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She placed her hand behind his head "Please Jase. Kiss me right. Kiss me like a girlfriend." She gently pulled them together.

Shelby looked at her brother's face for a second before he cradled her face in his hands and began to gently kiss her full lips. They moved in synchronized motion as if they had kissed a hundred times. Jason made love to her mouth with his pressing his tongue against hers and swirling it slowly around. They broke away with a few soft gentle kisses. Shelby laid her head against Jason's chest and hugged his waist.

"Goddamn, bro! Where did you learn to kiss like that?" Jason just smiled and hugged her against him. "Why did you hesitate?" she asked.

"I was trying to think up something cute to say." They both laughed. "God, I'm buzzed."

He gave up trying to keep his cock down as it had risen and engorged almost to full size. Shelby looked down at it. "Damn, little brother, I'm impressed. When we bathed together as kids, it was only this big." Holding her fingers a scant few millimeters apart. She laughed.

"It was bigger than that" Jason protested, snickering.

"OK, maybe this big" Shelby moved her fingers slightly wider.

"That's about right." They both laughed. His cock relaxed a little bit.

"Can I touch it?" She asked.

Jason blushed and said, "I guess. If you want to." He moved to kiss her again as Shelby cradled his cock in her small hand. As they passionately kissed, Shelby squeezed and pulled on her brother's penis. She slowly stroked it toward her.

"What are you doing?"

"I want to see it hard, all the way hard." She giggled. Shelby stroked the cock as it quickly became rock hard and pointed up at her. She slowly pulled the foreskin down and squeezed it purple. "Damn Bro! That's nice." She marveled at pink member she had thought about for months. They began to kiss again. Shelby took Jason's hand and moved it onto her small breasts.

Jason felt electric as his hand slid smoothly over the beautiful chest he had lusted after for, so long. Shelby's nipples swelled to puffy pillows on her breasts. They popped up between his fingers. Jason massaged her tits as she stroked his hard cock. Kissing put Jason at a level to reach down Shelby's back with his long arm. He began to rub her firm little ass. They kissed with more passion. Jason slid his down her crack and moved his fingers up under her from behind. Shelby moved her legs apart to accommodate. Jason intended to just rub her and feel her pussy, but Shelby was so wet that with the slightest pressure his middle finger seemed to fall upward into her wet hole. Shelby gasped, and her mouth fell open. Jason swirled his finger around inside her then withdrew. They eased apart, both shocked at how far they had gone so fast. They hugged and then rinsed off.

"Let's get out and dry off. We need to think about this. I'm so baked!" Jason trying to pump the brakes.

"Thinking is bad for you." They laughed. "What are you going to do with that?" Shelby asked, pointing at Jason's erection.

It was still standing out. "I'll just treat it like a stray cat." Jason answered.

"What? What the fuck did you say?" Shelby began to laugh hysterically. "What do you mean 'a stray cat'?"

Jason laughed with her. "Boners are like stray cats. Ignore them and they will go away. Just don't pet and them or you're stuck with them..." He laughed.

Shelby began laughing so hard she could hardly breathe. She parked her ass on the throne laughing. A little bit of piss dribbled out of her. She tried to compose herself. Wiping herself with paper she discovered that her pussy was pouring wet. Sitting with her brother standing in front of her, she noticed his dick was settling down. "Looks like that stray cat is leaving." She started up laughing again.

Shelby stood beside her taller half-brother in front of a fogged mirror hiding their nudity. Jason had loaded toothpaste onto their brushes. He handed Shelby hers. "Here. You got bong breath."

"You do too, asshole." She quipped. "Your eyes are red as hell." She turned to Jason. "Are mine?

He chuckled.

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