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A glimpse into the past...and a question about the future.

Unleashed from the cage of convention and the ropes of guilt, Angel ripped open Carlos' shirt and dug her face into his chest hair and groaned, "let's do it now."

"Do it?" Carlos said, stunned. "What's 'it'? Why can't you say the word?"

Shy from a lifetime of religious indoctrination, Angel looked away. "Let's have sex now."

"Have sex?" Carlos challenged again. "That sounds like a chore." As he said this his kissed the nape of her neck, put his hand on her breast.

Turning to look Carlos in the eye she said, "Fuck me now."

"Fuck you now?" Carlos replied. "But I have not yet tasted your pussy."

"But he never, I never . . ."

Carlos licked Angel's nipples until they were hard. Using the confines of the small backseat to his advantage, Carlos moved and swayed to mental salsa music while he licked his co-worker's wife from neck to belly. And then some. He began to remove her jeans.

"But he never, I never . . ." Angel moaned.

"Once I lick your sweet cunt, you'll want it everyday. You'll never want me to stop. You're going to beg him for it."

He was right. He removed Angel's jeans and her pure, conservative white underwear and dug his tongue deeply into the blonde hair to find her clit erect, hard and eager. After a lifetime on standby waiting for flight, her virgin clit was instantly aroused. Angel's clit allowed her the ecstasy her religion promised.

"Lick me harder, deeper . . . "

Carlos licked her clit until it was swelled and red and she was near orgasm. Then he teased her, moving his tongue and lips around her labia then down the sides of her legs. Then he removed his mouth from her body and looked up at his co-worker's lonely, unfulfilled wife.

"Don't stop . . ." She moaned, pushing his head back into her unsatisfied cunt.

"Do you want me to lick you forever?"

Angel nodded.

"Then say it," Carlos teased. "Say, I want you to lick my cunt forever."

Angel paused, breathing. "Don't stop," she said, embarrassed.

"Say it, or I'm done," Carlos teased further.

"Lick my cunt forever," Angel said like a suspect pleading for mercy. "Lick my cunt forever you Mexican devil," Angel laughed, a woman possessed.

Carlos licked until he had Angel's wet love in his mouth. She released years of stored female cum into Carlos' eager mouth.

"Better than salsa," Carlos said. "Now it's my turn."

"Your turn," Angel said with panic. "Your turn to what?"

Carlos moved onto the seat, opened his fly and pulled out seven inches of Mexican steel. His cock stood hard, at attention, angry and waiting for duty.

"But he never, I never . . ."

"What in God's name do these people do?" Carlos wondered.

"You'll like it. Lick my dick and I'll lick you some more."

Angel's cunt, calm after the storm, was now ready for more of this new-found pleasure. The thought of being licked again sent an electric current from her brain into her pussy. She would do anything for the feel of that long tongue against her clit, his face buried in her pubic hair.

Angel bent over and took his penis in her mouth. She moved up and down slowly, not sure what to do.

"More saliva, mi amor," Carlos instructed.

Angel pulled saliva into her mouth then smothered it over Carlos' erection. Up and down, she absorbed the curves of a penis, the first penis she'd ever had in her mouth. But definitely not the last. She stopped for a moment and looked at Carlos, "I should have done this before. But he said it was wrong. He said it was illegal." She went back down on Carlos, a swirling tongue of pleasure, up and down, around the base, inside the tip. She could taste the wet pre-come and licked like an animal in the desert at a watering hole.

"Deeper," Carlos moaned.

Angel paused then put her mouth over his cock until she could hold no more. She had the urge to swallow his cock whole, but luckily for Carlos this was not possible. She gave him a little bite. Then a bigger bite. She wanted to chew, but knew better.

"Grab my balls," Carlos moaned, ever the patient teacher.

Angel grabbed his balls, which were rock hard

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