arouse the men. Obviously the men had to co-operate by following the girls instructions. For example they could not refuse to let the girls suck their cocks or not refuse to enter them if they were hard enough. Before they started each girl had 15 minutes to excite the men by doing anything except touching them.

The crowd erupted as the two women entered. Thuy wore only a pair of 6-inch heels emphasising her long legs and a transparent camisole that reached just short of her belly button which left her shaved cunt exposed. The camisole had been altered so that it was skin tight over her breasts showing her proud prominent nipples. Tranh wore platform high heels with a front sole of two inches and a heel height of 8 inches so that she would not look shorter that Thuy. Her only other piece of clothing was a black suspender belt and black stockings. As she walked forward she fingered herself and rubbed the love juice into her thrust her tits out knowing her 35C stood out in contrast to Thuy's 32A. Seeing this Thuy stopped at the video camera lay down, spread her legs, opened her inner lips with her fingers and invited the cameraman to zoom in.

Both girls stripped fully before their 3 naked targets and the competition began.

Tranh first started masturbating in front of the men sucking her own love juices off her finger as she noisily came three times, once in front of each man.

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