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High-flying Indian academic explores sex.

However, the best thing she had was hidden under a thick bush between her things.

She washed her face with some water from an old kit. A smile brightened her face when she remembered the sweetness of the King's kiss. She had never been kissed before. He covered her small mouth with his, then his tongue brushed against her cherry like lips. She thought her lips were melting under the pressure of his tongue. Then, his tongue slipped inside her mouth and his saliva mixed with hers. Both of them swallowed in the same time, fighting over this mixture of their oral secretions. It tasted like wine when she swallowed down.

She latched the closed door with a wooden bar. Her thoughts about the king were getting her excited. She undid her girdle, allowing the sheer ketonet around her hips to fall down on floor. She stepped out of it and sat down on the mat. Spreading away her legs, she reached down and touched herself. It felt wonderful. Her bush was sticky and wet after the King made love with her. She longed to taste the King's seeds that filled her tight womanhood passage. Maybe there was some still buried inside her deep hole. She spread away her pink pussy lips and inserted carefully her finger between them. She felt a little pain and discomfort, but continued to advance her finger deeper inside her vagina. She almost cried from pain and pleasure when she reached the vault of her tight vagina. It was filled with the King's seeds mixed with her abundant juices. When she pulled out her finger, it was drenched with her juice. She licked her finger not believing what she was doing to herself. It tasted like grapes. She stared at her pussy thinking: "I'm the keeper of the royal vineyard, but my own vineyard I haven't kept." She almost giggled to that thought.

She noticed a little wet patch she made under her on the mat. This was the spot where she slept. She can't dampen it with the sinful juice of lust she was producing. She stood up horrified, and hurried to the wooden kit. Splaaaaash. She poured the kit's content between her thighs. It felt cold but refreshing. She rubbed her pussy with a dry cloth. She closed her eyes and imagined the king in front of her.

"Oh King, touch me again with your royal hands. Lie all the night between my breasts"

She reached up with both hands and squeezed her large breasts. Her areolae were pink like roses. Her nipples were pointy and erect. Her breasts filled her hands and felt firm under them. She felt waves of pleasures running down her spine, making her wetter and hornier.

Her warm juices started running along her thighs. The room was filled with the unmistakable strong aroma of her pussy. The fragrance filled her nostrils and smelled like the spinkenard plants to her.

"Oh King, you are sitting now on your table thinking about your kingdom while I'm filling my room with this sinful smell thinking of you."

She felt week on the knees and crouched down on the floor. Her juices ran down her ass crack and filled her virginal asshole. She pushed down her outstretched arm, reaching her puffy cunt and squeezed it between her thighs. Her clitoris was hard and throbbing from pleasure.

"Oh king, ride me like a horse pulling one of Pharaoh's chariots."

Her body stiffened all of a sudden to explode into violent tremors and shivers. Her pussy was milking its juice. Her breasts were dancing on air. Her butts were arching from behind. Her asshole was sucking for air. When she finished her climax, she dropped exhausted on floor and slept naked all over the night.

To be continued...

* * * * *

The first chapter of The Song of Solomon as written in Bible:

1:1 THE SONG of songs, which is Solomon's.
1:2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth--for thy love is better than wine.
1:3 Thine ointments have a goodly fragrance; thy name is as ointment poured forth; therefore do the maidens love thee.
1:4 Draw me, we will run after thee; the king hath brought me into his chambers; we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will find thy love more fragrant than wine! sin

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