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A second date for strange pussy.

Let alone that I shared them with you."

Alfred: "LOL. Oh honey. Everybody has secrets."

Betty: "So you have them too? What are yours?"

Alfred: "Like I said in the thread, we're not here to talk about my secrets. I'm the one doing the listening today. You're doing the telling. Maybe another time we will reverse roles and you can listen while I tell."

Betty: "That doesn't sound fair."

Alfred: "I didn't say that this would be fair."


Alfred: "Betty. Are you still there?"

Betty: "Yes. I'm still here. Just not sure how to go about telling you this."

Alfred: "Honestly works for me."

Betty: "I've never even really told my husband about this."

Alfred: "That's ok. Most marriages have secrets. I'm sure that there are things that he has never told you."

Betty: "Not our marriage. We tell each other everything."

Alfred: "Really? Everything? But you haven't told him your secret desire of something you dream about doing sexually? Doesn't sound like everything to me Betty."

Betty: "Fine. You're right. Mine's not a perfect marriage. But I'm sure that he's told me everything. He tells me all sorts of things. He's very open and honest that way."

Alfred: "That's wonderful for you. So you know that nothing you could say would shock him then. If he's telling you everything, I'm sure that he would be happy to hear everything from you too."

Betty: "I don't think so."

Alfred: "Why not? Do you think that he's keeping something from you?"

Betty: "No. I just don't think that he would approve of this."

Alfred: "Of you chatting with me?"

Betty: "No that's fine. He knows that I'm chatting with a man from the board."

Alfred: "But he doesn't know what we are chatting about does he? About your secret."

Betty: "Correct."

Alfred: "Betty. Do you think that he will find you kinky? Is it something very kinky that you want him to do with you?"

Betty: "I'm not entirely sure what kinky is. But I do think that he will find me down right gross. That he'll stop looking at me as such a good person. I don't want him to stop loving me."

Alfred: "What makes you think that he would."

Betty: "I don't know."

Alfred: "Do you think that he will not approve."

Betty: "Not only not approve but he would probably want to divorce me."

Alfred: "How do you know that? Has he ever said that he would? Given any indication that he would find such a thing gross?"

Betty: "No."

Alfred: "So maybe he would find it arousing. But I'm not here to have you tell him. I don't know your husband and so I can't say for sure what he might think. But know that nothing you tell me is going to make me think any less of you. Or as you put it - gross me out. I want you to tell me what it is."

Betty: "Oh I think this will."

Alfred: "Try me. Tell me your secret Betty."


Alfred: "Tell me what you're thinking."

Betty: "Lots of different things."

Alfred: "Do any of them have to do with your secret?"

Betty: "Yes."

Alfred: "Why don't you tell me one of them."

Betty: "I'm thinking that maybe this isn't the best thing."

Alfred: "Why?"

Betty: "I'm not sure that I should be telling you something that I don't even tell my husband. I don't know. Maybe this isn't such a good idea. What if people find out?"

Alfred: "Who's going to find out? I'm not telling anyone. And frankly neither are you at this point."

Betty: "True. And maybe that's the way it should be."

Alfred: "Why?"

Betty: "Because if nobody finds out then I can keep on just being me."

Alfred: "Do you think that you are any less of a person because of your secret wish?"

Betty: "No."

Alfred: "And have you always had this secret?"

Betty: "Pretty much, in one form or another."

Alfred: "So you fantasize about it then."

Betty: "Yes."

Alfred: "You think about when? Going to the post office, or the hairdresser?"

Betty: "LOL No. When I'm you know, alone in bed."

Alfred: "When you masturbate Betty? You fantasize about your secret when you touch and play with your pussy."

Betty: "Yes."

Alfred: "Tell me what you fantasize about when you're finger

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