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My busty sister lets me jerk off to her.

Cliff carried one over to the other and they spread towels out and stretched out. Cliff's tan lines were definitely obvious and he applied sun block to his thighs. Cliff looked around and he saw other guys with skimpy swimsuits and some of them had impressive packages too. He was glad that he was not the only one.

As his eyes scanned the crowded deck he spotted some attractive women but he reminded himself that they too were gay. Still there were a couple of girls that really looked good in their string bikinis. Cliff wondered if any of the girls were bisexual and if he might have any shot at fucking a girl that week. There was one female couple, a blonde and brunette who caught his attention and they actually stirred his libido.

Cliff felt his cock harden in his swim suit and he decided to cool off in the pool before things got out of hand. He told Benny, who was laying face down with his bubble butt on display; he was going to take a dip in the pool. As Cliff stood up and walked toward the pool he saw many sets of eyes follow him and he knew they were checking out his package. He was thankful when he finally sank into the pool water and cooled his jets. He leaned to the side of the pool and stretched his arms along the edge. Cliff looked back at Benny lying on his belly and once again he admired the shapely legs and curvy bottom that he had fucked many times.

Cliff thoughts were interrupted by a soft voice that sounded very feminine. "Hello, are you enjoying the cruise so far?"

Cliff turned his head expecting to see one of the lesbian girls but instead he saw a very cute gay with long brown hair. Cliff looked at him and assessed that he was about 5'6" like Benny and weighed about the same 150 pounds. The guy was well tanned and Cliff determined that he was actually pretty rather than cute or handsome.

"Well the weather is certainly cooperating so far. I'm looking forward to the ports of call," Cliff replied politely.

"My name is Cory. I see that you are with the pretty blonde over there."

"Cliff and yes I am with my friend Benny."

"He is very fortunate to be with a hunk like you."

"Thanks but actually I am a fill in for his original traveling companion. I live in the same apartment building with Benny."

"But you are gay, aren't you?"

"No, I consider myself bisexual."

"You did know that this is a gay cruise, right?"

"Yes, Benny told me but he said that everything would be cool and above board. He actually used the term LGB."

"Well, he's right but if you two are interested in hooking up with me on the trip, let me know."

"Aren't you traveling with someone?"

"Yes but we are flexible."

"I see, I'll mention that to Benny."

"Mention what?" Benny asked as he entered the pool and moved toward Cliff.

"This is Cory, he was just telling me that he is flexible and if we want to hook up with him during the cruise, he is open to that."

"I see. Well you are very pretty Cory. Why don't you come to our stateroom this evening and we can discuss it," Benny offered surprising Cliff.

"I will. I'll come by after dinner. It is nice meeting both of you."

Cory swam to the other side of the pool and got out. Cliff checked out the brunette's ass and Benny commented, "Nice ass."

"Yes but not as nice as yours," Cliff said and then added, "I'm surprised you invited him so soon."

"Hey if it works out, it would be nice to have an ass to fuck or someone to suck my cock," Benny responded.

"Yes that would be nice for you," Cliff agreed and then said, "I'm ready for a cocktail.

"I'll join you," Benny acknowledged.

The two of them returned to their lounges and once again eyes were all over Cliff's crotch. They sat down and summoned the waiter to get them frozen margueritas. Cliff looked around the deck again and spotted the two attractive women. He wondered if they would be approachable at all. Cliff thought that if Benny was occupied with Cory that he might find out if the women were gay or bi.

They hung out on the pool deck all afte

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