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All About Eve Part 2.

I felt my nipples harden and my clit swell. Oh God did I want this.

"Tell you what, I'm gonna stick a finger in your juicy little cunt and if you're wet I'm going to fuck you and if not, I'm going to make you wet and then fuck you." My breasts were getting fuller and heavier with each word and if he touched me, even grazed my pussy I'd cum.

His hand slid up my thigh and I stood stock still. I couldn't move, couldn't think about anything other than his touch and the trail of fire it was leaving on my bare skin. His fingertip grazed the front of my panties and I unconsciously arched into his hand, my brain had shut down and my body was driving. He traced the line of my panties along my waistline and slipped his hand in as he used his knee to part my legs. He growled his approval when he touched my pussy and discovered how wet I was. He didn't waste time either. He tore through the sheer fabric with his finger at the same time I heard his other hand unzipping his pants and releasing himself. He entered me with the force of a man starved for the feel of a woman. I inhaled sharply at the pleasure/pain of him entering me so forcefully. He was pounding in to me before I could take in another breath and I moaned my pleasure at how full I was. James was a big man in all the ways that mattered and I had to brace my hands against the wall as he drove in to me over and over again. He lifted my right leg over his arm bending it at the knee while he grabbed a fistful of my hair and bent my head back so he could fuck my mouth with his tongue. I knew he only kissed me to keep me quiet but the sensation of him in my mouth and fucking my pussy was too much and I came violently, a whole body orgasm, the kind that shakes you to your soul. As I was coming down from my high he pumped in to me a few more times as hard as he could as he found his own release. The feeling if his cock spurting hot warm cum into me sent me over the edge again and I nearly blacked out from the force of 2 intense orgasms back to back. We stood like that for a moment his forehead on my shoulder. No basking in the afterglow with this one as soon as he caught his breath he slid out of me and released my leg, steadying me went I almost tipped over. I stayed there facing the corner while he readjusted himself and pushed in the emergency stop to reactivate the elevator. I hadn't even seen or felt him stop it. We rode up to our floor in silence, him on one side me on the other.

When the elevator doors opened on our floor I let him step out first. He was looking a little flushed but gorgeous as ever. I on the other hand looked like I'd been raped. My hair was a disaster, lipstick smeared on the side of my mouth and my skirt seam was off center. Thank heavens no one was in the lobby I hightailed it to the bathroom to clean myself up.

20 minutes later I stepped out fresh and clean thanks to my "hoe" bag that I keep in my purse.

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