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Their relationship deepens.

Looking down I see what starts as a small hole right in the crotch region of my of the yoga pants and with the position I am in, probably is going to get bigger.

"Clearly it's time to throw these pants away... " I think to myself.

Either way, I don't let that bother me and continue to relax and lay there in the Knot.

Some time later I reach a point that I want to start working myself out of the position but I run into a snag; with much effort I find myself stuck and unable to get myself out of this position.

" we go again" I say out-loud.

Fact is, this isn't the first time I find myself in a compromising position; but luckily those times it happened in class and the instructor helped me out. Today, I am not so lucky; and I continue to struggle and rock back and forth but it's no use: I am stuck! There is only one option now, my son.

Laying there, I'm completely stuck, and on top of it the crotch of the pants I am wearing while already torn has opened up more. Either way, I see no other way out of this.

"I really should have worn panties, well at least he will get to see a pussy up close if he hasn't already."


Giving him a few moments to respond or show up I scream for him about 3 more times till I hear him knocking at the door and saying "Mom what's up?"

"Mark just come in here, I need your help."

The door swings open and I begin to chuckle, despite myself. Here I am, stuck in this what I admit is a weird position where I am basically shaped like a pretzel, in my grey yoga pants, no panties, a hole in my crotch, and wearing a sports bra. With that, here is my son, wearing shorts and a shirt, and to add fuel to the fire clearly sporting an erection.

Without showing any embarrassment of his obvious, bulging hard-on, Mark says "Mom, whats up?"

"Well honey, I was working on this move where I normally can get myself out of it, but unfortunately I am sort of stuck, so please help me."

Mark walks toward me and I can't help but notice the bobbing tent in his shorts. I glance to his eyes, then back to his crotch. He's definitely aroused and he's got that hungry look which I have seen many times before not only with him but also from men and even the woman I have been with. It's a look of desire and passion, and that cock of his, while was hard when he first walked in, clearly has grown in a short amount of time.

" to Mark..."

Mark doesn't reply, instead he walks closer to where I am, and just stares at my pussy and stands over me...still he yet to say anything.

"MARK!" I say out-loud really trying to get his attention to me, not my pussy.

Continuing to stare he finally starts to speak...well sort of "Mom, you..." as he is moving his eyes from my crotch to my face and back again to my crotch "...are...stuck?" and as he is saying this I notice a slight amount of drool dripping from his mouth.

Replying "Um, yeah! I'm obviously stuck. Please, would you give your mom a hand already?!" I say impatiently, trying what little movement I'm afforded in this pose, but to no avail.

"You're like, really stuck? Like you can't get yourself out of this at all?" He asks, eyes moving back to my crotch and seeing his hand slipping into the pocket of his shorts which later I clearly see he is playing pocket pool.

'SERIOUSLY?' I think to myself. I know this might be a sexy situation, but here is your mother needing help, and all he can do is state the obvious and start to play with himself, right in front of me I think to myself.

Getting a little aggravated I say "I'm really stuck. Like really, really, REALLY stuck! Now that has been established HELP ME ALREADY!" also I wiggle myself side-to-side, front and back just to demonstrate how serious I am and this is not a ploy to tease him.

"Mark, I just need you to unhook my foot from behind my head and I should be able to do the rest. Just come behind me for it will be easier."

But he doesn't move behind me, he doesn't change position from the spot he is in, and he isn't s

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