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Adventures of two guys on the road.

Laura and I cackled. She took hold of the back of Maureen's head and smushed Bobby's cock against her face. We both laughed as she slapped Maureen around with the length of my son's penis. Finally, she reached below my son, grabbed his balls, and planted them in Maureen's mouth.

"Suck bitch." she ordered as she started flopping my son's dick on her face again. Maureen closed her eyes and sucked hard.

Eventually, Laura pulled Bobby's sac from Maureen's mouth and said, "Alright, bitch, time to choke on it." She held the back of Maureen's head and shoved Bobby's throbbing cock in her moth. Her mouth was tiny and could not handle such a large member. Her cheeks puffed out as she desperately tried to take it all.

Laura was not pleased with her effort, "Come on you slut. Deep-throat it. I know you want to, you whore." She pushed them together like Barbie dolls as Maureen gagged on her throatful of cock. Her eyes were watering as Laura kept them together, pushing my Bobby up to this girl's gag reflex. Bobby had to be over 9 inches in length and as thick as cucumber. From lip to the back of her throat, Maureen had to be only 5 inches long, she had a slight neck that was at most 3 inches in length. You did not have to be a mathematician, do know where my son's length would wind up if Laura got her wish.

With tears in her eyes, Maureen took a deep breath as Laura separated them again. She grabbed Maureen's throat and said, "It's going down this time." Before pushing them together, she looked up and we smiled at each other. She drove them together once again. There was a slight pause when she had about 5 inches down the chute. Maureen fought her gag reflex as Laura pushed hard.

Maureen swallowed hard as my son's cock came crashing down her throat, her lower lip now kissing my son's balls. With Laura pushing there was no stopping it now, he was too far past her gag reflex, it would not come back up. His massive cock filled her throat. I could see the outline of his dick in her neck as her gullet spasmed around my son's length.

This was not enough for Laura, "Stick your tongue out!" she ordered. Maureen obliged as well as she could. Laura then started rubbing my son's sac on Maureen's tongue. I was getting a little jealous. I wanted my son to cum with me. I took of my shirt and bra, feeling the cool air on my tits.

After forty seconds of being chocked by cock, Maureen felt Bobby retreat from her throat.

"Bobby, come to Mommy." I said as he looked on his mother's tits for the first time. He walked over with his penis leading the way. He brought his cock to my mouth as I climbed on my knees. Him being so short, I still had to bend over to get to my son's dick. I opened my mouth wide and let my son's cock enter my mouth, once again, not closing down. I took my time, feeling its heat on the roof of my mouth. Once it hit the back of my throat, my full lips came crashing down. I bobbed up and down quickly, sucking as hard as I could. My pussy was gushing now that I was burying my son's shaft in my mouth.

Meanwhile, Laura took her panties off, flipping them on Maureen's face. She lifted her skirt up and pointed to the ground right in front of her. Maureen slid over on her knees. Once she got there, Laura, dropped her skirt back down and said, "Eat me!"

Bobby was fondling my tits now as I gobbled on him. His hands molested my chest. I tried to keep my head, making sure that I gave my son the best blow job I was capable of. From now on, I wanted him to come to me whenever he needed to be taken care of.

Pulling my mouth off of him, I asked, "You want to cum on Mommy's tits?" He shook his head and I placed his length between by heaving breasts. Tit-fucking had never felt so good for me. Something about having my son's red-hot 9-inch cock between my tits made me so hot. I bounced up and down as I pushed my 34-GG's together; desperately trying to look like a slut for my son.

"Oh yeah baby, cum all of your Mommy's tits!" I screamed.

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