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Kelsey falls in love with her ex-boyfriend's best friend.

I felt his warm hands come down on my ankles and smooth slowly up, over my calves, linger behind my knees where I was so sensitive, up over my thighs to my hips. Then he palmed over the rounded curves of my ass. He rubbed the skin of each cheek.

Massaged each one, played with them really. He tapped them, and said "I want to spank you. I'm going to do it soon, maybe tomorrow, hard, the way you like. But right now, I want to lick you."

With that he crouched down, and I felt his warm soft tongue right at the base of my vagina opening. He lapped upward, slow and hot, over my perineum, over my asshole, up the crack of my ass. He licked over the globes of my bottom, every bit, but kept returning to dance his tongue over my hole. I felt his soft licking everywhere.

Sometimes he nibbled the soft inner curves, and below where my ass met my thighs. Once he bit rather hard. Then he settled down between my legs, and began licking my ass in earnest. He tongued me over and over, pressing into the opening, while rubbing my cheeks with both hands.

I wanted to squirm away. I didn't know if I liked that. It was so invasive, so odd feeling. I tried moving but his hands clamped down on my hips, and I only had a very little leeway in my bindings anyway. He licked again, and thrust his tongue inside me. Did I like it? He knew.

He kept fucking me with his tongue. Soon, just as he had said on the phone, I didn't want to squirm away, I wanted to press back against him. I wanted him to enter me more. It did feel good. It felt amazing. All the nerves in this sensitive area were sparking and sizzling.

He knew I wanted it. But I didn't know how to want it myself. He was going to show me how to want it. He was going to make me show him how I wanted it. He said so.

He said, "I want to feel your ass pressing up against my face, arching against my tongue. So when this feels good, I want you to wiggle your ass, and press back to me. Show me you like it. I'm going to keep licking you, and licking you, and licking you, until it feels amazing and you beg for more."

He dove back in. He licked my crack, and my hole, then down around my labia. He swirled his tongue as far down as he could reach, flicked my clit with his tongue until I gasped. Then he licked back up and plunged his tongue back in my ass. I wiggled as much as my bonds allowed.

Round and round he went on this circuit: tongue fuck, soft wide licks over my ass, press tongue against asshole, flick clit, tongue fuck. I was squirming and arching, and whimpering also now. Now and then his fingers would brush up over my clit, making me jump each time. I moaned. I was so wet. I felt his tongue again, licking softly over the edges of my labia, upward, joined with his thumbs. They were rubbing, pressing, and followed his mouth to my ass, where all three danced around my opening for a moment. They pulled and pressed, and swirled. He was pulling my ass open with his thumbs, and pressing his tongue in me so hard. I felt it had to hurt him to press his tongue out with such force. But it felt so amazing. I shoved my hips upward to his face and ground, so I was fucking myself against his mouth. I was making all sorts of noise, and I couldn't stop myself.

He loved it. I felt him humming his pleasure against me, so the vibrations entered me also. I was gasping, "Yes, yes, yes, yes."

Then, at last, panting, he rose up. His hands gripped the round softness of my bottom so tightly I felt each finger dig in, and spread my cheeks open wider. He groaned, "Oh my god, you're so gorgeous. Your ass is all wet, and your pussy is wet, and you want me to fill you up, don't you? I want to." He reached down and licked my ass again. "It's so fucking hot, I want to fuck it, right now."

I felt him staring at me, rubbing my cheeks with his hands.

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