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Brooke's eyes can't get enough of Nikki's body.

In less time than it would have taken me to figure out how the worked, she had them undone. She wiggled her ass around, and pushed her pants and g-string down to her knees.

My hands slowly moved up her smooth thighs, stopping when I reached her crotch. One finger lightly traced the lips of her pussy, which were already starting to get wet. She gasped out loud, and it turned into a low moan as I lightly brushed across the hardening nub of her clit. Not stopping the teasing of her pussy, I reached up and gently pushed my finger to her lips.

"Stay quiet, " I whispered "put your hands down by your sides and try to not make any noise."

She moved a bit, and I think she put her hands away, but it was too dark to tell. I quickly pulled her pants off, tossing them to the side, then moved her knees apart, making room for my tongue to play where my fingers had been. I heard muffled groans as I eased her lips apart to let my tongue inside her pussy, and back out to play around on her clit. Her ass was moving, thrusting with her hips to get closer to my face.

She was breathing fast, and trying to cover her moaning, but it didn't work too well. Easing back on the tongue work, I took my hands back from her legs. I gave her pussy one last lick and a kiss before standing up. From ahead of me, I could hear her whisper "No, damn it, don't stop. Get back down there."

Still whispering, I responded "Not yet, beautiful. I need you to sit up for a minute. Give me your hands."

Fumbling around for a few seconds, we found each other's hands, and I helped her sit up. But I didn't let go of her. I guided her hands back behind the chair, and quickly tied them with the pillowcase. I quickly undid my pants and pushed them down to my knees, but not before taking a toy out of my pocket. Before we came over, I had taken her favorite little rabbit vibrating toy from her hiding spot in the dresser. Now it was in my hand, waiting for delivery.

Kneeling down in front of her, I pushed her knees apart, but she resisted a little. "Move your legs apart a little. There you go."

As I placed the toy at the opening of her wet pussy, she squirmed. "What are you doing? What is that?" She asked, sounding worried.

"Don't worry, you will thank me." I replied as I eased the vibrator past her lips. I hit the button for slow speed and she jumped a little, but said "holy shit, that's so mean."

"We shall see" I thought as I put the controller on the towel between her legs.

"There is not the time to be a tease, we can take a long time later. Just make us both cum. Make sure I am cumming in your mouth at the same time you cum."

No sooner did I stop talking than I felt a warm tightness surround my rock hard cock. Up and down just an inch or so at first, then she started going deeper. Just when I thought she was going to stop, I felt the tip of my cock rubbing the back of her throat, and her nose brushing my belly button. She had only done this a few times before, she said she didn't like doing it. Could have fooled me now!

As she swallowed my cock, I could hear her saying "mmffffff mmmm mmmmfff" as she reached the back of her throat. Reaching down I caught her shoulder and followed it down her chest. Pushing the bra strap off her shoulder, I reached down for a handful of breast and squeezed her nipple that was quickly growing harder.

This had to be the most incredible feeling in the world. In almost absolute darkness, I was getting the blowjob of my life. Holding and teasing these breasts that felt as good as they looked. Having her completely under my control.

"Oh yeah, you're doing awesome, baby. That deserves a reward."

In this case, that would be to turn up the rabbit one notch. I still couldn't hear it, the towel and her body were blocking the sounds. But I could feel her notice it. She actually bit my cock a little while she tensed up, but it hurt good.

I grabbed her head in both of my hands, making her bob her head on mine.

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