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The thong came off with a tug and she set up the camera again, baring herself to the digital eye. She went to pour a glass of wine, and brought the bottle back with her. Turning on the radio she danced to the music, letting go of every inhibition she might have had. Click after click, picture after picture she became more proactive, more erotic. She felt the eyes of all those men and women, as if she were on some worldwide stage. The liberation of her inner tease moved her more profoundly than she imagined, and soon she was less concerned about the pictures and more focused on her own body. Touching and exploring, feeling the way she responded to the arousal. Her fingers slipping inside the folds of intimate flesh, she stimulated herself more, harder faster, then grabbed for the vibrator she kept in the bedside table. Legs wide, body exposed, she let herself go and felt an orgasm like she rarely had before. And then another, and other, until she was exhausted from exploring her own needs and slid under the covers in nothing but her skin and sweat.

Her head hurts from the bottle of wine, and she remembered the pictures after a long hot shower. She looked through them, choosing five more that bordered the truly pornographic but could not unravel the facade of the mother, homemaker, PTA member and volunteer at the thrift store. As much as being a temptress was a trill for her, she was not ready to trade in one life for another. Convinced she was sufficiently anonymous and yet adequately arousing she sent the next set out for the waiting screens.

As the computer shut down the phone rang, a transfer from one life to another. "Hey Suze, Its Rich. Things here are pretty bad. I'll be here all week. Tell the kids I'm really sorry and give them a kiss for me each night." She paused, wanting to seduce him, to talk dirty in his ear and make him want her more, to make him forget his job and grab the first flight home just to take her the instant he walks in the door.

"Oh, that's awful. I'll let them know and you take care of yourself out there."

Wife, mother, good girl, quiet wall flower, all the other incarnations rushed back to hold captive the succubus. She dressed and went about her day, not once turning a head or beckoning a smile from passers by. Suzy inwardly cursed herself for thinking she was sexy, for trying to be a sex kitten and told herself that she should just be the happy homemaker, the pudgy quiet girl she was in college, just give up being sexy. The half gallon of double fudge ice cream would be the first bullet to end the life of her seductive alter ego.

Once more she logged on to the message board, already formulating her goodbye message. The upper right hand corner showed a private message for her. Opening the message she read the offer to model for Bias, a Manhattan photographer wanting to do some erotic series that will illustrate a collection of stories. Please keep his on-line ego a secret but is she was open to it would she come by the studio on Thursday to discuss ideas and do some preliminary test shots? Suzy clicked the link to his studio web site to look at his work and was breathless the way he made images of striking almost dangerous looking women. The vixen within her dodged the ice cream spoon, and began screaming the clothing choices even as her fingers typed the acceptance.

Rich wouldn't be back until Friday at the earliest, more likely it would be Monday. This was her chance, her one shot at glamor she always dreamed about. She would be a "Bias babe" as the website called them. She made arrangements for a friend to pick up the kids and put on the slinky black dress she never wore. It was now or never and she wanted now to be amazing.

Entering the studio, she saw the large prints of his works, floor to ceiling images of women in leather, silk, water, shadows.

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