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Debbie discovers her husband's secret fantasy.

"It seems you're doing much better than we thought, dirty girl," he said. "Have you perhaps been playing with yourself a little?"

"No, uncle, I swear."

"Well. I want to try something different."

She tensed. "What?"

A quick, hard spank quieted her. She could hear rustling in the plastic tub, and then the order to sit up.

"These should help, as a distraction." He was holding two nipple clamps, each a little weighted, and as she turned he began pulling and tugging at her nipples until they were fully erect. As he closed the clamps sharply over her left breast a small, mewling sound left her throat.

"There, take it girl. Just one more." They hung, pulling her tits downwards in an extremely pleasing fashion. "Now, scoot down and bend your knees. Show that pussy to me."

Once she was fully exposed, lying back with her knees bent and opened wide, he took his newest purchase out of the box. It was a large plug - larger than anything she'd yet worn - but tapered to a very small point. He saw her eyes go wide as he began to lube it up. He placed it at her anus.

"Push out, like you're doing a shit."

She felt the pressure of the rubber against her anus, demanding entry, forced by the strength in his arms. After the first couple of inches were in, the wideness began making her little arsehole sting.

"Uncle, it's starting to hurt."

"I know, baby girl. You can take it."

"I don't think I can, Uncle, God, it hurts."

"Sweetheart, one more complaint from you and you'll have something that really hurts."

He shoved in another inch, feeling her sphincter protest the intrusion, but her eyes were free from tears.

"Breathe through it." He gently pulled out and then pushed in the length he'd already inserted. "You need to be able to take all of this."

She nodded, her thighs clenching. He reached into the box and grabbed a vibrator with his left hand, before applying it to her clit.

"Oh, yes!"

Another inch went in. He smiled to himself, moving the vibe a little as he started to fuck the butt plug in deeper and deeper.

When her arsehole popped closed over the base of the plug, she was ready to come. But that would have to wait. He turned the vibe off, and ignored her pout.

"I want a beer, now. Crawl."

She gingerly sat up, feeling behind herself for the plug he'd just inserted. It felt hard and huge as she moved forward off the sofa, and crawled into the kitchen, nipple clamps swinging with every move. When she returned he was sitting stroking the flogger in his lap, the strips of leather falling softly over his hard, exposed cock.

After several beers, and a few episodes of his favourite TV show, he felt like he'd made her wait long enough.

"Crawl upstairs. I want you bent over the bed." She left a wet patch on the sofa's fabric.

Excitement tingled inside her as she climbed the stairs and situated herself in position. He picked up the flogger and the lube and made sure to step heavily on each stair in turn. He wanted her ready.

His fingers went to her pussy as soon as he reached her, and of course it was soaked, puffy and swollen. The urge to fuck it was very strong, but instead he gave a few short strikes with the flogger, eliciting a low moan from his niece.

As he covered her arse with stripes, he stroked his cock, bringing himself back to full hardness. It would be so good to finally get inside her bottom. When her bum reached a nice, glowing red, he wrapped his fingers around the plug's base and began to pull.

"Push it out, now," he ordered, enjoying the little noises it made and the gasps as her anus could finally relax. There was some gaping, the first he'd seen with her, and he could easily fit a finger inside, but nothing more than that.

He lubed up his cock, wrapped her long hair around his fist, and placed his cock at her arsehole.

"I'm going to fuck your bum now." He saw the clench as her hole tensed, then relaxed. He pressed on, loving the feel of her wet, oily sphincter closing tight on the head of his cock.

For her part, it felt so fucking dirty.

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