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Nick considers commissioning a sculpture of his young lover.

Your mom and I were worried you wouldn't ever move on from that crush and you might turn gay." Jason dropped his head in his hands, his face beet red. "Look at her, if she makes you half as happy as she is pretty, your mom and I will be proud." Tim then added jokingly, "Unless your mom hangs her for dry humping her son." Tim then extended his hand. "By the way, my rude son never introduced us. My name is Tim Akers, and you are?"

"I'm Chelsea Pollack." Chelsea had an ear-to-ear grin at the unexpected information she received.

"Oh." Tim now understood why his son's head suddenly fell in his hands, but chose to ignore it. "Well Chelsea, I do hope you can stay for dinner. I'm supposed to be cooking, but all that means is I'm ordering pizza. I'm sure my wife would love to meet you."

"I would love to, Sir. My mom doesn't get home until seven. I just have to leave her a voicemail to let her know where I am."

"Excellent. Anything in particular you want on your pizza?"

"Pepperoni and mushroom if that's okay, Sir."

"Great, and once again, call me Tim." Tim got up and went into the kitchen to order the dinner, leaving the couple alone.

Chelsea's big smile remained. "So, you've been in love with me for four years, huh?" She swayed into Jason, bumping her side into his.

At the contact, Jason finally looked up at her. "Um, yeah." It was all he could mutter as his face began to fill with embarrassment again.

"Um, yeah? That's it? I think there should be a little more of an explanation than that considering I didn't know your name three days ago."

Jason relented. "Alright, just don't think I'm too weird, okay?"

"No promises. Just tell me." She bumped into him again.

Jason took a deep breath. "It happened when you transferred to Roosevelt Junior High in the middle of the year. The first day you were in the office getting your schedule during my hour to help. I was assigned to show you around the school and to your locker. We talked about a variety of things and I started to like you. I also told you the next day was my birthday. Well after that, I went back to the office and you went to class. The following day, you walked into the office with a card, a present, and a smile. The card said that the gift is to help me unwind after a hard day's work in the office. I unwrapped the gift and it was a can of silly string. You were the only person to get me something, let alone say Happy Birthday. But the two things that left me in awe of you was your candor and your smile. I loved your straight forward honesty. It was evident in our conversations and your card. You said it, stuck by it, and didn't care about anybody's reaction to it. It was never anything hurtful, just honesty with a hint of humor. And your smile, wow, that's addicting. It is absolutely radiant. Every time I see it, then and now, I just want to kiss you."

Chelsea beamed at the compliment.

"See, now I have to kiss you." Jason moved in and pressed his lips to hers. Chelsea put her hand to the back of his head and opened her mouth. Jason dutifully accepted her invitation and slipped his tongue into her mouth.

"C'mon guys, get a room." Jessica sat down on the loveseat and turned the TV on.

"Do you have to be here right now?" Jason asked with a hint of frustration.

"I have every right to be in here, besides, Mom just pulled in. You should be thanking me that I warned you. I could've just let her catch you." Jessica responded in a sassy tone.

Jason ignored Jessica and brought his attention back to Chelsea. "You ready to meet Mom?'

"Is it safe?"

"Yeah, she's going to love you." Jason moved to get up.

Chelsea pulled him back down and put her lips to his ear, sucking his earlobe momentarily, then whispered. "You've been in love with me for four years. Do you know what that means?"

"What's that?"

"After that date you promised I'm going to fuck you till there's nothing left in your balls for a week. Now let's go meet your mom." Chelsea stood up and noticed Jason was suddenly pale. "What? I thought you liked my straight-forward honesty?"

Jason shook

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