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Accidents cause heartbreaks.

"Not bad for aged and experienced." the deputy said, looking at dad's trim torso and tight belly.

"Oh, I'm saving the best for last." dad replied.

He turned his back to the deputy and undid his waist band, lowered his zipper and slowly let his pants slide to the floor. The deputy lay admiring his exposed ass.

Full fleshy buns stood out from dad's frame, so meaty that there was a deep crease under each where his leg met his ass. His crack was tight and moist, his buns firmly hiding his fuck hole between them. On each side of his hips there were dish shaped impressions that sculpted his ass even more and made it a butt fuckers dream come true.

"Now that's what I call an ass." the deputy said.

Dad reached back and grabbed the base of each cheek and lifted, then released, so that the meaty globes shook. Then, he turned and walked to the bed with his half hard cock arched out before him and swaying with each step. He climbed onto the bed and walked on his knees straddling the deputy's body till he was able to come to rest with his ass crack resting on the hot pipe of deputy cock. He moved his hips back and forth, riding the meat so that it slid up and down in his crack, caressing his hole


"I wanted your cock in me the first minute I saw you." dad said. "Even before I knew you were packing an ass buster like this."

"So are you going to talk or are you going to fuck my cock?" the deputy asked.

Dad raised himself up on his knees and reached behind himself to raise the enormous cock and rub it's leaking head against his fuck hole.

"Where's the lube?" dad asked. "Even if I am experienced, I don't think I could handle a spit and grit fuck on this monster."

The deputy reached to the night stand drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube and handed it to dad who squeezed a good portion into his hand and then reached back again to slather the goo over the hot upright slab of meat, then used another big gob to grease up his ass and poke a wad into his hole. He rose up higher and positioned the wide cock head against his pucker, then reached down and grabbed his cock and balls and pulled them up so that the deputy had a clear view of his cock poised at dad's opening.

"Watch the magic trick." dad said and lowered himself in one smooth move so that the fat cock disappeared inch by inch inside of his ass. "See, I made your cock disappear."

Dad sat for a moment, getting his ass channel used to the massive intruder, then began to rock back and forth so he could feel the stiff meat move inside him.

"I can feel that big fucker poking through my second ass ring." dad said. He sat for a minute, tensing his muscles so that the pair of muscular rings caressed the cock buried in his guts. "Can you feel that on the head?"

"Fuck, yeah." the deputy replied. "It feels like fucking and getting sucked off at the same time."

Dad rode the cock up his ass, rising and falling so that the hard shaft slid in and out of his fuck chute.

The deputy started rising to meet him, thrusting his cock deep inside him each time.

"Just relax and let me do the work." dad said. "We've got all evening to get you there."

He rode the big cock, squeezing his ass muscles to vary the degree of tightness, varying the speed that he slid up and down on the hard shaft and then sitting with the full length buried balls deep inside him each time he sensed that the deputy's cum was rising.

"Man, I've got to fuck you!" the deputy said.

"Okay," dad replied, "time to change position." He very slowly eased his tight ass hole over the length of the deputy's long cock, teasing him by stopping at random and riding so that the cock made short thrusts in his hole and was massaged by the tight ring around it. Finally, he allowed the massive cock head to clear his hole and the swollen cock flop against the deputy's belly then slid his body down between the deputy's legs. He squirted more of the lube on the deputy's meaty ball sack and started massaging it, sliding it hand over hand almost like he was jacking a cock.

"How does that f

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