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Joe and his dad discover there's a first time for everything.



"Ah, don't be mad, please."

"Don't. Just don't, okay?" I already guessed where this was heading.

"Frank. The girls are quite unhappy with your refusal."

"The girls' happiness is not my problem."

"Would it be okay if they visited us?"

"No, not really. I have no intention to be sandbagged by a bunch of women trying to scheme me into a foolish plan."

"Talk to them at least, will you?"

"No, not interested. I've nothing to gain..."

I was interrupted by the ringing doorbell.

"Damn, they're early."


"Don't be mad, I expected you to be at least open to talk about this."

"Just great. Why have you even bothered to ask me about it?"

"Frank, don't be that difficult, okay?"

I chose to be silent, hide my anger and await the upcoming joint attack. And what an attack it was. "Come on, we will be soo nice to you." "You're spoiling our game. We can't continue now and we can't leave it half finished. That would be unfair." "Take a look at what we have to offer, okay?" "Come on, man up! A bunch of hot ladies are offering themselves to you." And so on...

After just a few minutes most of them were topless, a few were about to get completely naked. I can't say that the sight wasn't pleasant, but their attempt to convince me was as crude as it was doomed.


"Come on, you get a free sample. Just play with my boobs, okay?"


"Why? Are you gay?"

"No, I'm not gay, I'm married. And that means that I will stay faithful to my wife."

"Oh, come on. That's sweet, but if you both consent, it's not cheating."

"But I won't consent."

Luckily, Annette had remained silent throughout the whole drama. I was glad she hadn't sided with them and participated in the campaign.

"Come on, we'll have to stop the whole game if you're not aboard. We wouldn't be able to offer the whole group of girls to the remaining husbands. Annette has already offered herself to Paul and Tom, we can't treat the other husbands any different, that wouldn't be fair. Bea's and Tina's husbands have already paid their dues, we need to let them have the full reward."

"Not my problem."

"Oh, come on! You can't possibly be THAT stubborn."

"Sorry, but it seems that I am."

"You'll spoil the whole game. Bea and Tina will have cheated in case we have to stop. Paul has already had his payment at least."

"Console them however you want. Offer them the remaining group, that should be enough. But I won't participate. You don't really need Annette, there are plenty of women to choose from."

"We know that at least one hubby has always fancied Annette. We can't deny him that."

That surprised me. I loved my Annette, but she was right in saying that most men would prefer other members of their little club of schemers. "Annette, you knew that?" It contradicted her claim not to be chosen anyway.

"No." She looked quite surprised. "No, I didn't."

Somehow I doubted their little story. They didn't need Annette to reward the other husbands. They could continue their stupid game perfectly well without us. But somehow they obviously needed me and Annette to participate, I just couldn't figure out why.

"Interesting. However, you can stop now, ladies and get yourself dressed again. Continue your little plan without Annette and me. I think it should be no big deal."

They all reluctantly got dressed again and their expressions varied between disappointed and plain angry.

"This is not the end of it, Frank. You will see," Angela said in an almost menacing way. I know, it sounds funny. But I knew her and I also knew she wouldn't stop until she had achieved what she wanted. Beautiful as she was, she was also almost unbearably full of herself and stubborn. Luckily, with these parting words, the whole group left.

"Shall we eat out for dinner," I asked as if nothing happened.

"That would be lovely," Annette answered in the same tone. She might be easy to manipulate, but she had a great sense of humor. I realized again how much I loved her, despite this silly episode.


As I left my office building a few days later, Angela headed me off before I coul

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