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Free thinking swinging couple go to future for progress.

Mike looks at me with a quizzical look on his face. To which I respond in a whisper, "Lets eat some pizza and see where it goes. Ok?"

He mumbles, "Ok." As Ann comes back into the living room with her arms full of plates and napkins we reach out to help her get settled in on the couch between us.

Minor chit chat while devouring pizza with out even tasting it lead us to that point in any situation like this. Who makes the first step or says the first thing to get the sexual action started. Thinking nothing ventured nothing gained I ask Ann if she would like for me to unbutton her shirt so Mike and I might enjoy looking at her breasts while we finish our pizza. Smiling she leaned back against the back of the couch and says, "If you would like go ahead."

Again Mike's panting breath could be heard over the TV. I reach over and slowly begin to unbutton Ann's shirt. She pushes her chest out acting very proud of herself. I pull the shirttails out of her skirt and let the shirt fall open, exposing white half bra holding up her breasts beautifully with her nipples poking straight out, hard as rocks above the bra cups.

"My, my would you look at those." Mike said staring at a great set of breasts with exquisite quarter-sized nipples. Ann slowly turns and allows us to view her breasts from all angles. She then raises her hands up and begins to caress her breasts gently rubbing her palms back and forth over her rock hard nipples. Mike and I are totally enraptured by the beauty of her breasts but also by the willing attitude she was showing by playing with herself. Ann is really getting off to the whole scene of exhibitionism, closes her eyes and begins to moan as her thumb and forefingers began to roll and pinch her nipples.

Almost as if choreographed Mike and I reach over and place a hand on each of Ann's knees. As if she had been told, Ann slowly relaxes and begins to spread her legs, allowing us easier access under her skirt. She reaches over and grabs the back of my head and pulls me into a long hard tongue twirling, sucking kiss. I reach up and replace her fingers with mine on her nipple, which cause her to begin to moan again. When the kiss is broken, I see Mike has worked his hand up her thigh just above the top of her thigh high hose. She does not hesitate, reaches, and grabs the back of Mike's head, pulling him into the sexually erotic kiss she had just given me.

I take this opportunity to lean back and observe the scene. Mike and Ann are trying to devour each other in a kiss; she is splayed out with her beautiful nipples still pointing straight out hard as diamonds.

I lean back into the action and slowly push Ann's skirt further up her legs expecting to her pubic hair any second. But the joy of watching as Ann scooted her lower body out on the edge of the couch pushing the skirt the rest of the way up past her the top of her legs, exposing the most beautiful shave cunt I had ever seen. Ann knowing I'm staring hard at her cunt completes the picture by spreading her legs out further framing her beautiful cunt with the tops of her stockings and the skirt pushed up to her waist. I could see the moisture already starting to form on her cunt lips.

Finally she and Mike break from their kiss and Ann leans forward and stands up. Mike and I lean back not knowing where she is doing. Ann step around to the front of the coffee table turns toward the TV, which she flicks off with a flourish. She turns back facing us and ask if we could have some music.

Needless to say two die hard Cowboy fans and totally forgotten about the "Boys and Skins", jumped up together and raced to the entertainment center to provide mood music to replace the game noise. As we sat back down Ann slowly began to unbutton the sleeves of her shirt and allow it to drop off her arms to the floor. Again we were excitedly amazed at how great her breasts were.

Ann reached around behind herself and unsnapped the back of her skirt.

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