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I met him in a hotel room following his instructions.


Flesh and blood flew. Bones crushed, organs pulped. The insane rage of the young vampire could not be slowed. In an instant the fight was over. Pieces of the nightmares impacted the ground. Justice be done at last.

Seras fell to the dirt, scrapping the blood from her hands and arms. She wouldn't have anything destroy the serenity she'd manage to build. A frail peace chittered as the last reminder was cleaned off. A quivering oblivion. Silence reigned. The summer evening complete. Home now. Her feet walked their path. Unknown to her, but the way she wanted. Kilometers to go. No thoughts broke the stillness of her mind. But under it desires still moved.

Pip would be someplace near his soldiers. Soldiers that would heckle and tease her. If they were away from him he would be nice to her. His face came to her. She could take that little smirk of his right off. And maybe a few other things. It might feel nice, running her hands along the edges of his face. The look of surprise to mar his eyes as she claimed him.

Impulses ground against the other. The friction made a more pleasant heat. Kindling in the form of too-long pushed aside desires fed the new fire. Low and still soft it made the journey back quicker. Unbidden, her powers reached out and enforced her will. Men found reason to depart and Pip felt the need to walk the forest. Away from leering eyes and foul comments.

She found him, alone and in a quiet glade. Pip smirked and said something. Seras wasn't listening. Scents drifted to her mind. Orange spices, gentle caresses on her arms, whiskey and gunpowder. She blinked heavily. Her drying eyes felt better when she closed them. Sparks of dreams jumped from mingled needs. The sound of his voice running circles around her ears. A vision appeared in the flames. A brief flicker of delirious movement. The young vampire stepped forward and seized him, her lips claiming his. Pip squeaked and tried to jump back but the vampire's immortal strength kept him in place.

Pip relaxed and soon joined her in the kiss. He seized her and pulled the vampire close. His body heat swelled and soaked into the undead girl's skin. His kiss deepened, he longer for her, after pale midnight fantasies this night Seras would be his. Her tongue flicked on his; the friction between them maddening. A small flame to what they both wanted.

Their hands grabbed and pushed clothes aside. Skin to skin, their senses intoxicated. Need, desire passion, unnameable things whispered in their minds. Seras jumped onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist. She felt his excitement build. Her tongue thrashed against his. His hands found the clasp for her bra. Her hips ground against him. A moment and her breasts were freed from their cage. Pip ducked and seized her nipples. The vampire arched back and moaned, forcing her breasts into her love's face.

Pip licked and sucked on her rapidly, overwhelming her with pleasure. His desire awakened, it would be forever before he had enough of the draculina. Seras threw off her shirt, letting Pip explore her. He stroked and fondled her skin as he indulging in his fantasies. Her clamped legs squeezed him. The ecstasy overwhelming her. Her fingers ran through his damp hair, she felt like she was melting into him. Lower, her hand went under his shirt and swept it aside.

The frenchman lowered her to the ground, kissing and holding her. His lips danced down her face, her neck, lower and lower. His desire, his need to have her, pleasure and to make the other eternally possessed by their opposite. Her miniskirt and panties were brushed aside. Seras kicked at them, anything to make this faster. Pip reached her sex, his lips and tongue exploring her center. The undead girl jumped, her legs wrapped around his head as she cried out. Ecstasy boiled over. She vibrated, the ecstasy an inferno under her skin.

His tongue sought her pleasure and he found it so easily.

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