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The games comes to their conclusion.

Chapter 4

Amanda pursed her lips as Violet approached her car. She was going to have to talk with Violet about the appropriate dress for these presentations.

Violet was dressed in a lacy white blouse; the gauzy material accentuated her quite large breasts, pleated black skirt and black leather boots. Her blonde hair was held in place by two black leather clips. Her black leather coat was unzipped as she walked; Amanda had to admit that her coworker was quite attractive indeed.

The employees of the natural foods shop also thought Violet were quite appealing. The dowdy looking Amanda, with her severe looking business suit and lack of make up won no points with either the males or females of the store, though.

"Well, I know some of you are probably sitting there thinking 'Why should I invest my hard-earned money in to these mutual funds? Or into this insurance stuff?'" Violet said as Amanda finished the very dry introduction of what Ubelhorn & Associates was.

Amanda fought down the groan; you never talk about cost, and you certainly don't talk about cost from the very start.

"But if you follow the program that your employer has been selling for the last twelve years," Violet went on.

Amanda was surprised; she'd hadn't bothered to find out how long the company had been in business.

"You'll probably live to be about a hundred and four, a hundred and five," Violet continued, which got a good-natured laugh from the employer and employees alike. "And I don't know how easy it is for someone who's in their early hundreds to find work, but I can imagine, it ain't easy."

"I'll promise you this, if I'm still alive, you'll have a job here," the owner interjected and Violet smiled to him.

"So, you can either bank on Mr. Johnson still being around, and remembering that he promised you a job, or you can start to plan for that somewhat uncertain future," Violet smiled to the now smiling employees. "So, we gave you all a folder when we got here. IF you haven't already thrown it away, let's take a look at the first plan. You'll find it on the third page, the yellow one."


Amanda sat and watched as Violet signed up all of the employees and answered their questions and then thanked Mr. Johnson and they left the store at five minutes before nine o'clock. The store wasn't due to open for another five minutes; but Amanda had warned Mr. Johnson that the presentation and enrollment would probably last until ten, ten thirty that morning.

"You signed up all eleven of their employees?" Amanda asked as she started her car.

"Yes, I was supposed to, right?" Violet asked.

Amanda decided she wouldn't talk with Violet about her clothing, or her selling style. She had figured they'd be lucky to sign up four or five of the employees.

Chapter 5

Violet hummed along with the piped in music as she shopped for the groceries. She'd lost enough weight that she was wearing a pair of sexy shorts and a matching top, and felt comfortable into the outfit. She'd been watching her food intake, and had taken to walking up and down the stairs on her lunch break.

At first, she was winded after just two flights of stairs, but now she could make it all the way down and back up from the ground floor.

As a reward for losing another ten pounds, she'd bought herself the sexy outfit.

She looked over; she couldn't help it, as a young Latina bent over to pick up a large bottle of baby oil. The girl's shorts, almost obscene in their skimpiness, a pair of cut-off low-rider jeans, displayed her light brown ass to Violet's gaze.

The Girl, still bent over, looked over her shoulder at Violet and smiled an impish smile. Violet blushed hotly, but returned the smile. The girl straightened up again and lugged the very large bottle of baby oil down the aisle. With another look over her shoulder at Violet, she smiled and turned the corner.

Violet snapped herself out of her reverie and resumed her shopping.


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