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The triplets summer fun continues.

"Chad is full of shit with all this ghost crap, but here's the deal," Kyle said. "Part of it is true and part of it is bull."

Chad made a funny noise and glared at Kyle.

"Yeah?" I said warily. "Give me the true story."

"The true part is that a girl drowned out in the lake about thirty years ago. It was Halloween and there was a dance at the town hall. Afterwards, her date drove her out here. The whole idea was to fool around, you know? But she decided she wanted to take a walk along the lake, maybe take a swim first."

"Yeah, it is pretty private and no one was around," Chad butted in. "That's what she thought. Anyway they stripped down but apparently she stayed in her bra and panties. It wasn't that she was shy or anything, they reckon she was a bit of a tease, and she encouraged the dude to take off all his clothes."

"Yeah," I said, "and then..."

"Well, they swam, fooled around a bit, you know how things go." Kyle said conversationally. "The guy was probably excited as hell, out here with a gorgeous girl and a hard-on that could drill a hole into a wall. She knew how to get a guy going but when he tried to pull down her panties and give her one, she started screaming and kicking him. She managed to get loose and ran to the shore, but what she didn't know, was there was a bunch of other guys hanging around. They'd been hiding out waiting for them."

"They were his buddies," Chad explained, "a bunch of losers who had actually paid the guy five bucks each to get in on the action. I guess even in those days guys didn't like cock teasers much," he said pensively. "Anyway, they hadn't gone to the Halloween dance, instead they drove out earlier and waited, drinking beer. By the time the guy showed up with the girl they were pissed out of their minds, and horny as hell..."

"She never had a chance, "Kyle said. They caught her while she was trying to get away and held her down while her date fucked her. That was part of the deal. He'd get to go first."

"Didn't want sloppy seconds," Chad said. "After that they all took turns. Two or three turns each. They kept calling her a whore, a cock- teasing whore, chanting it while they fucked her. She had to suck them off too and some of the guys even nailed her in the ass."

"That's ... awful," I muttered, wondering how they knew the intimate details so well. What had happened to the poor girl was horrible and cruel, and the fact that the story had gotten my cock as hard as a rock made me feel damn guilty. I hoped the guys didn't spot the way it was jutting against the front of my jeans. "Yeah, and what happened then?" I said trying to sound nonchalant.

"She was messed up pretty badly when they were done with her. Not that they beat her or anything," Kyle said. "I mean, with guys holding her down and all, they didn't have to punch her out or anything. But you know, down there it must have been messy. Anyway they figured she'd get washed up and they'd drop her back in town as if nothing had happened. They knew she wouldn't say anything. Back in those days, you looked like the town slut if you got yourself gangbanged and she already had a bit of a reputation for being a tease.

"Yeah, she would have been ruined if she split on them," Chad agreed.

"So she went into the lake to get herself cleaned up, but instead of coming back to the shore, she waded in deeper and deeper until she was swimming towards the island. It seems that the guys were worried she might try and kill herself or escape to the island and tell someone there what had happened. So they followed her."

"All but one, he couldn't swim," Chad said.

"The thing is, the girl didn't make it to the island.

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