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Settling in to a new job and town brings some surprises.

"Stop it you dork." I was kind of embarrassed but I really enjoyed the bantering. He was always playfully swatting my ass or grabbing me in public.

"You know you want it, you hussy."

I could see the change in his face, I knew he was in the mood and I intentionally brushed my ass up against his crotch as I walked past him. As expected, he groaned. I laughed and kept walking towards the check out register. I figured it was time for me to take some action and I wanted to make my way to the department store as quickly as possible.

Once we were in Macy's I quickly found a handful of items I wanted to try on. At the same time, Justin went looking for himself. After a few minutes, I spotted him over the racks of clothes and I caught his eye. I raised my eyebrows and nodded with my head towards the dressing room. He looked at me with a confused look and mouthed "what?" I laughed. Again, I repeated the motion but this time more obvious. I pointed to myself, then to him and then towards the dressing room all the while keeping my eyes locked on him. It was like a light bulb went on. His face lit up and he quickly walked toward me.

"Want to join me in the dressing room?" I asked him

"Uh, sure, but how...?"

"Just wait here a minute, there are not many people left in here, its almost closing and the girl watching the dressing room just walked away. Give me 30 seconds to see if the coast is clear."

I quickly walked into the dressing area, as I crossed into it there was a chime sound announcing me. I found it to be empty and then peeked my head back out and shook it 'yes' with an excited look on my face. We ran to the dressing room at the end of the row. Both of us were laughing in anticipation of getting caught. Once in the stall, I tried on the few items I picked out and modeled them for him. Of course, he gave his opinion; one of them he said 'wasn't very flattering'. I tried slapping him when he said that but he was too quick and caught my arm, pulling me closer. He was sitting down on the bench in the dressing room and easily brought me close to him. He had his face right at my chest level.

"Take off this shirt." He demanded

I complied. He grabbed my breasts in his hands pushing them together, squeezing them. I closed my eyes for just a second because his touch felt so good. I could feel him sliding his hands around to my back and swiftly unfastening my bra. It slowly fell to the floor. He buried his face between my breasts placing soft kisses on my chest. His hands never leaving my body, his touch was intoxicating. I could feel his tongue flicking across my nipple. He was ever so gentle, and then his mouth closed down enveloping my breast completely. He knew how I liked it and he bit down on me with just enough pressure that I could feel it in my clit. God, it felt so good. I ran my hands through his hair, pulling on it hard enough to force his face away from my chest and look up at me.

"I want you." I said

"Right here? Are you sure?"

"Oh yes, I am positive" I replied

I bent over and unzipped his shorts.

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