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Foreword and After-word.

I was so wet while walking to English class from the friction combined with anticipation of Mr. Radowski that my pussy dripped down my leg. I was walking alone, so I discreetly ducked into a restroom stall and dabbed my pussy and leg with toilet paper. Even just slightly touching my pussy with the toilet paper was almost too much and I had to suppress a moan. I nearly started masturbating right there, but I wanted to make myself wait longer, so I suppressed my desire and walked the rest of the way to class.

Today in English, we had a lesson on Macbeth. I'd already read the entirety of Macbeth and all of the Sparknotes on its themes and motifs, so I started zoning out almost immediately, following only the sound of Mr. Radowski's smooth, deep voice. I crossed my legs and clenched my thighs together, creating a bit of friction between my thighs and clit, which was enough to start my pussy dripping again. I bet anyone sitting next to me could smell the tangy scent of my arousal. The moment had finally arrived and I couldn't possibly wait any longer to make myself come. I had to touch myself soon or I'd do it right in my seat.

Hurriedly, I excused myself to go to the bathroom, bringing my purse with me. Teachers never question a girl if she has a purse, as they're usually used to stock pads or tampons. However, I had a special "toy" in mine. Mr. Radowski gave me a nod and smile as I walked out, and I sashayed my hips as I left, hoping his eyes would follow my ass as I left the room. I speed-walked to the bathroom, purse in tow, and reached it in under a minute. The halls were completely dead, and no one was in the bathroom, either.

As soon as I walked into the bathroom, I decided to be a little risky. I observed myself in the mirror, lifting up my dress to expose my naked pussy, and then lifting it up further to reveal my entire nude body. My nipples were completely erect, and I rubbed first the right one, then the left one softly, then pinched the left one and suppressed a moan. I put a finger to my lips, sucked my finger to lubricate it, and touched my clit, watching myself in the mirror. My clit was so sensitive that this tiny bit of stimulation caused my pussy to drip down my leg. I couldn't suppress a tiny moan this time. No one was around, so I didn't worry too much about this soft noise.

I hurried into a bathroom stall and hung my purse on the door. Then, I sat on the toilet and lifted up my dress again. I sucked two of my fingers, touching them to my pussy and rubbing my clit in a circular motion, savoring how wonderful it felt to finally touch myself. I almost came right there, but I wanted to make it last a bit longer. I stopped touching my clit and unzipped my purse, revealing a new "toy" I wanted to use: a bottle of lotion. The bottle was a cylinder and would fit right in my pussy, though it was definitely wider than my hairbrush handle. This lotion bottle happened to be my mom's that I took from her dresser early this morning when I was feeling naughty. I came equipped with a condom to pull over it so I could clean it easier when I was done with it. I quickly tore open the condom and pulled it over the length of the lotion bottle, licking my lips as I imagined how good it would feel to fuck myself with it.

I began slowly rubbing my clit with my finger again, then switched to rubbing the bottle along my pussy, mixing my juices with the lube from the condom.

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