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She was now standing there in only a robe at her brother's bedroom door, watching him stroke himself to what sounded like porn coming from his television.

Her question had been answered, however. Ryan thought the average penis size was 8 inches because he DOES have an 8 inch penis.

She stood there for a while with a smile on her face, and watched as Ryan pulled and stroked his fat dick. He was beautiful, so manly, and she wanted him. She knew it was wrong to think such thoughts, so she decided she would go back to her room to finish off that second orgasm.

Just as she turned towards the stairs however, Ryan began moaning someone's name quite loudly. Zoe turned back and got as close to the door as possible in order to make out who's name he was calling out. She couldn't make it out, but as he shot his load all over his chest, he moaned it once more. Loudly.

It was her name that he was moaning. Zoe could not believe that her little brother was moaning her name, thinking of her while he stroked himself.

She quickly ran back to her room and shut the door. Quicker than ever, Zoe brought herself to orgasm with 3 fingers in her now soaking wet pussy, and her other hand vigorously rubbing and slapping her now pulsing clit. She lay there afterwards, trying to process what had just happened, and fell asleep.

Ryan had already left for work the next morning when Zoe woke up. The house was quiet it seemed, compared to last night, when everything going on in her head made it seem so full of noise.

It was a beautiful summer morning, so Zoe decided to make herself a cup of coffee and sit outside on the porch to think about things.

"Perfect day for him to work out his sexy muscles outdoors." she thought to herself.

Ryan worked construction, and after seeing his naked body, all she could imagine right now were his defined muscles, flexing as he moved heavy objects in the sun. Naturally, she imagined him doing all of this naked, his magnificent cock hanging and swaying with his movements.

This was all too much for her. Seeing her younger brother naked, discovering that he masturbates to her, the fact that he has the biggest cock she's ever seen... It was all too much for her to not do anything about it.

She had to confront him, and she had to confront him tonight. How would she do it though? She was getting wet just thinking about it.

Zoe climbed into the shower to think about how she would confront him, and for once in her life, it was exhilerating thinking about something.

Later that day, when she knew he would be home soon, Zoe took yet another shower. Afterwards, she decided to wear only a silk red nightgown, and she made her way to her brothers room.

Zoe wasn't normally a person that snoops around through other peoples belongings, but she felt that this time, standing in her brother's room, already curious about him, she had to.

She found a lot of interesting photos while snooping through his drawers, one of which was Ryan putting his thick cock into his tiny girlfriend. This almost drive Zoe crazy with desire for him.

In the corner of the room, she found his laptop, no password to protect its contents. She opened it, but did not have to look far to find something sexual. Right as soon as she opened the laptop, there was a video. She pressed on play, and what she saw, shocked her. There she was, in her bed, using a dildo on her pussy. He had been spying on her. She had no idea he had set up a hidden camera in her bedroom, but instead of infuriating her, for some reason, it only made her want him more.

Zoe let her robe fall to the floor and she climbed into her brother's bed, now naked. Her heart began beating faster as she knew Ryan would be home any minute now to find his horny sister waiting for him, naked in his bed. She had to calm her nerves, so she did what she knew how to do best.

Zoe got into the doggy position and slowly began rubbing herself. First with one hand while the other massaged her breasts, and eventually with one finger inside her.

It seemed as if just one finger wasn't enough, so she sl

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