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Kevin surrenders and finds life is worthwhile.

I'd been with two boys - was his cock like theirs? What would it be like to be with someone so much more experienced?

The woman's cries were loud enough that I could clearly hear her. Damn, she's enjoying herself, I thought. My hand drifted under my skirt and into my panties. I was wet. I continued to watch Mr. Allison fuck the mystery woman as I slipped a finger inside; I was so horny I contemplated texting Johnny (my ex) and telling him to meet me in the woods where we had fooled around for the first time. As I fingered myself, I pictured Mr. Allison taking me and realized Johnny's dick would not do.

Soon the woman was moaning loudly again, this time matched by Mr. Allison's voice. I picked up my pace, as if I was in the car with them, the three of us climaxing together. The woman's pace was breathtaking, as she bounced up and down on Mr. Allison's cock. I slipped two fingers inside and matched her pace as I leaned against the cool brick wall of the school for support. My legs quivered as I felt my orgasm building. The blood rushed from my head, making me dizzy, and I leaned my back against the wall as the first convulsions hit me like a tsunami. I stifled a scream with my free hand as I continued to finger-fuck my pussy. The woman in the car let out one final blissful scream as we climaxed together, leaving me spent and speechless.

I gathered myself and looked warily over to the Explorer, hoping to finally see with whom I had just shared Mr. Allison in my mind. I almost screamed when I saw my own mother stumble out of the vehicle. Before she walked away, Mr. Allison rolled down his window; my mother said something to him then leaned in and kissed him before going to her car.

Holy shit. What the fuck was going on? How long had they been seeing each other? If they are seeing each other, why hadn't he come around the house? "Because he's not supposed to have relationships with students' parents, even if they were single," I said aloud, answering my own question. What the fuck was I going to do? I couldn't sit across the dinner table from my mom tonight, knowing that she had sex with my science teacher, could I? How could I sit in class tomorrow knowing Mr. Allison had sex with my mom? I waited until both Mr. Allison and my mom were long gone before I walked home, the entire time contemplating what, if anything, I would or could do in light of what I now knew.

When I got home, I did my best to act normal. Heck, my mom was doing such a good job - if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I never would have known that earlier that day she had fucked my teacher in the school parking lot. Luckily, there were only a couple of days of classes left before finals. I kept my head down and studied my ass off. I did the math, so I knew that if I got A's on everything, I'd get straight A's except for chemistry. The best I could do there was an A-minus, which was why I told my mom ahead of time so there would be no surprises.

So, it was quite the surprise when the results of the finals were posted along with my final grade in chemistry - a 97. Impossible. When I told my mom the news, she was very happy of course, but there was something else - a look on her face that was there just for an instant that I couldn't quite place. It wasn't until I was in bed a few hours later that the truth dawned on me. I had an 85 average going into that chemistry final. I scored a 96 on the final. According to the syllabus and my calculations (which were accurate), I should have finished with a 91, not a 97. Just a few days before that final, I see my mother having sex with Mr. Allison and I come away with exactly what I need to keep my GPA intact just as I'm applying for college. I couldn't believe it. My mother fucked Mr. Allison to get me a better grade.

As I laid in bed, my mind drifted back to the sight of the "mystery woman" impaling herself on Mr.

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