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Obsessed teacher kidnaps 18-year-old guy.

In the end she just shrugged. There was only one way to find out.

I slipped the collar on and adjusted it until it was comfortable. I reached over and switched it on. It was like going to the eye doctor and having a new prescription. Everything was so clear just like Haley had said. I looked at her and I could hear her heart beating in her chest. I watched a single drop of sweat fall from her forehead. I saw as it ran down her cheek, reach her jaw and fall inbetween her tits.

"Look to your right," Haley said and I did. My arm was up, when did that happen?

There was a moment of dizziness and when I looked around I was sitting naked in my chair. I couldn't recall getting naked. It was time to clean up. I switched off the collar and removed it. I locked it up and told Haley I was going to take a shower. She said she needed one too. I felt like we might as well take one too. Haley started the shower while I waited. She seemed in a great mood. We stepped in and we lathered each other up.

I looked around and I was standing in the shower alone. I blinked and glanced over my shoulder. Haley was just there but now she was gone. I rinsed off and turned off the water. What the hell was going on? Had the collar had an adverse effect on me? I dried off and went to speak to Haley. She was in my bed under the covers. She sat up when she saw my expression.

"Are you okay," she asked but I shook my head. I told her I was having missing time and that's when she blushed.

"Haley, what did you do?"

"A post hypnotic suggestion," she said. "I placed a command word in your head."

"You've been wicked," I said. "What happens when you say it?"

"UMMMM... we have sex and then you forget." She admitted.

"I can't believe you took my virginity and made me forget," I said keeping my secret even after her bad behavior. "What is the word?"


The next thing I remember is Haley laying on top of me and staring at the ceiling. Stupid... stupid... stupid... I asked her to say the goddamn word. Haley was purring like a fiend. I asked her how she was but all she could do was giggle and plant kisses on my chest.

"That good huh..." I said and she nodded.

"Do you want to remember?" She asked. "I planted two words, one to forget and one to remember."

"Yes... YES... I want to remember!" I said.

"Remoraz," she said and it all came tumbling back in a burst of scents, tastes and sensations.

"Three times Haley," I said and she giggled some more. "Good god woman you are insatiable."

Day Four:

I think I was ready for the second version of my prototype. I offered to buy sis lunch and she smiled. I went up and plopped down on the couch while she washed her hair to get rid of the last of the adhesive from the leads. I was watching the professional dart league when Haley returned with a new outfit and damp hair. I looked up and bit back a whimper. She was wearing a sun dress and it did little to hide her amazing body.

"Thank you," she said as she held up my car keys. "You drive."

"Sure, where are we going," I asked but she just shrugged. "I guess we can just drive around until you see something you like."

I drove while sis was eerily silent. She usually talked my ear off about something or other. I turned on the sound system and let my MP3 player run on shuffle. I was feeling weirded out and wondered if this was a side effect of my device. Had I done some form of irreparable harm to her? I was about to ask when she called out a left hand turn. I forgot my question as she guided us way off the main drag to a winding road that bordered a state park. It was a nice scenic drive and I was about to comment when I felt her hands on my zipper.

"Haley... what are you doing Haley?" I asked as she unzipped me and freed my cock. I watched as she lowered her head so that she could... "Wait, are you going to... unnnnn shit!"

"Keep your eyes on the road. It is pretty curvy down here."

Those were her last words for a long time.

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