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Two more great stories of unconditional kindness.

"I'd really like to try something different."

"That's good, Tim," Dr Castle said, "However, I think you should prepare yourself. What I'm going to propose is quite radical."

"I'm ready for anything," Tim said, and he squeezed Charlotte's hand. Dr Castle pulled out a hypodermic needle and a small bottle of clear liquid. Puncturing the top of the small bottle with the needle, he drew a small amount of the clear liquid into the needle, then squirted some out and tapped the needle to remove any air bubbles. Tim was a little surprised to see a needle. Dr Castle came around the desk and began to roll up one of Tim's sleeves.

"If you consent to this," Dr Castle spoke while getting ready to put the needle in Tim's arm, "this drug will create a relaxed state, where we will be able to do things we can't ordinarily achieve otherwise."

"Can you be a little more descriptive?" Tim asked.

"Unfortunately, no," Dr Castle said, "I'm afraid that to describe too much would defeat the purpose of the treatment. Really, I just need you to trust me. Do you trust me, Tim?"

Tim thought about it, then he turned to Charlotte, "What do you think?" Tim asked.

"I think you should do it," Charlotte said, comfortingly patting Tim on the shoulder. "I want us to go to the next step."

"Alright," Tim said, and he flexed his arm in preparation for the needle.

"Good, good," Dr Castle said, and without wasting a moment, dabbed Tim's arm with something in a cotton ball, and then pierced Tim's arm with the needle, placing it expertly into a vein. "It should only take a few moments to take effect," Dr Castle said.

Tim felt himself get very heavy, and then a strange feeling of seeing out his eyes like he was watching a movie of what he was seeing instead of just seeing it directly. As if somehow he was inside his own head. It was like tunnel vision, but actually his senses were heightened so he was seeing, smelling, and hearing everything vividly. Tim wanted to comment on how sharp everything seemed, but when he tried to speak, it came out, "thsss sss srrnnj". When the sounds left his mouth, he realized he couldn't move his mouth. It was like Novocaine after the dentist, but many times stronger. He tried to raise his arm, but nothing moved. He began to panic a little, but there was no outward sign, as he was completely paralyzed.

"I think it might have taken effect," Dr Castle said calmly as he put the needle away into a little case on his desk. "Charlotte, be a dear and check his arm." Charlotte held one of Tim's wrists and lifted it a little off the arm rest, then let it drop. It flopped back to its place on the armrest like a dead weight.

"Wow," Charlotte said, "Is he really completely paralyzed?"

"Mmmmnnn!" Tim tried to say something, but he could barely move his tongue.

"He has only the slightest involuntary movement in his face and things like breathing," Dr Castle said confidently, "however, he is completely unable to move his limbs."

"Then does that mean...?" Charlotte asked, not finishing her question because it was obvious to both her and Dr Castle what she was speaking about. The only person who didn't know was Tim.

"Yes, dear," Dr Castle said as he stood over Charlotte with his legs straddling over hers. "It means you don't have to pretend any more." With that, Dr Castle reached down and grabbed Charlotte's massive tits. She was wearing a scoop neck shirt, so he reached his hands in, and by stretching the fabric, was effectively able to scoop them out. "Show me your tits!"

"You're so obsessed with my tits," Charlotte giggled, and she stood up and unbuttoned the her shirt so her huge tits could be unrestrained. She shook them side to side and giggled some more.

"I love when you do that for me," Dr Castle said, kneading and kissing her tits. Then the two of them locked in a passionate embrace, their tongues openly lashing at each other. Dr Castle's hands freely roamed Charlotte's body, and the rest of her clothes came off.

Tim was completely baffled at first.

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