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Sabrina's Mom takes her on a wild shopping excursion.

He was just an average white guy who was trying to do his job as a police officer. Unfortunately; he had been conditioned by President Clinton and the gun control lobby to believe that there are gang bangers and drug dealers armed with Uzi submachineguns or Kalashnikov assault rifles hiding under every bed. It was his paranoia rather than hate that motivated him to kill my husband."

Aretha Googled on her computer which took her to Amazon. "This is the listing for a book that reflected the paranoia of that time. The book is DO OR DIE, by Leon Bing who was writing an allegedly true account of gangs in Los Angeles. That cover photo of that balding, bare chested, black man holding an Uzi who looks so much like Leroy is every Klansman's nightmare. That long, thick, black barrel extension is obviously a phallus symbol intended to provoke the anxieties of white men."

Zeb was astonished by Aretha's willingness to discuss the tragedy that so angered her. However; he still found himself asking, "so you forgave the cops who killed your husband because being a police officer has become so dangerous?"

"Oh Hell No!," Aretha exclaimed. Her nearly unprecedented vulgarity continued, "I forgave the police who killed my husband because that stupid fucker Clinton was promoting police paranoia so he could exploit it for political advantage. My oldest boy wanted to change things so he became a police officer after he got out of the Marine Corps. He was an obvious choice for the tactical team. As such, he had reason to intensely study homicides of police officers. The FBI keeps extremely detailed records of killings of police officers. He studied the records so thoroughly that he was on a first name basis with the clerk at FBI headquarters who compiles the records. He used to joke that Loretta had such a sweet, honey suckle, Southern accent that she could make his cock hard while she was talking about her grandchildren. Anyway, he became extremely familiar with all of the FBI data on not just the number of cops that were being killed and how many were being killed with guns. He actually gets computer printouts that list the type, caliber, manufacturer and model of almost every firearm used to kill a police officer."

Aretha paused to sip her coffee before she continued. "The number of cops getting murdered in the line of duty has been plummeting for decades. My son tells me that being a cop is not just a hell of a lot safer than just being a black man, it is safer than being an average white man!"

Zeb nervously asked, "I understand that your son becoming a cop helps, but how can you forgive the police for killing your husband?"

"It is very simple," Aretha explained. "To sin is human. To forgive is divine. I forgave the cops who killed my husband because my God commands me to forgive them. Forgiving them freed me from the rage that was consuming me so that I could live my life and raise our children."

Zeb just stood there stunned by Aretha's revelations until she continued. "You need to forgive to. I don't think that you really have a problem with forgiving Leroy. He is what he is and has never pretended otherwise. I have seen the way you've listened so attentively to his locker room boasting and derived such vicarious pride from observing his carnal exploits. You envy Leroy. Never once have you warned a husband that Leroy had targeted his wife for seduction. The only thing that is pissing you off now is that this time it was your own wife who was conquered by his ebony penis. You're a hypocrite and you know it!"

"You are right about my hypocrisy," Zebulon reluctantly conceded.

"I'll give you some unwelcome advice," Aretha said.

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