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College freshman roommates discover they both want to.

"Well," Chad said turning to me, "I have to go out for my walk. You can either stay here and hang out or go around the park."

"Oh ok," I said, "I guess I will roam for a while."

He leaned in and gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek and walked out with Tim and a few other costumed actors. I followed shortly after and checked out a few rides. It was a rather hot day, so I chose to go on the one inside ride the promoted at the park, a haunted house train ride. I stood in line behind a very openly gay couple. The two men were enjoying showing off in front of the crowd of people. I watched in rapt interest as they were kissing deeply, one slipped his hand down the front of the other's elastic waist-banded shorts to massage his partner's cock, I could feel myself getting aroused as I watched the public display of affection and lust.

I watched as they got on the next car, there was room for one more so the motioned for me to join them. I noticed the blonde give a wink to the young man who was running the ride who nodded in acknowledgement. As we entered the darkened tunnel the blonde leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Ready for some fun?"

I nodded and smiled as I watched him reach into his shorts and pull his thick cock out. His friend leaned down and started sucking on him immediately and I watched in amazement, feeling myself getting moist, I felt the blonde moving his hand up my quivering thigh and felt his fingers as the entered under the hem of my skirt, shifting my panties to the side, expertly parting my lips and entering the moist heat. I gasped in pleasure, moving against his hand in rhythm with his friend bobbing up and down beside us. Reaching under my own shirt I started to squeeze my nipples into hard peaks as I enjoyed the sensations running through my body. Suddenly the ride jerked to a stop, I was worried that we had been found out and would be kicked out of the park. "Don't worry," the friend said, as he sat up, pulling his own hardened cock out, "Jim owed us a favor, he can only keep the ride stopped for a little bit though."

The blonde removed his fingers from my throbbing pussy and pulled me up and impaled me on his hard length. I gasped, reaching down and grasping the cock of his friend as the friend played with my clit causing me to cum fast and hard. I pumped with the movement and felt the friend sigh with his own release, my hand covered in his hot sticky cum. Immediately the blonde took my hand into his mouth, and pulling me off him, allowing his buddy to finish him off, the taste of my juices still thick on the cock as the friend swallowed the blonde in greedy gulps.

Completely stated we sat back, feeling the ride start back up again and we returned to the heat of the outside. I looked over to the man running the ride, who I supposed was Jim. I noticed a damp stain on the leg of his light blue trousers as he gave me a wink.

"Thanks for the ride," I whispered to my cart-mates and I made my way back to the rehearsal hall.

Upon my return I happened to find myself among a group of gloriously naked men. Being surrounded by so many different sizes of cocks was almost overwhelming. I noticed they were putting on the character costumes they would be wondering around in.

"You don't wear anything under the costumes?" I asked feeling aroused about the situation.

One young man who had been introduced to me as Augie explained to me it was called a dangle walk, as the others put on the costumes and walked out of the room.

"When it is as hot as this wearing anything under the costumes can be almost hazardous, so we don't.

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