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A few stolen moments together.

Just when she opened her mouth to speak her safe word and put an end to the torment; the big man stopped.

It took a moment for her to realize that he was no longer striking her. She abruptly pulled her head forward and tried to straighten up as much as possible. It was rather a futile gesture and the big man laughed low at her for doing it. She blushed in response.

He stepped behind her and ran a hand negligently over her nude and well whipped butt. She shivered but did not pull away or complain at his touch. He murmured in approval and she felt slightly embarrassed yet aroused by his approval.

Then he stepped in front of her. He deliberately removed his mask.

There, standing in front of her, was Max!

Chapter Three -- Michael

He smiled at her obvious shock and discomfort before speaking.

"No, I'm not Max. I'm his twin. My name is Michael. I have been abroad until recently." He spoke in a deep voice that was rich and cultured.

Then he added with mild sarcasm, "Did Max not mention that he had seen the way you look at him? You know, he really is gay...But I'm not!"

"Now, if you want to end this, you can say the word. Or you can have another tormentor if that is to your taste too. The choices are yours to make." Michael spoke reasonably.

It took Brenda a moment to find her voice. Her feelings were not at all confused. She insolently eyed the black Adonis, as though he were the one tied, before she spoke.

"Oh no Mikey...You'll do just fine!" She smiled arrogantly, knowing what he would have to do in response.

"Mikey...?" Michael rhetorically asked her with mild outrage, "I'll have respect from you and I mean now!"

So saying, he stepped back and while facing her, he let the belt whip out and curve around her tender bottom.

She shrieked then and jerked helplessly about,

Michael lashed her again and yet a third time before she begged him to stop.

"How do you address me?" He asked her.

"Michael...I address you as Michael." She gasped.

He whipped her a fourth time and she cried out and convulsed on his leather. Whether she had come or not was difficult for either to say.

"Oh no...We are well past the stage where you may address me by my name." He said with finality, "I am your master and you will know it before tonight is through!"

Brenda looked shocked and her jaw dropped at the very idea.

She clamped her mouth firmly shut, as though saying silently, "I'll never call you master!"

Michael smiled then, in real enjoyment, "I like a woman with spirit!"

Michael dropped the belt to the barn floor. Reaching into the pocket of his jacket, he pulled out a black bandanna and applied a cleave gag to the outraged woman.

She growled as he did it and tried to bite him, in what was a futile gesture.

"We'll have none of that!" He warned her sternly.

He deliberately reached out and grasped her bare nipple in his right hand and squeezed it.

At first, she was able to bear the pressure. As Michael gradually increased it, she began to feel her resolve to rebel against him dissolve.

Her eyes began to close and she mewed through the gag at the pain of the grip.

Michael, who had much experience dealing with wilful women, knew exactly how much pressure to apply and for how long. He did not want to damage her or break her spirit.

He told himself he was only interested in establishing control. He was quite surprised to find himself with an iron hard erection. Usually that didn't occur until later.

Just as she took a deep breath to yell her safe word...He stopped squeezing her bare nipple.

Michael untied her ankles only to retie them wide apart. Brenda was smart enough not to fight him this time. She tried, instead, to catch his eye that he might have pity on her.

When he was done, he looked right at her and smiled. It was a cruel smile and she was even wetter than before because she now knew he had no pity. He would not be manipulated.

She now stood with arms above her head and her legs were so wide apart that she was hanging by her wrists.

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