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The brute who tackled me hauled me up to his chest. Holding one of his huge hands around my throat tight enough I could barely breathe while his other arm was wrapped around my waist. Trembling from exhaustion and fear, struggling to break free, trying to kick and scream for someone to help me, but all I could manage was a weak little rasp.

I could feel the guy breathing hard on my neck; cringing inwardly as he whispered in my ear "If you so much as try and scream for help", takes deep breath, "I can and will snap your pretty little neck bitch!" I just whimpered, which he took for confirmation of my understanding.

As we were walking out of the park where I first ran into, could see the van coming for us. All i could think about as it was coming closer, was why? Why me? Why not someone else? Before i got shoved into the vehicle, one of the other thugs plunged a needle into my arm and all of a sudden I felt really tired. Last thing I did was whisper out "Why me?" Then just before the blackness claimed me I heard a heart breaking howl.


That heavenly smell again, I thought. That same smell of vanilla and lilies that for weeks now had been making me and my wolf crazy with the over powering need to possess the creature who the scent came from every time I patrolled this part of my territory.

"What is it alpha?" my betas Jace and Emily asked but I just ignored them.

Taking off towards the scent, thinking finally, I'll be able to find her, the scent getting stronger the closer I got. With every footfall came a sense of unease and fear. Picking up my pace; hearing my group following closely behind, to back me up just in case. Just as I broke out of the thick brush onto the path entrance, a van with men pushing a struggling girl into the back of it caught mine and my wolf's attention immediately, the scene making us howl out with rage and fear.

The howl made the men pause outside and inside the van. Immediately taking the advantage of their shocked state, my betas and I attacked. Managing to kill two of them before the others reacted and started fighting back, though it made little difference. The fight almost over only two remained; both had what looked like dart guns trained on us. We slowly formed as semi-circle around them making them back up till they were against the van.

I transformed back to my human body. The guns immediately becoming trained on me; speaking I said, "Okay you have two options boys. One you can either put those guns down and answer my questions or two I can have my two friends here rip you both to shreds like they did to your other people." just for dramatic effect Jace and Emily both growled, showing their very sharp teeth.

One of the guys; the leader of the group I assume just glared at me drawing himself up to his full height before saying, "Go fuck yaself wolf man, I take no orders from a mangy mutt like you. And there ain't no way I'm dropping my gun!"

Slightly surprised by this man's reply, I turn to the other one and it seems to be the same answer, "So be it then!" I say whilst mentally saying to mine "Just knock them unconscious, I want to take them back to our compound and interrogate them to find out why they wanted her!" They both nod their heads acknowledging my request.

In blinding speed they attack both of them before either of the guys could take off a shot. Jaws encircling their throats, chocking off the air supply knocking them out.

I walk over to the van to check on the unconscious girl. As soon as I sit down in the back with her, pushing back her hair out of her face, catching a glimpse of her whilst checking her pulse I think "My god she is beautiful" at the same time I take a deep breath, as her scent hits me hard my wolf growls out "MINE!"

I pause in my task, as

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