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She could barely tell you the make and model, let alone the kind of cabling it needed to adequately produce sound. The man gave Chris his keys and he told him it would be ready by five-thirty. That gave her five long hours to mess up an entire system.

"Ok, what are the year, make, and model," he said.

"1996 Chevy, Impala." She smiled.

"Good, ok first you need to know whether it's a single din or a double din."

She had no clue what he was talking about, but had a fifty-fifty chance on being right. "Single." She guessed.

"Nice guess, next time look inside the car," he laughed, "the din is the plastic that surrounds the CD player. A single din is standard in most cars."

She got inside the car and looked at it, making mental notes of everything he said.

"Now you have to find the correct dash kit, met cable, and sometimes an antenna. That's really all it takes aside from a few connectors. If the car already has an after market CD player installed, it will already have a dash kit, and usually you can just splice the cables together. This one is stock, we have to start from scratch." He made sure she was following along, and walked her over to a book that had over a thousand pages of car models and corresponding item numbers. He told her to find the 1996 Chevy Impala and she flipped through the pages stopping at the Chevy section.

"Ok, there are two numbers for the kit, which one do I pick?" she asked.

"If there is a number under custom, always go with that." He told her

"Ok, then the kit I need for this one is going to be.....a 99-3300. Right?" she asked

"Right. I'm proud of you; now go find it on the wall. And just to save time, the wiring harness you need is 70-2021. Find it too." He popped the hood of the car and disconnected something from the battery and came back to her. She had both the harness and dash kit, she must be a fast learner. He showed her how to disconnect everything and connect all of the new hardware and they were done within an hour. She let out a squeal when she finally turned on the radio and it worked. She had to admit, it really wasn't that easy of a job, and she too had little scrapes all over her fingers from stray wires biting her under the dash.

"Impressive he said," Coming closer to her, "And we have more than three hours here alone." Jay, the other employee, had called to say he couldn't make it in before seven, but promised to come by to lock up the store. Chris walked over to the large garage door and pulled it into place, locking it, and then pulled the "Closed" sign out of the drawer and hung in on the outside of the door, locking it as well. She looked at him, questioning his motives.

"We are so not having sex at your job." She blushed. He walked closer and she leaned against the Impala.

"We are." He begin unbuttoning her blouse revealing her 36 D breasts peering from her lacy white bra and firmly squeezed one of them.

"You are insane, what if that guy comes back for his car!" she lightly protested.

"Then he will get a show." He smirked.

"What if your boss comes in unannounced?" she was trying to think of something else to refute whatever he was about to say.

"Ah, he would probably pull out a video camera and post it online for money." He joked.

"You are impossible!" she sucked on his bottom lip and he continued unbuttoning her shirt. "Mmmm, you taste so good." She threw her head back and he licked from her breast to her earlobe.

"Baby," She whined, "We're going to get caught."

"It would be worth it, your curvy thighs want me between them, how can I say no?" he had her shirt completely off and unlatched her bra.

The air hit her already hard nipples and gave her a small chill.

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