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Marilyn also was wearing a pair of baggy shorts over her bottoms, still not comfortable showing that much leg in public as the high-cut bottoms did.

Just as she was getting into Francisco d'Anconia's speech about money, she felt a nudge on her right arm. Assuming it was Kat still trying to make her live up to the terms of her of her bet, Marilyn took a breath, resigned to her fate, and screamed out "LET'S GO DIAMONDBACKS!"

"Hey! How's it going there?!"

Marilyn, shocked that there was a response to her hated cheer, put her book down on the armrest and looked up at who was screaming at her. In front of her was a very cute lesbian couple walking up to her. One of them had a glowing caramel complexion, a bit on the tall side, with a very cute and young-looking face framed by black braids a bit longer than shoulder length and covered by a straw hat. Her girlfriend had a darker chocolate complexion, just a bit shorter with the same braids. The two had long, lean yet soft bodies wearing matching 2 piece bikinis, with the caramel skinned girl wearing a lavender bikini and her chocolate partner wearing a white one.

"Interesting cheer there," said the caramel skinned girl. "Diamondback fan there?"

"No," Marilyn answered. "Just a Yankee fan stupid enough to make a bet with my wife here."

"Did you say wife?"


"Cool," the caramel skinned girl replied. "We've just married too. My name's Lisa, and my spouse's name here is Mary Jane." The two raised up their hands in unison, showing off their sparkling wedding rings. "Hey, I didn't catch your names. What are they?"

"Oh, my name's Marilyn, and my little wife's here is Kat." Marilyn then tapped her wife's arm to get her attention off of her book, and Kat waved hi to the couple in front of her.

After a quick scan of both Marilyn and Kat's hands, Mary Jane meekly asked, "Hey? If you two are married, where are your rings?"

Marilyn looked over to Kat and mouthed to her, 'Let's show them the tattoos.' Kat then pulled the front of her bikini bottoms as low as she could without being indecent, while Marilyn unbuttoned her shorts and did likewise with hers, revealing matching tattoos. The one on Marilyn's crotch said in florid script "Property of Katherine", while the one on Kat's intimate region had "Property of Marilyn" in the same script. The last tattoo particularly caught Lisa's attention, causing her to stare a bit.

"Hey, you dirty perverts!" Marilyn cracked in a humorously proper voice while pretending to cover her boobs with her arms. "Staring at a woman like a piece of meat? I ought to slap you for being so naughty!" she finished with a hard belly laugh.

"Actually," Lisa replied flirtatiously, "I would definitely love to eat her." "So do I, now that I think about it," Mary Jane added.

"I wouldn't mind that, but on one condition...You'd have to play with me too." Turning to Kat, she asked, "What do you think, fair wife of mine?"

Kat, her mouth watering at the prospect of her first pussy in months, nodded her head in the affirmative with a broad smile.

"How about we meet up at 8 then?" Lisa asked.

"Sure, no problem. Just come up to our place..."


Marilyn was sitting down on the bed, putting on the final touches to Kat's toe nails with burgundy polish. Kat was laying back on the pillows, smiling and enjoying her wife's touch. She was simply, yet sexually dressed, wearing a black sheer lace top that stopped just below her small breasts and a simple lacy black thong. Her face was darkly made up with dark eye shadow and burgundy lipstick, while her shoulder length straight black hair was combed and hair sprayed into place. Marilyn herself didn't bother to change, leaving on the same bikini and shorts she wore out to the beach. Taking a quick glance at the clock, she noticed that it was only 2 minutes to 8. "Damn, I don't got time to get ready," Marilyn thought to herself. "Well, this is mainly Kat's show. I don't think they'll mind me."



"It's me Lisa, from th

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