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How can something so good be wrong?

I felt that she was going to stop soon, I whispered for her to carry on just a little longer. She obeyed and I came in her mouth. Without any complaining Sarah swallowed every single drop that I pumped into her and then she sucked the cum from the end of my cock causing one final spurt to shoot out into her face. Again without complaining she wiped it off and sucked it from her finger.

"You are good, I don't believe you've not done that before." I said pulling Sarah onto my lap. She straddled my lap on her knees and looked down at me to reply.

"That was my first time, babe." She replied. "I'll be better next time."

"Don't be silly, that was awesome." I was sliding one hand under her skirt as I spoke. I gently stroked her inside leg, working my way gradually up towards her slit. I could feel the heat from her wet hole without touching it. I did my best to avoid touching it, preferring to stroke the tiny area of flesh between her leg and pussy. I kept working my way up as we kissed, my fingers squeezed the lips of her cunt together over her clitoris.

"Please," Sarah whispered. "Don't tease me, I want you now, babe."

"Not yet," I replied kissing her again. My hand continued its slow journey up. Using my knuckles I rubbed Sarah's inner thigh, her skin was so soft and smooth that I wanted to bend down and kiss it. I could sense that Sarah wanted it to.

"If you're a virgin, does that mean that nobody has ever gone down on you?" I asked.

"No, never." She sighed.

"We'll have to do something about that then, won't we."

I stood up, lifting Sarah with me. I carried her to an armchair and sat her down in it while I knelt before her. We kissed again, my hands were all over her firm young breasts. Sarah lent back in the chair with her arms on the chair arms and waited for me to move. Her skirt was fastened by a single silky cord tied in a bow by her hip, I gave it a smart tug and the bow unravelled itself, I pulled it loose and opened her skirt. I knew Sarah wasn't wearing any knickers, but when I lifted her skirt and saw the shaved wet pussy I knew that I had to fuck it else I'd die.

My first instinct was to bury my face between her legs and start licking up her glistening juices but I managed to control myself. I put Sarah's legs over the arms of the chair, leaving her cunt was totally exposed to me. Sarah was now so wet that her juices were starting to run down her bum and drip onto her skirt. I looked up at her, she was staring at me with big pleading eyes her chest moving quickly as she took shallow fast breathes.

I lent forward and kissed the soft smooth flesh of Sarah's inner thigh, I knew it wasn't what she wanted me to do but I wanted to tease her until she couldn't stand to wait any longer.

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