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Straight married man sacrifices wife to his black Master.

With the feeling of his Helmut going up and down, and knowing that any second she was going to not only get a black cock in her, but a BIG one at that....was almost too much to bear. Charles inserted the tip in her, then pulled out...then put it back in. Karen could feel the insertion, fuller, without a doubt, than her husbands. James continued to insert it, then pull it out, and kept repeating this about six times. There about, Karen began to rock forward and back on her own, for James had now stopped and was just standing there, motionless, with his hands on his hips.

"That's it bitch....aaahhhhhhh....that's it...fuck my cock....absorb how good it feels...rubbing those inner walls....deeper girl, that's it....fuck it....fuck your black cock" he kept coaxing her. By now, Karen was pumping longer and stronger...whimpering and slightly hollering.

"God...ooh, oh, yes...that's it....yes....oh how good...yes...fuck...yes, ah...ah..." was all that was coming out of her. By now, she was able to just about sink all of it in. With her pushing back, you could hear James balls smack against her pussy as well. "Fuck me...oh yeah...fuck me...fuck me with that cock...fuck me" Karen was pleading, as she turned her head back looking at him with hollow eyes.

James now placed his hands on her ass, and began a slow paced pumping, which intensified into a piston of some sorts.

"You know what my nickname is? You know what most people call me?" he asked.

"Ah...fuck me...who cares.......ok...what is it" Karen replied gasping.

"Master Jay......they call me Master Jay. You'll soon find out why" James said, as he continued to pump her pussy harder and harder. "Master Jay" continued fucking the hell out of Karen. Karen said because of the size, she swore she could feel the veins on the side of his cock, and it drove her crazy. Late into the night, "Master Jay" fucked Karen sideways, backwards, front wards, cumin not only in her, but on her as well. One time, after Karen told me she must have been on her fifth orgasm, he pulled out of her and came in her mouth, almost making her choke on the amount of cum he shot down her throat.

Poor Mark...every time he wanted to whip his cock out and whack one off, "Master Jay" forbid him to do it. Mark said he must have came in his pants three times over the hours watching Karen get her brains fucked out. Mark was make to sleep in the chair all night, waking up to sounds of Karen getting fucked repeatedly.

Saturday morning, Mark woke up only to find Karen laying next to James stroking his cock. It wasn't hard yet, for James wasn't awake. Karen told me that after a while, she got use to having that big black cock stuffed in her, and felt like it should have been there all along. With Mark watching, Karen would lick it up and down, swirl her tongue around the tip, then lick down the shaft to his balls.

"Karen....don't you think you've had enough" Mark whispered over to her.

Not breaking the stroke, Karen replied "Oh way...this is too good, I want more of this."

"Well, what about me....look at me. This damn things been hard all night, and the only relief was in my pants" Mark whined, pointing at his pants. There was a small stain in the front, apparently from the numerous times he came watching Karen get fucked by this big black guy. Karen slid quietly off the bed, and knelt at his feet. "Baby, let me make you feel better...oh, I'm so sorry....." as she unsnapped his pants, and pulled his cock out. After getting Mark's cock in her hand, she realized how small it was compared to "Master Jay's, but nonetheless, began to suck him anyway.

"Hey...come back here....remember the deal" they heard a coarse voice bellow. It was "Hammer," and he just woke up.

"James, I was just trying to give Mark some relief. The poor baby" Karen replied.

"I don't care. The deal was that I had YOU all weekend, and you agreed, so come over here" his reply came swiftly. Again with his cock left "hanging," Karen crawled back in bed.

"Come on.

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