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Husband initiates separation, wife finds a man.

Laura moved once again, cutting Matt out of the action with a forced closure of her legs. "One thing at a time, boys" she chided, and grabbed Josh's rigid young prick in both hands.

Matt looked shocked, looking at me in disbelief.

"How do you think I feel?" I asked, slightly amused.

"Well THIS needs urgent attention" he groaned, rubbing over his massive cock bulge "come and sort me out, mate."

I didn't need to be asked twice. I jumped up and over to this young god, pushing him back into the sofa next to my wife and her own eager, hung stud. Within seconds Matt's jeans were off - again commando, and his magnificent cock jutting up from his lap. Once again I took in the glorious sight of his massive pole; the nine inches length, the pussy-stretching thickness of the shaft and massive mushroom head, not forgetting the glorious blue veins ribbing the whole thing. Just as I was about to take a firm grip, once again I was thwarted.

"Uh-uh" Laura said, sitting up between the two boys."Over there please, you can only watch for now" she said to me, and pointed to my chair once again.

"Fucking hell!" was all I could reply, and skulked back, my cock aching for action.

She grasped hold of both monster cocks, one in each hand, and began. She slowly peeled down the tight foreskin to reveal the purple glans below, stretching the skin gently down over the head of their cocks, the movement eased with the slick pre-cum emanating from the big slits until the foreskins eased past their corona. Matt's helmet was thicker and darker than Josh's, but it looked like Josh produced a lot more lubrication, juice seeping from him in a slow, steady flow. Laura's hand raised upwards, slipping foreskin over glans then back down in one easy, steady motion, repeating her actions over and over until the throbbing glans were covered with their gooey liquid and producing a slurping, smacking sound with each stroke. As she went on, their juice slipped both beneath and over her hands, trickling down towards both eager studs' balls, there place of origin. With this she began to travel further down their shafts, coating their cocks in a glossy sheen that highlighted Matt's bulging veins perfectly. My cock was fit to burst from its constraints; I knew I would have to do something to ease my ache. Matt reached across Laura's legs to locate her pussy and once again began stroking. The groan she produced spurred Josh into action, he too slipped his hand across to her pussy, both boys stretching, massaging and tickling the dampening pussy folds beneath her knickers. A few minutes later, Matt had hooked his fingers inside the seam and started to finger her clit, Josh joined in by pulling aside the thin strap of material and expertly exploring the folds of her slit.

"Suck it please" Josh moaned almost absently-minded and Laura responded by shifting her weight to get closer to his huge, slick erection. She had released Matt's monster and grabbed Josh's huge cock with both hands, positioning the pulsating tip near to her mouth. Her hot breath thrilled Josh, swelling his cock even more before she enveloped the tip and slipped it into her hungry mouth. Matt looked a little annoyed because of her focus on Josh and shot me over a disgruntled glare, which put a wry smile on my face. All this time I had been watching the action, feeling a little isolated - Matt would just have to wait, like me.

Instead, Matt stood, clutching his massive hard-on and stepped towards me, his juggernaut of a cock arriving minutes before the rest of him!!

"Suck it!" he commanded, thrusting his hips towards my face.

I eagerly leaned towards the gleaming, wet tip and plunged straight down onto the girthy shaft.

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