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Chrissy is snatched from her work place.

Shelly started to moan louder and Aunty Sue was tonguing her faster and faster. I started to rub my 8 inch cock, milking it slowly but firmly. My cock had never been so hard, and I had never been turned on so much. Shelly started to milk her own tits, circling her nipples and pulling them hard. Aunty Sue placed a finger on Shelly's other hole and slowly started to fuck her from both ends. It was to much for Shelly, she let out a scream and her whole body shook.

Suddenly Aunty Sues face was covered in liquid, I thought at first that Shelly had pissed on her during the orgasm, but as Aunty Sue started to lick it off and rub herself, I realised that it was Shelly's cum. I couldn't help myself, I moved back out into the hall and beat myself faster and faster. I felt my cum move up my cock and suddenly I was shooting cum all over the wall!!!

I was scared that either Aunty Sue or Shelly would come out of the room, but I couldn't help it. I moved back to my vantage point at the door. Shelly was licking Aunty Sues tiny 36A tits, while her own large ones (36DD from her bra size) rubbed the wiry hair over Aunty Sues pussy. I had a fantastic view of both their juicy pussies, Shelly's still wet from the finger fucking, and Aunty Sue's, just starting to glisten in the soft light of the room. I let my hand drop back to my limp cock and started to stroke it.

Shelly was licking her way down Aunty Sue. In lazy circles she was working her way down to the wiry hair between Aunty Sues legs. Aunty Sue was talking gently to Shelly, telling her that she was doing fine, telling her not to hurry but to take her time. As Shelly made her way down, She slipped off the bed and knelt down between Aunty Sue's legs. Shelly was on her knees with her pussy pointed straight at me. My cock was rock hard again, and I could smell the sex in the room. I moved into the room, still stroking myself, I had to get closer and touch both those pussies!!!

As I got closer to Shelly, Aunty Sue must have seen me. She said gently, 'Shelly, that noise at the door has finally come in. I want to put him to use as well'. I almost died! They knew I was there all along!

Aunty Sue told me to carry on stroking myself, but to stand behind Shelly and rub it up and down between her cheeks, over her clit and arse. I did as I was told. The wetness felt soooo good. Shelly must have liked it as each time I as over her clit, she gave a push back, almost as if she wanted my cock in her. I had never fucked a woman before, a lot of fingering at parties and suck, and even had a girl give me head once, but this was different. My cock was longer and thicker than I had ever felt if before.

Aunty Sue was telling Shelly to gently suck her clit, and starting to moan lowly. Shelly was thrusting back against me on each stroke. Aunty Sue asked Shelly 'Shelly, do you want that little cock in you dear?'

Shelly groaned ' ohhhh yes please Aunty Sue, ohhhhhhh, I want that please'. Aunty Sue told me to move forward and to let Shelly push herself on. I move forward about 6 inches, and the next time I stoked my cock up, Shelly pushed back hard, taking all my cock in a single lunge and letting out a deep long sigh. I almost came there and then. Aunty sue told me firmly that I was not to cum yet, and that she would tell me when. She then took Shelly's head and placed it firmly back between her legs.

Shelly was pushing back hard as I pushed forward, and each time she pulled away, Aunty Sue would pull Shelly deeper into herself. Aunty Sue started to cum, moaning, and shaking. 'Ohhhh, ummmmmmmmm, cum, my little ones, cum, cum with me cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'. Shelly started shaking and quivering. Her pussy clamped hard on my cock which made my balls complete their work and I started shooting load after load into my sisters cunt.

We stayed like that, Shelly in Aunt Sue, and me in Shelly for what seemed like hours, but was probably only five minutes. Aunty Sue looked at me with a odd look and said that it was her turn!

Aunty Sue told Shelly get off the floor and to lie on her back on the bed.

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