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Wife finds her passion with help of husband and friends.

Pulling a chair directly in front of me and pushing my legs apart, she sat. Looking up at me with a grin she took my cock in hand and moved it down where she could lick and suck. She started her tongue just above my balls, running it up the shaft until she slipped her lips over the top, her tongue slithering around, then pulling off slowly, her lips sliding across the curve of my glans until she ended in a kiss to the end. "You've got such a nice cock, maybe I should just eat you for dinner tonight, hmm?" She stuck her tongue out, and starting at the base ran it all the way to the head. She looked up and grinned. "I like tasting me on your cock." She did it again, moving slightly left, and then slightly right, the last time slipping my cock head back into her mouth. "The taste of me for starters, the taste of you for the main course! If I eat you long enough, will you feed me?" She didn't wait for an answer, just devoured my cock again, this time taking me deeper into her mouth.

"That would be nice, but how about we save that for later so we don't ruin a perfectly good hard on?"

"Uh, uh. I want to suck you off." She said between licks and sucks. "I want to taste you, to feel you cum in my mouth." She put just the head back in her mouth, running her tongue around it. I moaned.

"We could swap and I could eat you?" She ignored me, just continued sucking and tonguing my cock. I gave up trying to talk her out of it, leaned back on my hands and enjoyed the moment.

Except when her eyes were closed in her own enjoyment, she was continually looking at me, presumably watching my expressions. I tried not to disappoint, not holding back with any "um's' or "oh yeah's" or "that's good's". She rapidly worked me toward an orgasm, and then when I was almost there pulled off my cock, her mouth and tongue slithering down the shaft and sucked my balls one at a time. Her hand came up to caress my shaft and cock head while her mouth was occupied below, allowing me recover from the verge of orgasm, only to rise back up and do it again. She expertly took me to the brink one more time. This time as I got close I reached down to stroke her hair which caused her to pull her mouth off me.

"Don't hold me," she snapped, her hand wrapped around my cock, its motion stilled.

"What?" I questioned? My mind - more occupied with the impending explosion from my cock than on coherent thoughts - didn't comprehend.

"I want you to cum in my mouth, but don't hold my head. My husband used to hold my head so I couldn't move. I hate that." It dawned on me that subconsciously that was exactly what my hand had been doing; moving down to tell her what she was doing was perfect, to not move, and subconsciously to keep her from pulling off even though I knew she wasn't going to. I stroked her hair once more without answering, only this time on the side of her head, and then I just leaned back on my hands.

This time when she took me to the brink, she didn't stop. She continued on, taking me over the precipice, sucking and swallowing as I exploded into her mouth with a groan, my arms almost collapsing as I lost control. I felt a forced swallow, saw a dab of white cream appear in the corner of her mouth and begin to run down toward her chin; her hand stroked my cock shaft, milking me into her mouth; this time a smaller gulp and a second swallow, her ability to take what I was giving her catching up with my ability to fill her mouth. Her thumb wiped the errant drop from her chin then slipped between her glistening lips. Her tongue extended, licked the end of my now supersensitive glans then swabbed around it giving me both ecstasy and agony at the same time.

She continued licking and sucking even as my cock shriveled and shrank.

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