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Fiona makes his birthday very special.

Lexi's mind started to race. How could Susan have known about me a week ago, when I have only been here for a day? Toots had said nothing like that to her. She thought she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and the kidnappers had randomly grabbed her off the street. Something wasn't right!

The man spoke again and she snapped out of her reverie. "I want you to come over here and sit next to me," he said as he patted the mattress next to him. With a start, Lexi remembered why she was there and was afraid of the consequences if she didn't do as she was told. She slowly walked over and carefully sat down on the bed. The old man immediately reached out and placed his hand on her thigh, slowly rubbing it up and down until it disappeared under her tiny skirt. She felt his hand on her ruffled panties as his fingers found their way to her sex. She was eighteen but she had never been touched there before and she was so scared of what would happen next.

"Your skin is so soft and smooth and your little cunt feels so nice. I can tell you have not been fucked many times, if at all. Your little cunt lips barely hang down from your pussy. I am sure that will change soon. My friend Toots will see to that. But I am a poor man and can only afford to have you jack me off while I play with your pussy and your little tits." Saying that, he stood up and undid his pants and stood to face her.

"Now come and make me feel good, Lexi. I want you to stroke my cock until I cum." He then lay down on the bed and started to stroke his shriveled cock slowly and obscenely up and down.

"See how I do it? Not too fast and not too hard. I want to feel your pretty little hand as it slides up and down my cock. Oh, I wish I had enough money to have you suck me until I get hard. That would be so much better. If you are good to me, maybe next time you can suck me until I cum. Would you like that Lexi? "

Lexi didn't like it at all but she just smiled and said that that would be wonderful. She took his penis in her hand and slowly started to slide it up and down in rhythm with the old man's hand. It felt slippery to the touch and she could see that there was some fluid coming from the end of it and it was making her hand slide easier on the slowly hardening shaft. He took his hand from his cock and again ran it up her thigh and onto her sex. As she stroked him she could feel his finger slipping inside of her. He moved in rhythm to her strokes and she felt another finger slip inside of her. She was very dry and it didn't feel comfortable at all. The old man was breathing more rapidly now and started to buck his hips up and down a little. She looked at his face and he was looking right at her and watching everything she was doing. He started fingering her faster and harder as he watched. She could see his smile and his worn and brown teeth as he told her to jerk him fast now.

"Come on little girl. I want to cum and you are so close to getting me off."

Disgustedly, she did as she was told and started to slide her hand faster.

"Oh, that's it! Here you go you little American whore. Here you go!"

Lexi stared in horror at the slimy thing in her hand as it started to spurt out some vile sticky liquid. It was running down her hand and pooling in his grey pubic hair.

"Ahhhh, that feels so good Lexi. You did it just right." He lay there for a moment or two while she closed her eyes in shame, just shaking her head in disgust. He was actually complimenting her for performing this lewd act for money.

"Now, get me a warm cloth and clean my cock off." She stood up and crossed to the sink and brought a towel back to the bed. As she wiped the sticky fluid from his penis and pubic hair, he said. "The next time I am fucking my wife. I want you to know that while I am fucking her I will be thinking of you and your tight little pussy." She hung her head and finished cleaning the vile man.

He stood, pulled on his pants and just before opening the door he turned and said' "I am going to work extra hard this week so next time I come here, you can use your

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