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"What!" I replied, wondering if my reaction was genuine or not.

"Don't act so innocent, Sophie, I know you've started smoking ..."

"But ..." I tried to interrupt.

"Trust me, Sophie, I'm a smoker, and we smokers know when our packet is looking suspiciously light."

I slumped back in the seat feeling distraught. I should have been happy that it was out but I wasn't. Smoking had been a sexual fantasy up until this point, and although I often felt ashamed about it after pleasuring myself, it was after all my little secret.

"You may as well take one for yourself, I know you smoke. Believe me honey; I know how you feel about it. The quicker you start smoking in front of me, the easier it will be for you."

I took out another cigarette and nervously placed it between my lips. She was right, the first drag was ecstasy. The tension quickly faded away as I silently sucked on my first public cigarette, well almost public.

"You're a natural born smoker, girl." My mother chuckled. I smiled at her flattery as I took another deep drag.

We met her friend, Kate inside the club and quickly ordered our drinks as we sat down at a quiet table. As soon as we sat down a waitress placed a large clean ashtray in the middle of our table.

I suddenly felt excited again as I realised that tonight I would be smoking in public for the very first time. My mother wasted no time in lighting a cigarette as she placed her packet and lighter on the table. Kate quickly followed as she struck up a conversation about some guy she had started dating. But as I placed my cigarettes on the table I noticed Kate's Marlboro packet was gold and white instead of green and white.

"Do you want one of mine, Sophie?" Kate asked, as I stared at her cigarettes.

"Oh, no thanks," I said, "I was just wondering what the difference was between the green and gold ones."

"What?" Kate asked confused by what I had said.

"She has only recently started smoking, Kate. She has only been smoking menthol." My mother said, leaping to my rescue.

"They're lights, Sophie." Kate smiled. "Try one if you like, they're a little stronger than menthol and don't taste of mint, but they're not as strong as reds."

"Reds?" I asked.

"Marlboro reds are just a stronger cigarette." My mother jumped in again.

"Try one?" Kate said, offering her open pack to me.

I eagerly took one and quickly placed it in my mouth. Noticing the cork filter I lit the tip, sucked hard and inhaled the new taste.

"It tastes nice, even without the mint." I said.

"You better watch her; she'll be on the reds soon." Kate laughed.

After a few more drinks and cigarettes I picked up my purse and headed towards the bar to get myself another drink. I hate queuing at bars, despite being a woman I don't get served any quicker. I stood in the best place possible holding a twenty pound note, trying to get the attention of the barmaid.

"Don't worry, I promise they won't run dry." I heard a man chuckle.

I looked to my left to find the most gorgeous guy ever, standing over me. If women can be sex on legs then so can men I thought to myself.

"Maybe not," I replied to his comment, "but I wouldn't mind having another one before I sober up."

He laughed and stepped a little closer. "Then let me buy you another before it's too late to take advantage of your beautiful body." He grinned.

I laughed at his cheesy line and accepted his offer. It's not every day a gorgeous guy buys a girl a drink.

"I'm Jeff by the way." He said, handing me my vodka, blackcurrant and lemonade.

"Nice to meet you Jeff," I replied, shaking his hand, "I'm Sophie."

We were chatting for about twenty minutes when out of nowhere I needed a cigarette. I reached into my purse and grabbed my cigarettes before quickly pausing. I had never been in this situation before. Despite finally smoking in public without any fear or guilt, I suddenly found myself wondering what to do.

"What's wrong?" he asked, looking a little concerned.

"Oh, um, nothing." I said, letting go of my cigarettes and gulping down my drink.

"Let me buy you another one.

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