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One-night-stand with Dominating stranger.

Marigold also liked to take swings at Scrip (and Rusk, who was entirely naked) and it hurt his bare butt when she connected the rattan with his thighs. She really was an unpredictable woman!

But Scrip almost forgot he was wearing the stuff for a time...he got used to it.

But then came the Superbowl party.

The Superbowl night that so stunned poor Scrip should have been expected.

Marigold was a woman of surprises, she really was. Marigold knew how to get your attention.

Marigold knew she had to get to know Rusk's maternal grandfather better!

One day Marigold had gone to Gramps's farm with Rusk on a visit.

She flirted with the old man heavily, and Rusk had been jealous and pouty for part of the weekend.

This until Marigold had gotten annoyed, and had taken Rusk out to the woodshed.

"What the hell's wrong with you, Rusk?" Marigold had demanded.

"You're behaving like a child just because I'm being nice to our host, your Gramps."

But Rusk just stomped his foot, and then Marigold had demanded that Rusk take down his pants for a whipping.

They'd only been playing femdom games now and then at that time, and Rusk had protested, but Marigold had ripped down Rusk's pants and underpants and begun whipping his naked bottom with a piece of kindling.

Gramps had approached, and said "What's going' on here? Rusk, you letting' this girl hit you like that? What kind of sissy are you, anyway?"

Marigold had then told Gramps about their female dominated relationship.

Gramps had laughed, but then got angry.

"What the hell's wrong with you, son?

Are you some kind of pervert?

I'll beat it out of him, darlin'.

Take every stitch off, Rusk, and grab your ankles.

We're going to see what kind of a weirdo you really are."

Gramps had thrashed Rusk as Rusk had wriggled in Gramps's strong arm, screaming "Please, Sir, no more Sir!"

Marigold still got wet remembering Rusk's betrayed eyes when this experience had happened.

And almost every time they visited, she'd ask Gramps to do it again to Rusk.

Gramps got too old to do it, Marigold had Rusk's younger cousin 20 year old Roscoe do it, and could he whip Rusk until he was welted and crying!

It had been such a horrible surprise for Rusk that Marigold would degrade him in front of his family, and get his family to degrade him as well...

Marigold loved surprises!

Marigold also had planned surprises with other friendly dominant women.

Marigold's cousin, Cheryl was divorced from her first husband, happily living with her young lover.

But she still kept Godwin, her ex, in a chastity belt, and put him through his paces once a month when he came to give Cheryl her alimony check.

It seemed an odd situation, but Godwin was still deeply in love with Cheryl, and this had been the situation that had happened.

Godwin's mistake was, of course that he'd started getting Cheryl to cuckold him and keep him in chastity.

Oh, and finally Cheryl had realized that she actually enjoyed her boyfriend more than poor Godwin!

Normally when Godwin showed up, Cheryl stripped him, and used her bullwhip and her Spencer paddle on poor Godwin.

Yes and then gave him a good strap-on ramming, some fisting (she had big hands) and then a cold enema before finally allowing Godwin the chastity key...

Godwin would unlock his belt, masturbate for the first time in thirty days, clean it up with his tongue,

Yes and get locked up again, for the next month, until he brought the check again.

Sometimes Cheryl would have Godwin suck off her boyfriend, Craig, but generally it was pretty tame stuff...
But Marigold had taught Cheryl new tricks!

Godwin was the owner of a software company, and Marigold got Cheryl to enlist Violet and Heather.

Violet and Heather were Godwin's two female assistants in a Friday night deal where the ladies, all four of them.

And put Godwin through similar paces in the office...and then Marigold came up with a further situation...

Yes, one night they blindfolded Godwin, and one of the MALE assistants (there

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