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Ongoing sex with two female doctors, then adding 2 guys.

Gosh! I was agreeing with this evil brute about punishing me for failing the most ridiculous test ever. Dang! My anger had totally vanished. My will to get into his face was totally gone. I was totally submersed in sub space instead.

My man was gone. The only man I wanted to dominate me. Yet, here I was, obeying my archrival and his henchman and getting aroused by my submissiveness in the process. Oh Lordy! It was so frustrating. I totally despised it but couldn't resist.

After I had nodded my affirmation, Justin strolled over to the wooden desk totally relaxed. Slumping into Ortega's leather office chair, he called me over and opened a drawer.

Hesitantly, I tottered over to my rude intern. Basically palpitating with fear, I remained standing next to the desk. Leisurely, the young henchman gave me a look-over. Gawd! The way he was protracting the punishment drove me mad. I wanted to get it done and move on. Instead, Justin was building up the tension sky high.

Eventually, he pulled an object from the drawer. Seeing it, I had to gasp. It was a wooden ruler! Actually, it was the ruler used by D-Rod to punish me.

"Ah, someone's recognizing it." Justin chuckled when he saw the astonished look on my face. "I was told you had some good experiences with it. Hehehe!"

"Let's build on that 'n add some more experiences, Missy!" The intern brute added. "I mean, you wanna become a better office bimbo, don't you?"

Once again, I found myself nodding without giving it a thought. Whatever! My punishment was about to happen anyways, right? At least, I could keep some kinda dignity by enduring it without making a fuss.

The way Justin looked up to me from below with a mischievous grin told me how much he enjoyed the whole situation. Shoot! I really didn't want him to get any pleasure out of this. Yet, the realization that I was pleasing the man made my pussy throb greedily.

"Hold out your hands. Palms up, bitch." The young henchman ordered while he remained slouched on the leather chair.

Even though I felt like hesitating, I instantly pushed out my arms and turned my hands to offer my stretched out palms. With my rude intern sitting below me on the chair, I had to hold my hands at waist level to keep them below his face. The way I was towering above him, even though he was the one controlling me, made his dominance even more palpable.

Looking down at my palms, I was getting some kinda hunch where this punishment was heading. I could see the white, triple-strand pearl bracelets around my wrists, the sensitive skin and small creases on my palms, and the fake white nail tips extending beyond my fingertips. Gosh! The pearly trinkets and clunky nail tips made my hands look so bimboy.

"You drew 3 axes 'n wrote 9 words. So you made 12 slips with the pen, right, dollie?" The intern brute asked me.

Keeping my eyes lowered, I affirmed his rhetorical question.

"That makes 12 for each palm." Justin gathered. "You're gonna get 24 lashes then."

Hearing the sheer number made my heart skip a beat. However, I bit my lips and kept my posture. Even though my intern was sitting beneath me, I didn't dare look him in the eye.


While I continued looking down at my bimbo hands, Justin had lifted the wooden ruler and whipped it down onto my palms. He had whacked both my palms with one smack and it had been a really vigorous blow.

The stroke stung so badly that I instantly turned my hands and rubbed them against each other to soothe the pain.

"Did I allow you to move, bitch?" Justin snarled at me.

His hiss made my blood chill and I quickly got back into position with my hands stretched out and palms turned upwards.

"Every time you move, we gotta start over with those 24 lashes. Gettit, bitchface?" The young henchman clarified.

Shoot! The first blow had hurt super badly already. I had to endure so many more. No way, I would manage to hold still. What if it turned into 48 lashes or even more? Oh my god! No way, I would survive that.

Lordy! Now, I was driving myself mad

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